Chandra Does the OC

This afternoon I picked up my friend Chandra at the John Wayne airport. She’s visiting for the weekend and running the race with me tomorrow! I haven’t seen her since I went to Boston for the 10 miler last year!!IMG_1685 (800x600)

After a few random errands we had a very important task to complete…

CARB LOADING.IMG_1693 (800x600)

I started with the salad bar x2.IMG_1689 (800x600)

I enjoyed two pieces and one of Ben’s crust piecesIMG_1695 (800x600)

Any pizza is better than no pizza, but this wasn’t the best.

There was too much crust so it was more bread than toppings.IMG_1698 (800x600)

After dinner Ben suggested Yogurtland. I was hoping to take Chandra after our race tomorrow, but his little heart was set on it so we agreed.IMG_1700 (800x600)

Don’t mind me, just picking her up to get the Yogurtland sign in the background…IMG_1699 (600x800)

I weighed mine before toppings – 5.7 ounces

The last time Ben got me Yogurtland he brought back a nutrition info pamphlet. IMG_1703 (600x800)IMG_1707 (800x600)

Each ounce of yogurt has 25-30 calories. So, the yogurt alone was 175 calories. Then, I added some fruit and nuts to keep it on the lower side (for this visit).yogurtland

Ben is making me a new playlist for the races this weekend! It’s about time I’m still rocking the Backstreet Boys over here.

My top song on the new playlist…


I have a very early wake up call tomorrow! See you later.


  1. says

    Ugh, I’ve been craving a yogurt bar fix all week! Something to stop me from eating so much ice cream, anyway…

    Good luck on your race! It took me a long time to give in to Lady Gaga on a playlist, so I’m still warming to the idea of Nicki Minaj… but I might give her more consideration now 😉

  2. says

    John Wayne Airport!? Is that for real? That’s awesome lol! Someone needs to open a FroYo place where I live, the closest one is 4 hours away .. Actually, it’s probably for the best lol!

    Good luck with your race :)

  3. says

    That’s a bummer that the pizza wasn’t very good, it looks delicious! Then again, I like it when there is more bread than toppings, it’s the best part 😉

  4. says

    Good luck!
    Question on the Yogurtland. I’m from the midwest (aka sheltered ha ha) is this the best Frozen yo to try? We visiting Cali this summer and I have to try it!

  5. says

    Lolz any pizza is better than no pizza- amen to that!
    I’ve only had froen yogurt once in my life, and it was pretty good. Gotta find some place in the midwest that sells decent frozen yogurt.
    Quest accepted.

  6. says

    The first 10 seconds of that music video just made me laugh out loud. Well, now I know how to write “ass” in different languages, apparently!

    And btw, reading your blog always gives me serious fro-yo cravings. Not complaining, though…love me some fro-yo!

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