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Hi! Today has been go go go, but I wanted to stop in and share my first ING Class of 2012 video! AH! I’m such a weirdo, see below Smile

But first, some cherry love <3IMG_5866 (800x533)

And another Lazy Cooks Guide to Healthy Eating tip: Grab a ready to eat salad container… (preferable on sale!)IMG_5871 (800x533)

and fill it up up with more veggies, grains and protein. Instant lunch with no dishes to clean!IMG_5867 (800x533)

Since I’ve been asked to be a part of the ING Class of 2012 team I’ve been thinking about my marathon training plan. I normally download a plan and then follow it loosely. That’s why you don’t see a fancy ol’ excel spreadsheet of Marathon Training on RER. I do it old school style.

I actually purchased a program from Running Planet this time around. It’s a little ambitious, but I really want to try and stick to a “real” marathon training program this time. Let’s see what I can do!


But, I need 2 rest days for sure and I want to incorporate yoga since it’s good for my body and soul. I wrote out a few ideas of how to tweak it based on those constraints and will probably do something like this:IMG_5873 (533x800)

This week I switched Wed & Fri. since I didn’t have access to the pool Wed.

Starting this week the marathon is about 16 weeks long so I started at week 5 of it. This gives me a cushion to skip a week if I need a vacation Smile

From now until November 4th the ING Runner’s Nation Facebook page will be sharing videos with me and the other 3 Class of 2012 team members. This week they introduced each of us in a short segment. image

These are supposed to be fun, entertaining and helpful videos for anyone training for a marathon – not just New York. I know the Fall / Winter is prime mary season so if you are training for something please check it out. We plan on doing a lot of discussion type topics so everyone can chime in!

You can go to the Runner’s Nation FB page to check it out and leave comments. You can also “like” it if you like it, which I hope you do…


  1. says

    Fun video! I am curious, do your research and go after these great opportunities or do they find you? So much fun you get to be part of this! I have met that other guy, the tall one isn’t he from SoCal too? I think I met him at Catalina.

  2. Heather says

    I think it is so awesome you are running the NYCM in November! I ran the half in March and the NYRR is an amazing race organization. All the “welcome” signs will give you chills and all crowd support will knock your socks off! Have a blast and enjoy every second!

  3. says

    How cool! I love your video. As a side note the other 2 people’s videos that they have posted are intimidating to me lol. I am sure they are fun people but they seem intense from their videos. I think it is so cool that you are doing this!

  4. sasha says

    i live in long beach! i had played with that cat off the bike path before! it scared me once while i was looking at the crabs on the rocks! jerk.

  5. Mia says

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, because I am genuinely interested. You are listed on the site as a “chef” and “nutritionist”, and I was wondering how you feel about that? The reason I ask is because I feel like bloggers are often treated like celebrities and given grandiose labels that aren’t actually true…Do you try to correct them when they call you a “chef”? Did you go to culinary school? What about the nutritionist part? I know you are a personal trainer, but I didn’t realize you were an RD as well?
    Again, just genuinely interested, please don’t be offended.

    • says

      I’m not sure who wrote that blurb about me, but I realize I am not a chef or RD. I didn’t tell anyone I was. I have reached out to my contact and let them know that those titles are technically not true. They didn’t write RD and I know the lines of someone calling them self a nutritionist can be blurry. I don’t want to be given labels I didn’t earn, so I’m looking into it.

      • Mia says

        Not short at all. I really appreciate that you responded, because some bloggers would have blocked that comment believe it or not. I’m glad you reached out to them, and I hope you can understand why people get into an uproar over these labels. There are people who have spent countless hours in school and internships earning those titles.

  6. Stephanie says

    Mia beat me to the punch – I was coming here to ask the same questions. I’m wondering why ING put that online. Don’t they check the facts with you before tweeting about you?

    • says

      I know they did check into each of us, but I don’t think they are as anal as most in the blog world about the technicalities of those titles. For some reason they get people in an uproar! But, yes I am reaching out to correct it.

      • Cat says

        That’s a good idea to correct them. Personally I don’t think it’s only the blog world that is concerned about using proper titles and credentials. If you go through a lawsuit and then start dispensing paid/sponsored legal advice based on your experience but not actually having a law degree/passed the state bar, you would be setting yourself up for trouble, particularly in in a public/paid forum.
        I just attended the IDEA convention last week (professional association for fitness pros) that something like 6,000 trainers attended and there was a long seminar focused on how trainers should handle Scope of Practice when it comes to nutrition. It’s a major issue in the industry right now and tons of people are paying attention.

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