National Siblings Day!


I’ve got another super easy crockpot recipe for ya today! Creamy Chicken in the Crockpot Ingredients: 3 chicken breasts (I had bone in, skin on ones and removed the skin – it falls off the bone when done) 1 can cream of mushroom soup ( I need to buy stock in this ish) 1/2 c chopped onion salt, pepper, garlic powder, 21 seasoning salute (or non-salt seasoning of your … [Read more...]

Healthy Scalloped Potatoes with Greek Yogurt


Mid-morning I snacked on a red pear. The guy at Trader Joes watched me poke at them for 10 minutes before telling me, “They’re supposed to be firm.” I replied, “Yeah they are…” and held up two pears in an inappropriate manner. Then, the manager played a funny joke on me where I was escorted out of the store. Those TJ’s jokers. The red pear is not to be confused with the red … [Read more...]

Running Late


I am busted. Lately, I only go into work early 2 days a week (the other days I don’t go in until after two). The rest of the days I still have my alarm set, but I turn it off and leisurely get out of bed, change for my run, check email, drink coffee, make Ben breakfast and before I know it I’ve been up for 1 1/2 hours and am hungry! This makes for a sluggish run where I’m … [Read more...]