Whole Foods Finds and Music Monday

Happy Monday!

When I got home from my mom’s yesterday  I sipped some of Ben’s vanilla shake while figuring out dinner. Not sure if you can tell, but I was watching Real Housewives of New Jersey in the background. It is my favorite. Anyone want to be in my RHWONJ fan club?shake it

I spotted this Tempeh bacon on sale and WF this weekend and thought I’d give it a while. I love tempeh, but I never can make it as good as the Veggie Grill. Their tempeh is amazing.tempeh bacon

I cooked up 4 slices and stuffed it in a wrap. As expected, it wasn’t up to the Veggie Grill standard, but it was good.IMG_5716 (800x600)

Speaking of VG – now I’m craving it big time! I just realized I haven’t been there since last July! Glad the blog keeps track of important info like that for me.

Ben’s vanilla shake just made me want more ice creamy treats so I made myself a smoothie in a bowl with apple bananas, ice and milk. smoooooothie

What’s that topping?

That would be my second WF score from this weekend. I had a coupon for a free box of cereal from Barbara’s Bakery and picked the best one – PB and Chocolate Puffins. The box is ripped because I ate them on the way home from the store. Don’t judge.pb and chocolate puffins


This morning I woke up and felt my IT band was super tight. So, I opted not to do the speed run I had planned and decided I would go out for an easy few miles to shake it out. Well, an easy few = 6 miles. I ended up feeling pretty good (actually it was probably because I got lost in my thoughts).

I spent some time stretching when I was done and gave myself a long lecture about getting to yoga this week or I would be grounded from watching RHWONJ next week.

Ah! Now I’m taking it seriously.

I usually make Ben breakfast before I go for a run and this morning I made him oatmeal. Well, that planted an oat seed in my brain and that’s what I wanted when I got back from my run.

I used 2 packets of low sugar maple brown sugar and added 1/4 c of egg whites for protein. Let’s see how long this keeps me full…oatmeal with egg

Monday Music – I am loving this song on my play list right now:

I am craving Veggie Grill for lunch now!

What are you having for lunch?


  1. Tram says

    You should totally try Phoney Baloneys they have a coconut bacon that is crazy good. (And their cheap…so fancy.)

  2. says

    Tempeh, eh? It is Canadian, eh? lol
    I am having quinoa salad and cherry tomatoes….yummm! (But I still want something sweet!…Sweet and crunchy and maybe salty, too…..)

  3. Maren says

    I’ve been having this flipping awesome salad combo: leftover quinoa stir-fry, spinach, broc slaw, sprouts, walnuts, and goat cheese topped with liquid aminos and Sam & Louie’s spice (local pizza place). It’s so delicious.

    If I had those puffins, I’d eat the entire box before I even got home!! 😉

  4. Cat says

    IMHO 10 – 15 minutes on the foam roller at home will probably give you better results with IT band tightness than any hour long yoga class.

    • says

      I concur and was also going to suggest that to you Monica!!! You lay on your side and roll up and back (slowly) from hip to just above knee (not side of knees because = bad). Pause in places it hurts (=stinky knots) and let your body weight help ‘massage’ it out.
      I usually do each side R, L, pause and then repeat!

  5. says

    It makes me feel better that I am not the only one who opens a box of something the second I walk out of the grocery store. Sometimes I only make it to the parking lot….the boyfriend really doesn’t understand.

  6. says

    oh mannnnn those puffins sound insane!! i used to buy the pb ones all the time but i stopped bc id kill the box in like, 2 days. i dont think i should try these….hah

  7. says

    ahhhh I’ve been craving milkshakes too, I swear there’s never a time when I DON’T want one (except maybe while running). And pb chocolate puffins… sounds like reese’s puffs!

    • says

      I think I cheated because I bought the tempeh bacon which is already sliced and a bit flavored. When I buy the big slab of it I just chop and throw it in a stir fry.

  8. kate says

    So how long did the oatmeal keep you full?
    I always end up feeling super hungry soon after I eat it.
    Also, it’s a huge trigger food for me. So are those damn Puffins! Oooh…they look so good…

    • says

      The oatmeal kept me full longer than usual – I think adding the egg to it helped a lot! Between the oats, Almond Butter and egg it hit all the bases. But, in the past it’s only kept me full an hour or so :(

  9. Denise P. says

    I didn’t know they made PB & Choc Puffins! Good thing I don’t have a WF within 50 miles of me, so I’ll have to wait for my next trip to the OC to tear into them. Maybe I’ll check Sprouts, or maybe I’ll try and forget about them so they don’t become my latest obsession.

    I never got into RHWONJ or NY. Pretty much just stuck to the So Cal versions.

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