Motivation Monday– Try, Try Again

Happy Monday! I woke up this morning Hungry and grabbed a bite of one of these Force Primeval Bars before my run. I bought this bag for a super easy “grab and go” breakfast for Ben. He’s been at his new job for about 3 months now, but we’re still not great at the earlier start time.IMG_6580 (800x533)IMG_6577 (800x533)

Then, I set out on a run – 1 mile w/u, 5 800s, .5 mile cool down with some walking. I meant to do 6 800s, but couldn’t rest in between the last one.

That bite of raisin bar did not do much and I returned home pretty hungry post-run. Usually I “beat the heat” and try to run early but today the sun was shining bright and I was hotter than usual.

So, I busted out the blender for breakfast….IMG_6588 (800x533)

Motivation Monday 

Yesterday was the Olympic Marathon and I mentioned 2 of our US runners – Goucher and Flanagan in my last post.

But the US had a third runner – Desiree Davila. desiree davila

Desiree Davila suffered a hip injury in July and hasn’t been able to train very well. For the last few weeks I read differing stories about whether or not she would actually run the race.

According to the Detroit News, her injury was still lingering but the marathon alternates ended up competing in track events = there was not the option to give her spot to someone else.

So she showed up to the start line yesterday and tried.

Unfortunately, she had to drop out of the race after 2.2 miles. It was sad to watch, and I can’t imagine how she feels.

If you’ve read a running blog where the blogger had an injury it is the WORST. We’re all dramatic and sad and “the sky is falling!!!”. And that’s often just because now I can’t run my local 10k. I say “we” because I am completely guilty of this too.

This girl had to drop out of the freaking Olympics. This was her first ever DNF (Did Not Finish). Think about that the next time you have to miss Zumba because you have a toothache.

The motivational part is that it sounds she is keeping it all in a healthy perspective. She’s 29, which is a decent age for long distance running, and has a long career ahead of her. (Goucher is 34 and Flanagan is 31.) She said in an interview that she didn’t want to compromise the rest of her career and is trying to learn from this. I’m sure she’s still heart broken, but trying to keep it in perspective – something we should all do when dealing with an injury.

I love this quote from the Detriot News:

"If I came here and I just moped and left right away and didn’t take anything away from it, that would be a huge mistake. So I’m gonna use this as a learning experience."

Davila Pre-Olympic Marathon Interview about her injury

Question: How was your weekend? What was the highlight / lowlight?

The Cleopatra exhibit and the Marathon Viewing Party were both a blast!


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    Okay I woke up MONSTROUSLY hungry as well today and got ambitious on breakfast but pretty much almost had a second visit from it around mile 3.75 of my 5 mile run. Yeesh! And yes, I cannot even imagine DNF’ing at the Olympics. Luckily women distance runners often peak in their early 30’s. Wait, this is my prime? Bummer :(

  2. says

    Haha–I love that you’re eating “high gluten” bars. Maybe instead of gluten free people will start saying “I’m high gluten” or “I’m super gluten.”

  3. says

    I was pulling for Davila, of course, to do well and it was sad to see that she had to stop running, but no one can blame her and as you pointed out, she has a fantastic perspective to it all. Planning for the long term is key and she’s an inspiration!

  4. says

    That’s awesome! So inspiring :) I love that she chose to learn something from this experience instead of get really mad about it. I mean, I’m sure she’s mad, but she’s handling it really great. I really hope she comes back next time! It would be amazing to watch her have a comeback race.

  5. says

    Thank you for posting this today Monica – and for reminding me to keep things in perspective. I’ve been plagued with various running injuries all year and just when I thought things were getting better, I managed to strain my ankle doing a longer run in minimalist shoes :( Plus I have a half-marathon in 2 weeks which I’m nervous about now. So today I was feeling pretty bummed out, and after reading this post and thinking of Desiree, I’m taking another look at my running and treating this as a learning experience. I may have to drop out of the half if my ankle hurts and I probably won’t be able to do a marathon that I registered for in the Fall – but I’m going to take a step back and start from scratch again. To take a break from running, figure out what I’m doing wrong and re-kindle my love for the sport before stressing myself out with races again. Sorry for the long comment – but I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!
    PS: I found your blog through Tina’s at Carrots n Cake, and am totally hooked :) I’d really love to link back to your post from my blog too if that’s OK with you.
    Hope you have a great day – and best of luck with NYC marathon training – I’ll be in NYC then and will look out for you!

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    Are those bars moist or do you need a gallon of water to drink them with?? I saw those at TJ’s and squished the bag trying to figure that out.. but some lady gave me a weird look.. so I put them back.

  7. says

    I didn’t know this about her….boy, it makes my complaining about my hip injury (since end of June) and missing my July 4th half marathon seem STUPID!! I was really mad for a few days but MAN THE OLYMPICS! She may be my new inspiration. (And yes, my hip is getting there but boy its a slow recovery!) For me any way. 😉

    HiGHlight: Why yes, I am getting some highlights put in this hair in about an hour…go figure. But, even better….I bought a cool pair of jeans for the first time this weekend to wear to my 25th school reunion on SAturday. (I have one of those pear shapes and have NEVER found a jean to fit til yesterday….it made my day!)

    Lowlight: potty training our new puppy.

  8. says

    Weekend was super busy, highlight was a poker fundraiser we attended, very fun! Plus my first trail run! Low was probably house is a freaking disaster, laundry piled up & I missed the Women’s Olympic Marathon :( :( :(

  9. says

    I was injured before a dance performance once and was unable to dance the leading role I had worked so hard for. I can’t even imagine what she must feel like having to drop out of something like the Olympics. It’s good to know she is staying so positive. I’ve found just watching the Olympics is always a big motivation for me. Watching people achieving their goals makes me work harder to achieve mine. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Rachel Ortman says

    Reading your blog has helped motivate me, I’m in a bit of a slump. Look forward to reading more!!

  11. tina says

    Boo for injuries.
    Highlight – tried out my new wireless headphones Sunday. Sweet.
    Lowlight – while trying to learn how to ride a motorcycle, I dropped it. Yikes, how embarassing. Least my husband was the only one who saw it.

    BTW, how is the diet bet going?

  12. says

    highlight: going for a run with my boyfriend Sunday morning
    lowlight: trying desperately to cool down after that run. We also didn’t quite beat the heat well enough.

  13. says

    I found your “motivation” to be depressing, Lol! I was so excited when I saw “motivational monday,” but then it was all about a failed Olympian. What in the world? I guess we’re all motivated by different things. I feel really sad for her, though. It’s great that she’s keeping things in perspective, and hopefully those 2 miles didn’t throw her training for other events off too much!

    • says

      Oh no! I didn’t mean to be depressing, I just wanted to share her story for people going through an injury – even Olympians deal with the bad stuff. We have to be tough :)

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