I’m Addicted to Sugar

Ben didn’t work today so we decided to do a “day date”. By the time we decided this it was lunch time so we picked the closest place, Sizzler. Fancy huh.

It’s hard to pile salad on a flat plate, so I had two…IMG_7988 (800x600)IMG_7995 (800x600)

We just did the salad bar and two warm super soft rolls were delivered to our table with honey butter. Ah-mazing.IMG_7991 (800x600)

Then, we went to see Wanderlust. I liked it! image

After the movie we took a little stroll around the neighborhood. I tried to take in the beautiful day because it’s supposed to pour all weekend. Boo.IMG_8007 (800x600)IMG_8002 (800x600)

Then, I had a nervous breakdown.

Not really, but close. I suddenly got hungry or low blood sugar or something and became unpleasant. I wanted Yogurtland, a cupcake and a cookie. All of them.

I gave up fro-yo for Lent and knowing myself, tried to avoid all sweets because sugar begets sugar. But, I finally lost it today. I ate this bar in my purse, but my sugar tooth was not satisfied.IMG_8015 (800x600)

When we got home I made a complete dinner – salad with Indian style spinach and chicken. I had a piece of whole wheat bread on the side. But, my sweet tooth was still raging. IMG_8021 (800x600)

So, I’ve diagnosed myself with a full on sugar addiction. I would read sugar busters, but I already know the drill. Besides, I’m still on “step one: admitting there’s a problem”. I’ll move on tomorrow.

Oh, Ben tried the Taco Loco from Taco Bell today – a taco with a Dorito shell. It wasn’t life changing.IMG_8009 (800x600)IMG_8010 (800x600)

Back to my sugar addiction…

I spent the rest of the evening researching sugar addiction. Doctor Oz takes this very seriously and I should too.

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You can view the clip and read more here on the ABC News site.

I also found a lot of info on the Paleo Diet eliminates grains, dairy and sugar I did some research on it and asked Ben to weigh in. Which brings me to…

 Ben’s Comment of the Day:

Me: Babe, what do you think about the Paleo Diet?

Ben: Eat like a caveman? Didn’t they eat bugs and dirt??

Me: Not the ones that survived.

What are you addicted to?


  1. Karen says

    I gave up cookies and cupcakes for Lent last year. Then I ate my weight in chocolate covered almonds for 40 days. By Easter I was 10 lbs heavier. Whoops.

  2. says

    I have serious sugar issues too (as I drink a glass of wine…). I need to start reading up on it more- my intake is through the roof. When I went “off” sure last year I lost 6 lbs in less than a month- huge indication of my problem!

    I have some issues with Paleo. The Fitnessista did an interesting post on it the other day, and I agreed with her on many points. We need some carbs! And we’re so much less active than the caveman, which effects our diet. Plus, I think the main thing for me is that we’ve evolved! It’s just like the barefoot running thing- our bodies are different that the people we’ve descended from and we can’t expect to go back. The end 😉

  3. says

    haha! i just got one of those KIND bars from expo. the PB and Dark Chocolate is the bomb!

    Love day dates. We are doing one tomorrow at a bar in the rain at the beach in Newport. 😉

    Hey… out to think about running the mud run in Irvine in 2 weeks? Beer Garden included.

  4. says

    How did he like the Dorito shell tacos? Our Yogurtland is opening in the next month! *First one in Chicagoland, and 5 minutes from my work!!!! I’d love to know your thoughts on the Paleo Diet. I’ve been reading about it a bit too. Good luck on your long run tomorrow!

  5. says

    It’s taken a lot of years, but I have nixed the sweet tooth and the crazy blood sugar crashes I would get. I might get it here and there and I definitely give in to it, but the trick is to eliminate the hidden sugars. Check labels for everythings-sauces, soups, dressings. Usually it is the less obvious things that add to the addiction and not the obvious.

  6. Amy says

    I can relate. I’ve noticed myself eating a ton of sugar lately and I know sugar makes me feel awful! I feel like acknowledging the problem is the first step, & now that I’ve done that, that awareness makes it easier for me to make better choices.

    Oh, and I do think that sugar begets sugar. It’s a vicious cycle so I’ve been trying to be more mindful about it recently to avoid getting stuck there.

  7. Kate says

    Guess what? I’m a sugar addict, and I don’t care. I’m not overweight, I don’t hate myself, and I still eat sugar. Imagine that! I totally support you giving it up for Lent, but I also wouldn’t attach your entire self-worth to the amount of sugar you eat. Unless you’re scooping it out of the bulk tubs at the grocery store, and then we should talk 😉 Synopsis: I think you’re awesome no matter how much/little sugar you eat. And I don’t think eating it makes you a bad person…

  8. says

    If I lived in the US I think I’d hate Taco Bell (and other similar takeaway places), but that taco sounds fascinating! I think the fact that I can’t have it is the only reason I want it.

