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Last night Ben and I stayed up watching TV and ended up getting hungry again. I am really trying not to eat after ate so we split these yogurt drinks the company sent me. IMG_6904 (800x600)

This morning I woke up hungry and ate a few bites of Ben’s oatmeal before heading out.IMG_6909 (800x600)

Run: My plan said 3 miles, but I wanted to do 5. Turns out the path was closed for landscaping so I ended up doing 4.

Eat: Egg wrap, apple and orange.IMG_6913 (800x600)

This morning I received the group shot from yesterday’s red carpet live event.toast to the red carpet live celebs

Here is the list of bloggers who attended:

ICBINB sent us home with a great box of swag and I can pass on the love to you! One RER reader will receive Crate and Barrel champagne flutes, serving tray, wine charms and more! IMG_6918 (600x800)

IMG_6924 (800x600)

They sent me home with a bedazzled butter carton too – I’m kinda in love with it. Is that weird?IMG_6894 (800x533)

To Enter the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Swag Pack: Leave a comment with the last time you had champagne.

Contest ends: Tomorrow (2/28) at 10am PST


  1. says

    I had champagne this weekend. I scored a free bottle after a work event and enjoyed it this weekend. I considered just popping a starw in and drinking away but decided to keep it a little classy. :)

  2. Julie says

    wow! the last time I had champagne was for new years 😉

    love the butter tub too – i would deff bedazzle my tub o’ butta

  3. Beth says

    I rarely have Champagne! I *may* have had Champagne at my friends’ wedding last April (it was a great wedding:)), but I also may have just toasted with wine…I *know* I had Champagne two years ago right before Christmas with my parents to celebrate my recent promotion.

  4. says

    I enjoyed champagne on Friday night to toast my friend’s 30th birthday! I pulled off a huge surprise party for her and we celebrated with more than one glass :)

  5. Krystina says

    The last time I had champagne was on a random Saturday morning, grocery shopping at Wegmans…they have the BEST free samples! :)

  6. says

    Hi Monica,
    So fun to meet you yesterday! LOVED the gift box they gave us and the event host by ICBINB was really well done! Excited to follow your running and foodie adventures. If you want me to put you in touch with the girl I know who does running programs in LA just email me! Cheers – Lindsay

  7. Kara says

    It was a 60th birthday party that my sister and I threw for the wife of a very dear friend of ours. I am sad to say the party was over a year ago. I think I need a celebratory reason for another toast!

  8. tink says

    You looked lovely!

    The last time I had champagne was on Christmas day. There was a surprise toast for my husband getting his dream job :-)

  9. Stephanie Collins says

    Looks like you had a blast!!!!
    Last time was new years eve and new years day tailgating at the
    Patriots games (mimosa’s babe)!

  10. Kaelin says

    I had a glass of bubbly (or 12) at my wedding almost 3 years ago!

    BTW – I think you looked adorable in that dress! You rocked it!

  11. Bethany says

    Well, I don’t drink, but I had sparkling cider on New Years Eve!

    Also, I will be bedazzeling all of my butter containers from now on. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!!

  12. Lora says

    Last time I had bubbly was in sept for my 5th anniversary….I could only have a few sips since I am nursing but it was so good!

  13. Laurel C says

    i guess i need to have more excuses to enjoy spirits, cause i don’t think i’ve had champagne since new years! but like you i’m not too much of a drinker. iced coffee on the other hand……that’s another story!!

  14. Lizette Wilson says

    My husband and I just moved to Seattle from Texas. We are temporarily in a condo and most of our belongings are in 3 storage units. It was New Years Eve 2012 and I didn’t want to go search through the storage units to find our champagne glasses to toast in the New Year so I went to a thrift store and bought ‘Bride & Groom’ champagne glasses (that’s all they had!) for $1.25! So after 5 1/2 years of marriage we toasted New Years as ‘Bride & Groom’!
    P.S. It was a MINI BOTTLE of Champagne because I am on a weight loss journey!! :)

  15. Bri says

    I actually just had champagne on Friday night. My girlfriends and I stayed the night at a local casino resort and popped a bottle to celebrate!

  16. Karla F says

    last time I had champagne was maybe NYE?? but before that my girlfriends and I polished off 3 bottles garnished with pomegranate seeds…yuMMM!!

  17. says

    Yessss champagne flutes! I last had champagne Saturday at brunch, after a delightful run. I feel as though I deserved it.

    I like your pink dress. I think pockets do, in fact, work for you.

