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The #2 search that gets people to this site is dirty sweaty red head (#1 is Run Eat Repeat, hello). I’m sure the people searching for that are looking for something completely different than pics of eggs and fro-yo, but I’d like to think I’m giving them a fetish for Yogurtland instead of gingers.

Anyway, the 3rd most popular search is Eat Run Repeat. I get it, sometimes you gotta  Eat before you Run. So today we’re talking about eating before we talk about running (specifically my running calendar).

First my snack of the day was the new Luna Fiber bars. They were on sale at Target and my mom gave me a gift card so after a quick text sesh with Meghann (I knew she had tried them, but couldn’t remember if she liked them) I put them in my hand basket. They are delicious, but if not for the sale AND gift card I would not have gotten them. Way too $$$.IMG_6183 (800x533)

Dinner was a salad topped with green bean fries and ketchup. I kept it light to save room for dessert.IMG_6194 (800x533)

I’ve been craving banana soft serve and finally made some. Topped with graham crackers and almonds it was a great treat!IMG_6201 (800x533)

Okay now for the running portion of tonight’s show – my updated running calendar.

This weekend is the iTrythlon! I’m going to be so so scared, but we’re doing a practice tri Wed night so hopefully I’ll survive.

I will be running the Vista Half Marathon in August. It’s just north/inland of Carlsbad so I’m hoping Ben and I can make a fun weekend of it.image

I am hoping to find a September event here.

Long Beach – I figure I’m going to be doing the half this year. I reeeealy wanted to do the full and get some redemption, but New York is just one month after that and I don’t recover very fast so I don’t think that’s a great idea. I haven’t signed up yet, but that’s the master P.

And I signed up for THE New York City Marathon today!!! Ish just got real. According to the website it’s 103 days away! That is not a long time to get ready for running a hilly 26 miles. image

I’m in for the run of my life. im in

I would like to run a race in December, maybe a fun Holiday half or something…

Question: What are you running this year?


  1. Michelle says

    Also running the NYC marathon – as my first one ever! Was wondering if you planned on doing a meetup at some point?

  2. says

    Running the Long Beach Half Marathon.

    Okay, question for YOU. Which do you prefer: Yogurtland or Banana Soft Serve? I think I already know my answer. Just needed some clarity! :)

  3. says

    Oh Banana soft serve is my fave. I think I’m doing SheRuns in San Diego – an all women’s trail half…then Long Beach as well for October. I have a post queued up with my upcoming races later this week. Fun times ahead!

  4. says

    The California Int’l Marathon is a great event in December if you feel like venturing to NorCal! For the rest of the year I have San Fran marathon double loop (yah, fun! and it is this weekend), Rio del Lago 100k in Oct and Tucson Marathon in Dec. All of those are promising races to add to the calendar! :-)

  5. Sandee says

    Salinas Valley Half marathon Aug 4, Morgan Hill half or full (undecided), and California International in December. Fingers crossed and sayin a prayer :) PS- you’re going to do great in the Tri!

  6. Maren says

    I reeeeally want to start running again. I am so scared since I had a stress fracture last fall. It has taken forever to heal and I don’t want to re-injure it! I am going to do the couch 2 5k program and hopefully it’ll work! I want to run a 5k soo bad on the morning of my wedding, Dec. 22, but haven’t found any in Omaha yet…hopefully there’s a fun holiday one that morning!

  7. says

    Wow- I can’t believe your tri is already this weekend! Good luck!
    All I have on my agenda is Ironman Canada at the end of August. I’ll be in Denver for the RnR, but it’s only three weeks after my Ironman and I don’t want to rush things. Hopefully it doesn’t sell out and then I can play it by ear!

  8. Alex says

    I’m doing the Salinas Valley Half, the City to the Sea in San Luis Obispo, the Big Sur Half Marathon and maybe the California International or the Walnut creek half.

  9. Denise P. says

    My bigggg event for this year is the Maui Half in September. I’ll be running my 10th half, 1 week before my 30th birthday, on my first trip to Hawaii!

    And if you’ll be around for Christmas, I highly recommend the Operation Jack Half/Marathon in Manhattan Beach on 12/26. It is run entirely on the beach path. Small race, but amazing support from fellow runners. I got a half PR by nearly 20 minutes last year. I’m just bummed because this year its on a Wednesday and my boss usually is off around Christmas so I’m stuck here. I’m going to beg to at least have the morning off to do it again.

  10. says

    Don’t worry you will rock that Tri!! Just take it one event at a time. You know you have the run so use that to get into a rhythm and relax a bit. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

    On my agenda is the Marine Corps Marathon-10k (Im doing the 10k) in Oct in WA DC and then Skinny Turkey Half Marathon in Nov in Raleigh NC. Both with my sister. The half will be my very first half!!! Im excited and nervous all at the same time!!

  11. Sarah says

    This Sunday I’m running a half marathon for charity with my boss here in Boston, and on 30 September I’m running my FIRST marathon: the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY! If all goes well, I’ll run the United Healthcare Half in Newport, RI on 14 Oct :)

    You will own that Tri!

  12. says

    you should do santa to the sea in december. great race! and you and ben can make a weekend of it and stay in ventura….heck we could meet up and have a drink with our hubbies!

  13. says

    I’m running the Leaf Peeper Half in October (a Vermont race) and trying to convince my hubby and friends to run away from zombies with me in the fall. I might throw in a few 5k or 10k races as well.

  14. Angie says

    I also recommend Santa to the Sea. I can’t do it this year, it’ll only be about 10 weeks after I’m due. It’s a nice small race though!

  15. says

    Woo hoo! San Diego!

    I am signed up for the USA Women’s Half marathon here in San Diego in September. It’s a new race, and they don’t even have the map posted (well, they didn’t when I checked last week). The next after that is the San Diego Half Marathon in March.

    I’d been thinking about running Santa to the Sea, so I’m glad to hear mention of it positively. Maybe next year.

  16. says

    Somehow I’ve been aware of banana soft serve for probably 2 years now and still have not tried it. Shameful. I need to fix that.
    Anywho, there is only one race on my race calendar right now: the Divas half marathon in Long Island in October. It will be my first half marathon, and training for it is a major priority in my life right now! So far so good :)

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