Food Flashback Friday

This morning has been a blast from the past!

Last night I headed to my mom’s to spend the night. She had to catch a super early flight this morning and my dad is in Las Vegas until this afternoon. So, I stayed over to watch Matt.

This morning I woke up walked the dogs 1 mile and stalled for my friend Susan to come meet me to run.

I had some coffee while waiting. Tragically, my mom doesn’t have any ice so I couldn’t have iced coffee. Boo. But she does have fancy creamer! IMG_5017 (600x800)

Susan is my little peep who got married in November. Remember I went to her bachelorette party cruise in October. Good times. We ran an easy 3 miles and cooked up a scheme for a trip to Vegas Winking smileIMG_5018 (800x600)

Breakfast was 2 egg whites, 1 egg with pico de gallo and lots o’ guacamole. Served up with a tortilla and grapes on the side. IMG_5021 (800x600)

It was such a flashback to run around my old neighborhood again. Then, come back to my food pics in this old kitchen. If you guys have been reading since the beginning, first off – I’m sorry. This blog sucked. Big time.

But do remember when I used to eat this all the time… old oats

Now I’m logging on to work just like I used to too!

Earlier this week I was going through my photos in Google and found a few albums of pictures all of food. I don’t know why I saved them in there, but it’s like 1000 pictures of food I ate 4 years ago! It was so weird to go back and look at it. There was a ton of crap and snacking, so I’m better with that.

But, I’ve also gotten lazy with some things too. My mom and I were talking last night and we’ve both gained back the weight we lost about 5 ish years ago. At the time we were a lot better about “watching it” when we ate out or with what we bought. image


My mom and I both lost weight eating Kashi Go Lean for breakfast and often as a snack too! We credit that cereal and walking with our weight loss. Well, bad habits have creeped back in and we were discussing our frustrations last night. We decided to get back to the basics and add in an extra walk 5 days out of the week and keep better track of our eats.

Question: Where were you three years ago today?

I was coming back from a little mini-moon with Ben in Big Sur


  1. says

    3 years ago today I was 95lbs heavier. I had chosen to try to lose weight just the month before. I’m so glad I made the journey, and I look forward to the road that lies ahead!

  2. says

    Good luck! I am currently battling returning weight, myself. And not too happy about it, I must say!

    Three years ago, I was still living in the Midwest, working at a sales & marketing firm. Probably planning what I was going to do for the Fourth of July holiday with my friends.

  3. says

    Similar to Tiffany, I was 90lbs heavier three years ago. I hadn’t yet started taking steps to live healthy and I was incredibly depressed. Today I am in love with life and who I am as a person as well as the steps I am taking to turn my passions for nutrition, fitness, and mental health into a career. There’s nothing like a look into the past to make you appreciate your present and future!

  4. says

    Three years ago I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my second daughter. We had just sold our house and I was packing up to move in with my in-laws for a while. It was a little stressful but also exciting.

  5. says

    Hmm…3 years ago today…I just had to look back at my ltitle blog to remember!!! It was my husband’s birthday weekend (and maybe Father’s Day too?) and I gave him a DLSR camera…We also went to walk around and have lunch in this cute little historic area in the ‘burbs of MD where now, 3 years later, we ended up buying a house (about 2 miles away)! Crazy how everything comes full circle!!!

  6. says

    3 years ago I ran my first half marathon and was at my low weight of 155. I’ve gained about 25 lbs since then (though I definitely am a better athlete now than I was then). I ate a lot of crap too but a lot less of it. Good food is good, and so is running, but I need to remember that it doesn’t allow me to stuff everything in my face…

  7. says

    Got to love going back to Mom and Dad’s and reminiscing. It’s kind of cool that all of the food you used to eat is archived online. Brings back even more memories, eh? I love Kashi, but I also love egg white omelets and pico. My eating habits go in waves, however I always eat the same thing for breakfast: banana oatmeal and pb!