    Another sugar addict right here too!

  9. says

    Oh, and does Sizzler do cheesy toast in the US? Growing up we’d always say that if you ate the bread it expanded in your stomach so that you couldn’t eat much else, but it was delicious so I ate it anyway! And I’m pretty sure food can’t grow when you ingest it…

  10. says

    I love the Ben comment of the day. As I was reading your blog, I had a similar experience…

    Me: I’m not a big fan of the new air freshener in here.

    Jake: Yeah, me either. It smells like poop. Poop and oatmeal. You know, the microwavable kind?

    Me: You microwave your poop?

  11. says

    I’m definitely another one for sugar. I’ve also admitted I have a problem, not sure what to do next.
    I gave it up completely in 2010 and felt/looked so good. I’m really tempted to do that again, but right now I’m stuck in a ‘last supper’ situation. Consuming or trying to give away all the ‘treats’ in my house. Its difficult, yet oddly freeing … :-)

  12. says

    I don’t think i can ever take out some sweets in my life!
    I’m not a cake or candybar addict, but more addicted to my dark chocolate, larabars and my lattes with sugar free caramel.

    So, when I went on the Palio diet, ibhardkybsurvived 3 days, oh god, j still remember those three days well! Lol

  13. Hanna says

    I’m addicted to chocolate… I’m trying to not eat it too often, but when the craving is coming I can die just to eat a piece or better all of the chocolate which I have around. That’s why I try to not keep chocolate at home… it doesn’t work!

  14. says

    I am also in the sugar addiction club. I gave up chocolate for a month by eating mango any time I had a craving. I read somewhere that mango has more higher sugar than other fruits though. Also on a sweet note, I tried Yogurtland for the first time yesterday!!!

  15. says

    I’m totally with ya on the sugar addiction thing. I am positive I have a wheat addiction too. We do a grain-free week a few times a year and I can tell a HUGE difference in my energy levels and mood. I pretty much agree with Paleo, and you can definitely do it without going low-carb – When I’m grain-free I still eat a lot of fruit and carby veggies like potatoes. I say all this while I have a dark chocolate cake baking in the oven, so take it with a grain of sugar.

  16. Sandee says

    We gave up alcohol and sweets for Lent. Ugh. My birthday and St Pattys day are both in there. It’s been a long couple of weeks. But I did cheat on my bday (HAD to have a piece of my cake). The Paleo diet and the zone diet ( crossfit recommends) are too extreme. I agree we have evolved and we know so much more about nutrition now. And a variety of foods are available to us now. Last year we cleaned up our eating. We try to eat “pure”, healthy, fresh, locally grown. We even raise our own grass fed beef. Lol.

  17. lorin says

    I’m definitely addicted to sugar. It’s a problem and goes alongside my late-night snack issue. Once I start it’s hard to stop. I think there has to be a point though, where you can’t just bs yourself anymore (yourself as in “me”) and sometimes one just has to say no to get over that initial “withdrawal” from sugar. I find that if I eat a decent meal with a lot of filling veggies it’s a lot easier to say no to desserts. However, if I mentally “make up” for having dessert and not eating as much dinner, I know I’ll just have more dessert. It’s a weird thing, if I think about it, because it’s been such an engrained habit that I almost get worried/slightly anxious if I don’t have something. I think for me what I want to do to help me is try to think more of the long term effects (my recent weight gain, more skin breakouts, feeling crappy) versus the short term (deliciousness) and finally accept that the long term benefits outweigh the short. I think I’ll be starting today. Right now. Because I’m starting to get sick of not being able to feel in control when I eat at night. I’ll join you on this effort to eat less sugar. I’m not really sure if that means, for me, to completely eliminate it or just slowly cut back. Sometimes when I cut back though and I still eat sugar and desserts, it just creates a domino effect. It seems, for me, that it may be best to just take it away completely to get a perspective and get out of the habit.

  18. Katie P says

    Wow Monica, I feel your struggle so well. Thank you so much for the honesty of this post.
    I am struggling to face the fact that I have a sugar addiction, and it is very tied to my emotional eating. Because the sugar is such an emotional crutch for me I find myself really reluctant to give it up completely and yet I feel like it’s the only way I will ever conquer this addiction and find new ways to deal with my emotions.
    I too have been looking at the Paleo diet, but feel like that is giving up so much.
    You are a strong amazing woman, living life with passion and humor. Be kind to yourself.

  19. elizabeth says

    i’m addicted to RNR. <3 your blog and you are adorable. good luck with that sugar addiction, i have no real advice.

