A Fool Day of Eats


I like doing a whole day of food in one post. Makes RER boring as hell, but makes more sense than seeing dinner, lunch and then breakfast, right? I started my day with an easy 6 miles. My toenails hurt. <- Doesn’t that sound like a tragic excuse? Well, it’s not. Breakfast was the usual these days – eggs and toast. I also enjoyed some blubes whilst cooking. Then, I wrote … [Read more...]

One Day of Weight Loss


How’s it going? I had to rush out the door this morning so I’m going to do a full day of eats tonight. <sf> Just letting you know in case you’re dying for me to confirm that I ran this morning and ate eggs for breakfast <end sarcasm font>. More importantly than my obsessive online food diary is Weight Loss Wednesday and a Giveaway!!! I found this “Perfect day of … [Read more...]

Wind Wednesday, but Yesterday


Okay, I gotta make this quick – I’m late to work. Yesterday we hit up the Buffet in the Wynn for breakfast/lunch/brunch/food. I think I am only a fan of Souplantation for a buffet because  most of them are overpriced for what you end up eating. (*Note I do think I would be a fan of a frozen yogurt buffet though. I could def get my  money’s worth.) Ben says the Buffet had a … [Read more...]