Subaru First Car Story Webisode

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I  filmed my Subaru First Car Story?IMG_8217 (800x532)glam shoot pic 4

I drove down to LA, had my make-up professionally done all fancy like so I could talk about my first car. Weird, but cool right?IMG_8222 (800x533)

I’m from outside of LA and worked at a local news station after college (I was a production assistant for the morning show – have we not talked about this?). So, all this camera stuff isn’t completely foreign to me but it was still one of the coolest experiences I’ve had from the blog!! IMG_8194 (800x533)

It was nerve-wracking and exciting and I felt like they must have picked the wrong girl. Luckily, they didn’t catch their mistake and now my first car story is ready to be revealed!glam shoot pic 2

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of my favorite stories from my first car involves food. So, my webisode was filmed in the kitchen. Appropriate, no?glam shoot pic

Despite my fear that the company execs would realize this weirdo would hurt their image they are releasing the webisode! IMG_8223 (800x533)glam shoot subaru

The entire experience was completely unreal and I didn’t want to even talk about it here until I saw the final product. (You know in case I made a fool of myself and wanted to pretend like that never happened.)glam shoot pic 3

Despite my fears, it was a ton of fun! I remember my first car a.k.a “the nookie machine” very fondly. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy to think back to my days in high school driving around in that bucket of a car Smile

It also made me realize how lucky I was that my parents even bought me a car! You never realize how good you have it until you’re an adult living in the real world (read: paying bills) but, they dropped two thousand dollars on that blue two door and I didn’t do a thing for it. Spoiled brat.

My best friend and I would have been stuck at home all through high school if not for ‘the nook’ as I lovingly call it. So, a very very belated, “Thank you mom and dad!” is in order.MONIC 002

And, “Thank you for letting me hang out with that chola even though she’s nothing but trouble.” (Love you Cin)MONIC 003

PrintEveryone loved their first car. No matter how beat up or broken down, it was a taste of freedom and you loved it. Even though it lasted only for a brief time, that emotional connection is an experience that unites us all. Check out my custom illustrated story, you can submit one too at and bring your story to life with animation and music and share it with your friends.


Monica’s First Car Story Subaru

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Question: What color is your current car? Or do you use your Chevro-legs?

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  1. says

    My car is TOTALLY purple although lots of people say I am crazy and that it is brown/grey. I however think they are crazy for not seeing how purple it is. I’m actually gonna do a post on it soon to prove my point! 😉 I’m a little obsessed. :)

  2. Marcee says

    Ohhh …. super-cute story!! Glad you could share.

    No. My parents would never buy me a car. Ha. No-no. Had to buy my own which was a used Karmin Ghia convertible. Biggest gripe was the heater. Just couldn’t get warmed up enough. Loved the car though!!!

    This is a fun subject. I want to learn more “first car” stories!

  3. says

    Such a cute video! My first car was a horrible beat up Thunderbird that we called Last-leg Lily because we never knew when it was going to stop working one day. It could barely make it up hills at the end so I had to avoid driving up them at all costs. Eventually we got rid of that one and now I have a normal baby blue Suzuki that can actually drive up hills. haha. But I’ll always love Lily!

  4. says

    I love the name of your first car. That’s awesome.

    I just got a new car last week and it’s burgandy. I still have my old car too and it’s silver. And we have a blue driveway ornament as well. Lol.

  5. says

    My car is green… which is why I named it Fiona (After Fiona from Shrek!)! I love her very much…. my first car…. not so much…. For $1000 I saved up in cash I bought a four door Subaru with no stereo or speakers! Ha… so desperate to get some wheels of my own.

  6. says

    Ha the Nookie Machine. Cute video! My sister’s first car – a beat up Buick, was called The Sex Panther. Mine was much more adult and called the Big Blue whale, also a beat up Buick. Oh memories!

  7. Jessica says

    You are adorable!
    My car is a minivan. I am not a fan of the way it looks, but the sliding doors are awesome, so I don’t have to worry about my rugrats whacking my car door into another person’s car door.
    I wish I could use my chevrolegs or public transportation, but I live 40 miles from my job :(

  8. Katie P says

    Great job, looks like a fun nerve wracking experience.
    My first car was a dirt Ford Taurus, if was my dad’s hand-me-down business car that I shared with my brother. It wasn’t sexy but it got me where I needed to go!

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