  20. says

    FIrst of all, I am totally 100% addicted to sugar as well. We can go to Sugar Addicts Anonymous together. Second of all, that taco is the only thing my husband has been talking about for weeks. Since the first commercial he saw of it. He loves Doritos and he loves Taco Bell so it is seriously ridiculous how much he talks about that thing. If he only loved me half as much as he loves that taco…

  21. Marcee says

    Looks like we all have the same issues ….. SUGAR.

    I just deleted a fantastic recipe for orange pound cake w/some type of tummy-yummy cream cheese frosting. Ohmygosh. I want that. But, like I said, it was deleted. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Basically, sugar is in just about everything. Too awful.

    Awhile ago I spent almost 30 minutes reading this article (they want you to buy the book) online about terrible eating habits in USA. We all know these things ….. bad culprits are sugar, white flour, sodium, fried and all processed food. The list goes on and on.

    This doctor/author was trying to wrap my brain re thyroid issues. Reading all this can depress anyone. Even a non-sugar person. Obviously, millions of folks have this serious health issue.

    So, okay, how can we buy/consume “clean foods” every-single-day, every-single-meal …. without sugar, without excessive amounts of horrible fats and sugars?? Just don’t eat. A real challenge. Especially when you have to feed your family daily meals. Not to forget …. shopping for the food first. Then …. cooking it.

    There are no easy answers to eating everyday-healthy. We just have to do the best we can.

  22. says

    It wasn’t until I eliminated refined sugar from my regular diet (I still have it on occasion but probably once a month or less) that I realized what a tremendous negative impact it had on me. Now when I have it, I immediately feel jittery, achy, and uncomfortable. It also causes major mood swings for me. It’s definitely worth cutting it out for awhile just to see if it makes any difference in the way you feel! 😀

  23. Kathy R. says

    I tried that Doritio shell taco. You’re so right.. definitely not life changing. The shell just broke to pieces with every bite too.

    My name is Kathy, and I’m a sugar addict. And I’ve been out of control with it lately. :(
    So thanks for the link. Maybe I’ll try the two supplements Dr. Oz says will help with the withdrawal symptoms.

    I bought myself a Vita Mix blender a couple weeks ago and have been making a green smoothie almost every day….. but I don’t think that a glass of health a day cancels out the package of cinnamon rolls I ate… and all the other sugary crap.

  24. says

    I gave up all sweets for January and had many a day like this. It helped me realize just how often I used sweets for emotional comfort/pleasure/stopgap between meals. But I think overall, by the end of the month, my desire for sweets had diminished. And it wouldn’t be worth giving up something for Lent if it wasn’t hard! 😉

  25. says

    I’m a recent Paleo convert (about to start my 6th week!). I was also a severe sugar addict. The first 3 weeks off sugar (and grains, which I didn’t really have a problem giving up), I felt like poo. Now, I feel awesome! The best part is that even when I get hungry, I don’t get hangry like I used to. My hunger doesn’t make me all weak and shakey, and if I don’t eat immediately when my stomach starts growling, I’m okay!

  26. says

    Dairy and sugar are definitely two that I seem to be addicted to. I’ve tried to cut back to see if it’ll help my stomach, but I always end up turning right back to them.

  27. Shannon says

    My name is Shannon and I am addicted to sugar.

    Monica, I can so relate to your struggle. It’s a beast, and you’re right – sugar begets sugar. It’s a vicious cycle. Honestly, froyo is a huge vice for me, but the less I have it, the less I want it. I try not to have any if I can help it and just stick to chocolate smoothies in a bowl. It doesn’t help that yogurt bars have popped up on every corner near where I live and work.

    Good luck and just know, you’re not alone!! :)

  28. Dee says

    I’m actually on a 31-day trial of the paleo diet. I was a vegetarian for 10 years, just started eating white meat last year and am also a sugar addict. But doing paleo so far has cut my cravings almost completely — and kept me fuller and less distracted by food. We get plenty of carbs from fruits and veggies! Paleo also isn’t even that high of a protein diet like Atkins or something — it’s usually 20-40 percent protein. Still plenty of good room for healthy fats like avocado and nuts and carbs from fresh produce.

  29. says

    I think paleo is a great way to go if the restriction won’t lead to other issues. There are plenty of carbs in fruits and veggies.

    I’m with you on the sugar addiction.

    So the taco wasn’t worth driving 965 miles like the commercial says?

  30. says

    I recently decided to cut back on sugar too.. not completely cut it, but to scale it back big time. I started noticing I was having massive sugar cravings, followed by pounding headaches if I didn’t eat sugar every time I craved it. I was eating wild amounts of it, and a candy eating contest at my office (which I placed second in after consuming nearly 3 POUNDS of gummy worms + a pile of other candy) finally convinced me that I need to be eating a lot less of it. Tosca Reno has some great books out on eating clean – I’m trying to eat along those lines, but with some treats too. I had headaches every day for the first full week but they’re starting to subside. Scary how our bodies get addicted to this stuff!

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