  18. Diana says

    The last time I had champagne was actually only 2 days ago, on Saturday! My boyfriend and I went wine tasting in Napa (delayed Valentine’s Day celebration), and we had champagne!

  19. TeresaD says

    Another New Years! For that same reason, I don’t own champagne flutes- they’d be nice to have for the occasion, though.
    And I want to see the ICBINB container in person.

  20. Angela says

    I ordered my first restaurant mimosa the other day at brunch. It was kind of amazing, I am definitely going to do it more often!

  21. says

    Mmm I love champagne!! The last time I had champagne was at a recent weekend stay at a cabin with my husband and friends! It was a fun way to kick off our weekend :)

  22. Lauren says

    I had champagne last night for the Oscars! I drank a little and also made pink champagne cupcakes with an almond champagne buttercream. TOO delicious.

  23. says

    I love that tray and I LOVE that bedazzled tub! It’s not weird at all!

    The last time I had champagne was during the Super Bowl because I’m classy like that!

  24. says

    i had mimosas yesterday! yay for champagne.

    what did you think of the lassi drinks? not that it really matters because i just impulse bought a case of 12 in mango, but it would help me justify the purchase :)

  25. Mendy says

    Great question! The last time I had champagne was my running group’s (whopping 3 of us) Mimosa Run in October. We run a 10 mile trail run behind town then have mimosas and nummy food at my house when we’re done. Ahhh good memories.

  26. Shreya says

    Last time I had champagne (Moet Chandon) was on last Monday 2/20/12 at 11 am (yes I know very early for a Monday)to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. We also marked it as his and his lovely wife’s (my very dear friend of 12 years) almost 2 months wedding anniversary bubbly as well.

    On a side note, all our wine/ champagne glasses finally broke after that crazy weekend. We had to drink from coffee cups 😉

  27. Mendy says

    …incidentally, we actually did toy with the idea of putting mimosas in our camelbaks but well…maybe the next Mimosa Run. lol

  28. valerie says

    Yikes! The last time I had champagne was at my cousin’s wedding… 5 years ago! I definitely need an excuse to break out the glasses! BTW, I love the bedazzled butter container!

  29. Taylor says

    Last weekend! I had a leftover bottle after a failed Valentine’s Day recipe experimentation so I finished it off last weekend with some girlfriends!

  30. says

    I’m on a huge champagne kick right now. The last time I had champagne was this past Saturday. After The Color Run 5k, my friends and I hit up a champagne brunch. The time before that, this past Friday at a get-together at a friends house. My current favorite bubbly? Bubbly Pink Moscato. Yum!

  31. Trish says

    April 30th, 2011. My best friend’s wedding, where I served as maid of honor. Such a great day! I like saving champagne for really, truly special occasions.

  32. shayne says

    Well since in 20 and im legally im not of age to drink, my answer is never. but speaking hypothetically, it could have been last week at my cousins engagement pary.

  33. Andrea says

    I can’t remember the last time I had champagne, but probably a wedding…

    Although my most memorable champagne moment was when I shared an entire bottle with a friend at a wedding of a mutual friend. Let’s just say the next day was not ideal.

  34. says

    I have not had champagne in FOREVER….hmmmm, probably had a sip a few years back at my cousins wedding. seems I am due :) great post, looks like you had fun! I am jealous you got to meet Molly and Brooke in person!

  35. laura says

    The last time I had champagne was two years ago on my birthday. My dinner party was at Olive Garden and they made us wait forever so they gave us free appetizers and champagne. It was awesome! I wish that I could remember the name…the stuff was so good it was like liquid candy. I will have to try your favorite champagne! =]

  36. says

    The last time I had champagne was at work actually! Now don’t get the wrong idea, we don’t normally drink at the office but we were celebrating a milestone and all had a small glass! Cheers to fun celebrations at the office!

  37. Rachael says

    Two days ago! A few of my friends came over for a baking party and of course, I had to pull out some bubbly :) Yummy treats AND champange? It was definitely a good night.

  38. says

    A book club this past Thurs, we sipped red champagne becayse one of the girls got engaged (after dating for 7 years- whoo hoo!!)! It was my frist time drinking red chamapgne- super good and loved the dark red color!

  39. Jessica says

    The last time I had champagne was at my baby niece’s 1st birthday. We were toasting to her revolution around the sun.

  40. Kaylan says

    Last Saturday. My best friend is moving to Japan for two years. She said we were celebrating… more like making it want to go away. Saaaaaad lady.

  41. Jessica says

    I’m studying in Mexico and live above a Champaneria!!! My commute couldn’t be any closer, so the last champagne was over the weekend.

