Monday Munchies


How was your Monday? I took it easy since I ran oh, something like 26+ miles this weekend. No big. Chandra and I took a walk to shake out our legs this morning and then I was glued to my chair working. I’m going to do a lil’ ol post of my day of food if that’s boring as a MoFo to you read this stuff: Meb won the RnR San Diego Half Marathon. I love Meb. I also love Ryan … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll San Diego Recap


I’ve heard tons of great things about Rock N Roll San Diego for years and years. Even though it’s only 80 miles south of me I’ve never run it because we’re either out of town or I have other stuff going on. This year I finally got the chance to give it a whirl run. It’s a point to point course so runners must park at the finish and be shuttled to the start. We woke up at … [Read more...]