Saturday–Food and Hair Toys

Hello and happy weekend wlEmoticon smile6 Saturday–Food and Hair Toys I had the most vivid dream last night that Ben and I were moving back to Maryland. We went apartment hunting and signed a lease and everything! Woke up in a panic.

Anyways… here’s a quick Saturday recap

I spent way too much time and money at Target last week and randomly purchased a set of travel hot rollers.


I don’t know.

I never even blow dry my hair. I don’t own a flat iron. I rarely spend any time ‘doing’ my hair.

But, I thought I would use hot rollers if they were easy so I picked some up. (I had a set back in college I think?)

The set had 10 rollers and I have 10 pounds of hair. 1 lb. hair for 1 roller doesn’t make for the best curls, but it did give it a lot of volume!IMG 5664 800x600 thumb Saturday–Food and Hair Toys

See? not really curls but it’s better than before. Yeah, should have taken a before pic.IMG 5666 800x600 thumb Saturday–Food and Hair Toys

My other new toy is a microwave egg poacher. I spotted this at Marshall’s a few weeks ago. You put a tiny bit of water in each cup, then the egg, then piece the yolk. 30 seconds (per egg) later you have poached eggs!IMG 5672 800x533 thumb Saturday–Food and Hair Toys

I over cooked them so the eggs weren’t runny though. Bah! That was the whole point!IMG 5668 800x533 thumb Saturday–Food and Hair ToysIMG 5678 800x533 thumb Saturday–Food and Hair Toys

Served up with cheesy sourdough bread. This was the most simple yet, delicious meal of my life.IMG 5673 800x533 thumb Saturday–Food and Hair Toys

I was about to dig into the graham crackers and chocolate chips for dessert…

IMG 5682 800x533 thumb Saturday–Food and Hair Toys

when I got the idea to use them as ice cream toppings!IMG 5685 800x533 thumb Saturday–Food and Hair Toys

Okay, I have to get my Sunday started. See ya in a bit!


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    Hair rollers don’t work as well for me anymore. I am a true believer in the hair wand. You should check them out if you haven’t already. They really give that bounce and curl that most people are looking for.

  2. says

    Ugh, I’m supposed to be “doing” my hair? My version is a ponytail….does that count? I thought your hair looked fine before, but playing around with rollers could be fun!

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      Nothing really replaces “real ice cream”, but I think it’s good. Actually, I prefer fro-yo from a machine over real ice cream anyways because it’s a texture thing :)

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    hmmmm I’ve had eggs scrambled, over easy, sunny side up, hard boiled, deviled, but never poached – looks good though!

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    So jealous that you can just wear your hair down without doing anything to it! I have naturally frizzy curly hair with a mind of its own, and I end up wearing it up in a bun almost all the time because it’s so annoying (especially in summer humidity…eesh)!

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