National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Happy Tuesday! Last night Ben couldn’t sleep and since our condo is the size of a shoe box (not even boots, like flats) that meant I couldn’t sleep either. I feel like he does this unconsciously before I go on a trip or have a race. We should discuss it (or I can just blog about it and breed resentment toward him).

Oh, and to everyone who was so impressed with his dinner cooking and watermelon margarita mixing skills… He used up the last of the watermelon! Tragic, I know.

I want to be mad, but I’m kinda relieved I don’t have to admit I ate the entire watermelon in 3 days by myself. I mean, he did use 4 pieces of it for that drink…IMG_0851 (800x600)

This morning my toe felt okay to run (but still hurts to roll it under) so I ran 5.95 miles. Round it up to 6 if you want (but if you round down to 4 I’d like you to weigh me).

Eggs for breakfast.IMG_0970 (800x533)

Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

One of my life goals is the find the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie.a salad and a cookie

I’ve hear Paula Deen’s Three Chocolate Cookies is pretty good so if anyone wants to bake them and send ‘em over I’d be okay with that…

Question: Cookie or Muffin?


  1. TiffanyS says

    Cookie for sure. I just kinda suck at making them myself. Must be my ADD for paying attention to multiple batches. I usually burn at least one tray. My local co-op has been making zuchinni nut cookies with cream cheese frosting in the middle like a sandwich. LOVE!!!

    I do love muffins, but they have to be fresh. I actually like ‘healthy’ muffins like bran or morning glory stuffed full of crazy good stuff.

  2. Marcee says

    What a huge chocolate chip cookie!

    Love this pic w/you smoochin the watermelon …. so cute! Haha.

    Last week shopping at Walgreens, almost positive I saw “watermelon” deodorant on a shelf. Kinda freaked me out. Jeez. What will they think of next?

  3. says

    I think I’ve told you this, but you and my older brother have the same life goal: finding the best chocolate chip cookie. He wants to pitch to to Food Network and just have people delivery cookies to him all day for taste testing. I think you guys are onto something.

  4. Amanda says

    Ok Monica,

    I really want you to try Levain Bakery cookies. I am willing to order them online and send them to you (My treat!). You will just have to treat me to a cookie or attend some crazy awesome workout class with me if you ever plan a visit to NY. :) (Of course if you didn’t want to do either of those things, I am perfectly fine with just putting some good cookie karma out into the universe.) It will be 4 of them and I believe you can choose assorted or all the same. Go to the website and let me know. I am that convinced that these are some of the best cookies in the world and I am curious as to how they measure up as per your cookie expertise.

    • says

      I thought about this too– but they are best when warm out of the oven!!! I don’t think they would be as great when shipped =( but I think Levain would 100% win Monica’s contest for best cookie, no question!

    • says

      Thanks Amanda! But this is a slight chance I’m going to NY toward the end of the year so I can try one straight from the bakery. Given the fresh cookie debate I think I should hold off?

  5. MrsCrystal says


    Watermelon Question: Have your watermelons been good from Costco? My hubby and I bought several from Sam’s lately, and they have pretty much sucked. Like the middle is almost too ripe. Uggh.

    However, hubby bought a big watermelon from WHole Foods this weekend, and it has been amazing!

  6. says

    If given a choice, always go with the cookie! (A chocolate chip muffin is ok, but only if you don’t have a cookie there.) Fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies are always awesome. I always use the toll house recipe… so good.

  7. says

    Ooh that’s a hard one. Because a muffin is really just a cupcake without frosting. And if we’re talking cupcakes I’d choose them over a cookie. But just a muffin. Give me the cookie!

  8. says

    Cookies… every time. Especially chocolate chip cookies. They are the one dessert that I can never turn down. I tried once and my brain shut down for a moment. I’m definitely on that “finding the best chocolate chip cookie” quest with you. It’s not the best I’ve ever had, but if you haven’t tried the Alternative Baking Company’s Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookie, I would suggest it.

  9. says

    Cookie for sure! Chocolate chip are some of my favorite too. I made some yesterday ‘for the kids’ and they were so delicious. Would’ve waited for today had I known that today was national chocolate chip cookie day. I can’t seem to justify cookies two days in a row though :)

  10. says

    Did someone say cookie? Me want cookie! I realize I have seen far too many $&@&ing episodes of sesame street in recent years. Deal w it 😉

  11. says

    Cookie or muffin? That’s just a silly question! Cookie! I’m sad because I didn’t have a cookie on National Choc. Chip Cookie Day. (I’m too lazy to go to the store). Maybe someone will show up on my doorstep with one? Let’s hope!

  12. Pamela says

    I started eating my eggs with ketchup thanks to you :)) Eggs were just starting to get boring, and now they have new life!

  13. says

    Are you heading to Chicago anytime soon? (not during the NATO visit) I will buy you the best ones ever! I don’t think they will make the shipping time.

  14. Floey says

    I took like 3 samples of Famous Amos cookies today from Costco! (thought you would be proud). I had no idea it was NCCC day though!

  15. says

    I am really enjoying reading through all of your posts, especially the ones about your races since I am trying to motivate myself to run a 10k this year! I just realized I have to thank you for this post about National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day because I was not aware of the “holiday” before and since I am also on the search for the best chocolate chip cookie in Seattle, I decided to write a blog post about it:
    So if you ever make it to Seattle, let me know and maybe we can meet up for a cookie and a run!

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