  42. Taylor says

    The last time I had champagne was last Friday. After a sweaty gym session, my boyfriend and I drank champagne while cooking dinner together. Nothing like drinking champagne to refuel after a workout 😉

  43. Maren says

    What an amazing time! You were standing next to the stars like no big deal 😉 I would have been freakin!! Guess that’s the difference between a californian and a nebraskan! The last time I had champagne was on Dec 17…the night we got engaged! YAY hope I win!

  44. Emily says

    New years Eve!! I love it, but always feel silly ordering it and go with red wine instead. I need to break out more often!

  45. Emma says

    I hardly ever drink champagne, but ironically this past Friday at a party. I could definitely get used to drinking it more often, though!

  46. Julie says

    Can’t remember the last time, but I know the next time. A friend has rented a party bus and we plan to drink champagne on the way to some wineries!

  47. says

    The last time I had champagne was when I went wine tasting in Napa with my sisters and we went to Mumm. Such fun! I love champagne tasting best of all. Anyway I still have a lovely bottle of Mumm waiting to be popped and enjoyed in those lovely lovely glasses. :)

  48. Jocelyn says

    In January to celebrate my birthday. My fabulous hubby bought us (ME!) a great bottle and we waited until the respectable hour of 9:00 am on Sunday to start the proper celebration!

    • Marcee says

      Jeez …. cannot believe everyone loves champagne except moi. Does nothing for me except give me instant heartburn pain. Like drinking a shot of vinegar. Ugh.

      I try and watch expressions of folks, you know, after they take sips/drinks from their glass ….. doesn’t say or tell me much.

      Ohwell. Maybe in my next life.

  49. Melanie says

    The last time I drank champagne? Right now :) It’s my first night off (I work nights as a nurse) in 8 days and I’m celebrating! Made myself a champagne and Ruby Red Grapefruit juice drink…. here we call it the Howling Wolf :) Cheers for having this giveaway! You looked great in your fuschia dress! What a fun time that must’ve been! Brooke Burke is one of my all time favorite girl crushes.

  50. Julie says

    The last time I had champagne was at brunch a few weeks ago. They had bottomless mimosas for $13! Needless to say, we got our money’s worth (and were then tipsy bums for the rest of the afternoon)!

  51. Lisa says

    Ooo great giveaway!! I love mimosas and had one at brunch with my mom not too long ago. I don’t have champagne flutes yet so I never have them at home. Fingers crossed!

  52. Karina says

    I had some champagne this past Saturday afternoon to celebrate PR-ing in my 10K that morning (52:08)! So I deserved it… Like, 3/4 of the bottle :)

  53. Kiran says

    i last had champagne on new year’s eve – and i drank it from a hard plastic mug because i don’t have any stemware…

  54. Tameika says

    The last time I had champagne was NYE. I know: lame! But I usually only drink it on special occasions or in the occasional mimosa. Maybe winning this will encourage me to incorporate it more!

  55. Kristina says

    The last time would of been last month for my husbands birthday. My mother-n-law makes a huge deal out of birthdays and has everyone over at her house for a huge breakfast the weekend before your birthday. It’s been a fun tradition and nice to see everyone.

  56. Erika says

    I haven’t commented on your blog yet – but I stumbled upon it about 3 weeks ago and now read it everyday…I love it!!
    And I had Mimosas this past Monday. My mom, sister and I celebrated President’s Day off with a nice brunch and champagne :-)

  57. Cellabella says

    I had some champagne about a month ago when my husband and parents went out to brunch and drank champagne with fresh orange juice – gotta love mimosas! 😀

  58. lauren says

    I can’t even remember the last time I had some bubbly. That’s why I’d love to have these glasses – a good reason to pop some!

  59. Amanda Cotcher says

    The last time I had champagne was for NYE. But we will be having it tonight….a little tradition that we have for after a Half-Marathon weekend. :)

  60. Jen S. says

    I drank (too much) champagne on Saturday celebrating one of my very good friend’s engagements. After nearly 10 years with her boyfriend, we had a lot of celebrating to do!

  61. Erica H. says

    The last time I had champagne was at my alma mater’s football game in November … at 8am … have to stay classy, right?:)

  62. says

    Mmm I love Champagne. Last time I had it was a week ago Sunday, while I was home visiting my parents. We were talking about champagne and my dad said “Hey I have this bottle, I’ll put it in the fridge.” And that was that. Yum!

  63. Karen says

    I had champagne last weekend at a friend’s going away brunch. We were supposed to have mimosa’s but decided that the OJ was just a filler “forgot” it when we went grocery shopping for the party!

