Buying Parasites

I ran 2 hours this morning. My MotoActive (old pic below) said it was 13.86 miles, but I think it was closer to 13 flat. I’m not sure about it’s distance accuracy, but I’m going to test it this week.IMG_1402 (800x600)

Anyways, I set out to do 16 miles, but I just wasn’t feelin’ it and remembered I ran 22 miles last weekend and I’m running 26 miles next weekend!!!

Yeah, I didn’t was so soon! Next weekend I’m running a half marathon on Saturday and another one on Sunday. I never run long runs back to back so I’m not sure how my legs will respond.

Last year I ran the Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon on Monday and the Fontana Half on the following Saturday – but that was 4 days of recovery in between.

Why would someone run two half marathons in one weekend?

Because they’re there.

It’s my favorite distance.

My friend Chandizz is coming out to run the Saturday race with me.

Refuel Chocolate Milk asked me to run the RnR San Diego and I’ve always wanted to do that race.

And because I’m crazy.

Don’t get it confused. I know there are a lot of crazy runners out there that run 18 miles 7 days a week and run marathons and ultra races like it’s no biggie. Well, I’m not a “natural” runner so it is a biggie for me. Wish me luck!

After my run, you’ll never guess what I ate…IMG_1481 (600x800)

And some eggs with cheese on bagels.IMG_1480 (800x600)

Then, I hit up a local health food store for some herbal supplements. I am still fighting with my thyroid issues and want to try something natural to see if that helps.

I didn’t buy any parasites. I have enough thank you very much.20120526_121628

I did buy a Kombucha. IMG_1484 (600x800)

Long time no see.IMG_1487 (600x800)

I want a nap, but I’ll probably power through and try to be productive.

See ya later!


  1. Karoline says

    Hey I read something on one of yours posts how you really ENJOY running do its easy for you to be motivated and do it. Well I’m the same way! I ran my first 10km race last year but had health issue in between and it diagnosed with celiacs and other stuff so was off it for awhile. Anywho now that I’m getting back into it I’m loving it but finding it hard to build back the stamina. My Q for you is how long did it take you say to go
    From ground zero to a half marathon distance?

  2. Lynda says

    Did you find something for your thyroid issues? I have thyroid issues too and would prefer something natural as well!

  3. Ida says

    The motoactive looks fun, too bad the gps on it isn’t so great.
    2 half marathons in a weekend sounds tough! I’m sure the rely was good prep though and you’ll do well.

  4. says

    I’m so shocked about the watermelon, LOL! I’ve had thyroid issues since I was 12, and I’m 36 now. Synthetic is the only thing that works for me, even though I still have to get checked every 3 mos to watch for a thyroid storm.

    You must like Kombucha. I’ve only tried home-brewed, & I couldn’t even swallow it. I had to spit it out. LOL

  5. says

    Impressive running there, lady. I hiked 6 miles today and I can barely move. Keep up the good work! I have thyroid problems also and I’m a hot mess without my medicine, but I have heard that kelp can help for some people and also there is something called Armour Thyroid medicine that is natural. Anyway, make sure you take care of it one way or another!

  6. Karoline says

    Hey! I just bought a kombucha synergy, the lemon raspberry flavour i think..and it tasted rancid to old rotting fruit! Have you had it before/is that what it’s supposed to taste like? :s

  7. says

    Hahahahaha…looks like SR and her Man-Up week is having an effect on you! Anyway, you should be able to conquer the runs – after all, you did Ragnar and that’s on minimal sleep!

  8. says

    Rock on with your 2 half marathons back to back!! I am joining that kind of craziness when I do the 2013 Goofy challenge. half marathon Saturday, full marathon on Sunday. Can’t wait!!!

  9. Marija says

    I’m struggling with my thyroid as well, but thinking about going the natural route on top of my synthroid for a boost. Hope you find something that works for you, and if so, please share! good luck!

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