Little Birds

This morning Vegas woke us up around 5am  running around the house. We figured he was just in a crazy mood and yelled at him to stop.

He didn’t.

Then, we heard a little squeak and went to investigate his party in the closet. He caught a little bird!! Bad bad cat.

He/she wasn’t bleeding and seemed somewhat okay, but his wing seemed weird. We put it in a shoebox and waited until the vet was open to get him some help.IMG 5340 800x600 thumb Little Birds

Vegas is obviously grounded.

Then I got ready for my run. I tried my New Balance watch finally. I need to figure out how to use it because I messed it up at some point. I know I did 15 miles because I was running my fave route. IMG 5342 800x600 thumb Little Birds

After my run I went to go see my favorite bird lover – Melissa!

She is moving to Peru for 3 months on Monday and we wanted to meet up before she left. It’s weird that I only see her a few times a year, but I’m bummed she’ll be so far. Have a blast Melissa <3IMG 5347 800x600 thumb Little Birds

We met at Whole Foods and I got some eggs and a chocolate chip scone for my post-run meal.IMG 5343 800x600 thumb Little Birds

I don’t know why, but I’ve been craving a scone. Random, but delicious. IMG 5345 800x600 thumb Little Birds

IMG 5346 800x600 thumb Little Birds

We took a little walk around the neighborhood and then returned to Whole Foods for some exploration.

I found The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World! IMG 5348 600x800 thumb Little Birds

And they’re not kidding. IMG 5350 800x600 thumb Little Birds

But, I didn’t get them since I already had the scone. Next time. IMG 5352 800x600 thumb Little Birds

I also grabbed a salad for lunch. WF is my favorite restaurant. IMG 5354 800x600 thumb Little Birds

We parted ways and I ran a few errands completely stinky before coming home for a shower. What? It was the most efficient way.

After my shower I hit the couch to watch the Olympic Trials and fell asleep. Nap was in order I guess!

Okay, not sure what else in on the agenda for today I just realized I’m super late to a BBQ. I better get it together.

See ya later wlEmoticon smile24 Little Birds


  1. Leah says

    If you REALLY want to try the best chocolate chip cookie, go to Specialty’s and get the wheat germ oatmeal DARK chocolate chip. To die for. AND if you are really a good customer (and a nag) they will give you the recipe – the key to which is to chill the dough overnight before cutting it into cookies and baking …. yeah, right!

  2. says

    WF is my absolute favorite restaurant too. Your salad looks nearly identical to the ones I always get. I think they should have a frequent rewards card or something because I, well, frequent WF Salad bar. All. The. Time. I actually went to the movies last night and while others might sneak in candy they found cheaper elsewhere, I snuck in a WF’s salad. My favorite thing that comes in a box…
    Love your blog!

  3. says

    Hope the bird is doing better! My brother’s cat is unfortunately a serial bird killer… only about 10% of the time do we find the birds live in the house. Oh and we tried putting bells on him. Only made him a better hunter agh!

  4. says

    I really wish we had a whole foods closer where I live, it would be my favorite restaurant too. I guess the bird learned a lesson for sure.

  5. says

    A. I can’t believe you didn’t get that cookie!!! ;)
    B. When I run errands post stink workout, I always think of the people sweating at the beach, then going to eat at a restaurant before a shower.. same thing right?

  6. R.W. says

    I joggled a 1/2 marathon this weeking and my legs feel like they’re falling off at the hip.

    About this Melissa gal—You wouldn’t have her email address so I can drop her a line, do ya? :)

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