  64. Michelle says

    I had champagne in August. This wonderful non-profit was hosting a 20’s style bash with free champagne all night. It. Was. FABULOUS. And also, dizzying.

  65. Meg S says

    I can’t remember the last time I had sparkling wine. I am 7.5 months pregnant so sometime last summer. I am looking forward to celebrating my little one’s arrival with some though!

  66. sally kate says

    The last time I had champagne was new year’s but I normally try to make it a little more frequent than that- I LOVE IT!!
    also no it’s not weird you are in loved with a bedazelled ICBINB- the question is why aren’t more things in the grocery store bedazzeled…

  67. says

    I think the last time I had champagne was ringing in 2011 for new years. I was lame this year since and didn’t do anything for NYE since I had just driven back from CA to CO with the boyfriend and dog.

  68. Robin says

    I last had champagne (well, Prosecco but details, details) on the day after New Year’s Eve. We celebrated a bit late! Great giveaway!

  69. Emily says

    March 2011. My 50 year old mom was training for her first (and only) half marathon in April. So, we ran a 10K together (her longest distance to date at the time). To celebrate I took her to an upscale brunch afterwards. We stuffed ourselves silly and had unlimited refills of bubbly to toast her success! (side note: she was sub 60 minutes, I was so proud :)

  70. says

    My hubbie and I popped open a bottle of Champagne on Valentine’s day…hmmm, the thought of champagne is making me want to go buy a bottle!

  71. Stephanie says

    Last time I had champagne was NYE 2010 because I’m pregs this year and had to pass up on the alki for NYE 2011. Bummer!

  72. Lindsay says

    I can’t remember the last time I had champagne. My husband and I toasted with apple cider at our wedding in October!

  73. Alyssa says

    I was supposed to have it for New Year’s but we were too tired to stay up and drink it (sad, right??). The bottle is still waiting for me!

  74. Mary R. says

    Grrr…posted on the wrong post. Here we go again
    The last time I had champagne was new years. Hmmm…way to long if you ask me.
    I looove homemade mango lassi! I might have to try those out.

  75. Ali says

    The last time I had champagne was in a mimosa at brunch 2 weeks ago. There’s a brunch place in Boulder where you can get 99 cent mimosas! Super classy…

  76. Kelly says

    Unfortunately, the last time I had champagne was NYE! It has been too long. I already have plans to have it after my first 1/2 marathon on St. Patty’s Day!!

  77. says

    The last time I had champagne was New Year’s Eve. I’m always trying to find a champagne that I love…kind of like the search for the best cookie!

  78. Stephanie says

    After Finishing my last half marathon at Disney, we had the fake champagne, and REAL champagne in mimosas after the half a few weekends before :-) its kind of becoming my post-race tradition.

  79. Laura says

    January 1st after I PRed a 5k. Couldn’t drink it on New Year’s Eve (no alcohol before the race-my thing lol) so I celebrated a day late.

  80. Chrissie says

    The last time I had champagne was after I finished my first half marathon….in October. Maybe I need to break out another bottle soon!

  81. Amanda W says

    New Year’s day.. We spent a quiet night at home for NYE, so I used my left over champagne to make mimosas with breakfast.

  82. Meagan says

    hmmm…I think the last time I had champagne was New Years Eve. I should probably work on that since I do love me some bubbly!

  83. Sarah says

    I had some last week at a bridal bash for three of my LUCKY lady co workers! I mixed it with sprite for a really yummy, not too out of hand (talking to boss and drinking) work party! :)

  84. Laura @ Backstage Balance says

    I had champagne on New Year’s Day. That was like 3 months ago. Time to pick up a bottle and enjoy some this weekend!

  85. TiffanyS says

    I think I last had champagne at my little brother’s wedding about 6 years ago. Jeez, I should really do something about that!

  86. says

    i honestly love champagne and think it should be drunk (drank?) all the time..not just special occasions! i think the last time i had it was christmas day!

  87. Denise P. says

    Last champagne was probably in the couple of mimosas I had on a sailboat in San Francisco when I went for Nike Women’s Half in October.

  88. Natalie says

    Such a fun event! Last time I had champagne was on NYE and I classed it up by drinking straight from the bottle. I have no flutes or wine glasses for that matter!!! This would be a wonderfully classy addition to my new apartment.

  89. Meredith says

    It was on Valentine’s Day and my boyfriend shattered my favorite (and most expensive) champagne flute. Good thing I love the kid.

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