  8. says

    I may have to try the Kashi.
    Three years ago… same job, but was living with my parents, 15-20 pounds heavier, getting ready for what turned out to be our last giant family vacation on my mom’s side. Wow, a little weird to think back like that.

  9. says

    I lived on Kashi Go Lean for a really long time. In fact, if it was gluten-free I’d probably still be eating it! That stuff is delicious, especially with cinnamon and almond milk (which would now be coconut milk for me)….but moving on.

    I was still trying to figure out weight maintenance three years ago. Granted, I don’t have it mastered or anything, but I was really confused about how to maintain my weight loss back then. I think I have a much better handle on it now.

  10. says

    3 Years ago today I was doing a solo solstice camping trip with my dog. We hiked late into the night, then got up the next morning and mountain biked for 3 hrs. A most memorable experience for me. I was also 10 lbs lighter, if that means anything.

  11. says

    3 years ago I had just lost 40lbs and started taking exercise classes for the first time. I was running for the first time and training for my first 10k. Now I’m 95lbs lighter, teach Zumba (rather than hiding in the back), and I just completed my first marathon. Amazing what 3 years can do :)

  12. says

    3 years ago today, I was struggling with losing the weight I had gained spending 6-months backpacking through Europe and eating/drinking my face off!! I gained about 25lbs in those 6 months, but it was so worth it. Now, still keeping the weight off for the most part.

  13. Amy says

    Please try the chocolate chip cookie from Pret A Manger when you come to NYC next week. It is voted one of the best chocolate chip cookie in NYC!

  14. says

    3 years ago today I was 25 pounds heavier and thought marathon runners where bat crap crazy. Who in the world would want to do that

    Toady I’m in much better shape & turns out I’m the crazy one who loves running.

  15. Jaime says

    Ha! Did someone throw the tortilla right on the electric coil of the stove? That brings back memories.

  16. says

    Around 3 years ago today, my husband and I were at the Finger Lakes in New York to drink copious amounts of wine. :-) Such a fun trip!

  17. says

    Three years ago at this time I was a complete mess. My ex had just told me that it was over after 10 years together. I have to say that three years later, I’m happier, more confident (and now that I have a real fitness routine) and in the best shape physically and mentally that I’ve ever been.

  18. Daphne says

    Three years ago I was 60 lbs heavier! I am working on digging in and losing the remaining 40 ASAP and get on with the business of living my life with a SMART plan and not just randomly. I love that you are always updating your list of goals and your bucket list. I am a work in progress when it comes to setting goals but for now I’m on a pretty good roll except for getting down to the business of finally losing that last 40 lbs! Ugh! I am currently training for my very first full marathon and am scared out of my mind but I know I can do it!

  19. Jamie says

    3 years ago I was 10 pounds lighter but it was a rough time for me. My marriage was on the rocks, I was depressed, not eating, and avoiding my husband by running 5-7 miles everynight on my treadmill ( in my garage).
    My husband and I are fine now. I’m trying to eat healthy and exercise but its been tough getting back to where I was.

  20. says

    Hey that weight gain may not necessarily be a “bad” thing. You’re working out more, running more now than before – you need to fuel up for these! 3 years ago, I started running more outside and now it’s 100% outside.

  21. says

    Three years ago today I was in the middle of grad school… and I’m about to go back again, because I’m a crazy person. I was also not exercising at all, and now I am, so that makes me feel better to think about how far I’ve come in that regard!

  22. says

    I was abroad touring Yunnan province in China. That was the summer after I graduated high school. I went to China for three weeks, then Taiwan where worked as a volunteer English teacher for a month.

  23. Katie P says

    I am struggling to lose the weight I have gained back recently too. I have fallen back into my old habits of eating to comfort and soothe my stress, fears and anxiety.
    It’s great that you and your mom are committing to make more healthy changes together, support and accountability are great tools for success!

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