Run Eat (Mile) Repeat

I woke up this morning not exactly looking forward to my run. I was supposed to do 4 x 1 mile repeats between 7:40-8:00 <- which I read as “just try to do one under 8 minutes”.

Before I left I had half of an apple banana for fuel. IMG_7119 (800x600)

Since there is no close track I headed back to the route where the duck hit me in the head. It’s a half mile path connected to a park, so I did the path and then looped around the park for the full mile. It’s not completely flat, but not hilly either – just a few bumps in the road.IMG_7104 (600x800)

1 mile warm up, 8:00, 7:57, 7:59, 7:50, .5 mile cool down.

Done.IMG_7102 (800x600)

When I got back I wanted something cool to eat so I went with a yogurt bowl. That would be pineapple chobani aka the best yogurt ever as the base Smile IMG_7114 (600x800)

I know some hardcore peeps use plain yogurt all the time because they’re better than me but this pineapple stuff is like dessert (only lacking chocolate). But, once I’m done with these individual cartons (that were on sale) I need to go back to the plain stuff because it’s half the price and then I can be super duper healthy too…

I added this new Trader Joes product to the bowl – Honey Roasted AlmondsIMG_7107 (800x600)IMG_7112 (800x600)

They are delicious! Buy them.IMG_7110 (800x600)

IMG_7117 (800x600)

Question: What did you have for breakfast?

Ever done a running repeat?

Plain yogurt – yah or nay?


  1. says

    I have so much to learn about running I can’t even tell you! I’ve done some running repeats but I am bad about pacing, proper technique, life in general. Following along with your training has been really informative, thanks for all of the information you share, it really does help!

  2. Cate says

    I bought those almonds too and I’ve eaten half the bag already! The first time I had the pineapple yogurt was last week. I picked up the larger tub of it since it’s blended. I’m not a fan of fruit on the bottom yogurt and I was psyched to find it blended! I plan on putting what’s left of the almonds in the granola I’m making this week! Yum!

  3. Tia says

    My breakfast looks like this EVERY morning and this morning I forgot my yogurt and ended up having oatmeal with peanut butter .. I swear I’m going to be in a crappy mood all day now, I NEED MY GREEK YOGURT IN THE AM! AHHHH .. Ok I’m calm now.

    Usually I make 1/4 cup of oats and mix that with mine too, makes it look freaking nasty but man is it ever delicious!!!

  4. Tabatha Rhodes says

    Just got back from my run, although my run is sissy lala stuff compared to yours!! I struggle so badly with pacing myself when not on the treadmill!!!!!! I am getting so frustrated!!

  5. Sara says

    My training schedule was the same today. 4 x 1 mile repeats at 5k race pace. These interval runs are daunting! But got it done and that’s what matters, right: )

  6. Dynamics says

    Shoot me. I do NOT like yogurt at all!!! I think it goes back to the days my dad ate plain yogurt and sprinkled sea kelp on top. Yuck! Breakfast today was one egg, 1/2 cup egg whites, blue, rasp and straw berries with a cup of “see less o me tea”

    • Katie says

      ok, the one thing i hate about running blogs is everyone seems to compare paces, times, feeling like “i’ll never be able to run like she does!” i am guilty of it too.

      i read SR and Monica after i did a 6 mile run at a 9 minute pace and im all proud of myself BEFORE i read their times on their runs and then feel like im doing something wrong and not good enough after i read how fast they are. Ive learned i have got to stop doing that. there is NOTHING wrong with running 9 or 10 minute or 11 minute miles. you are running regardless.

      Monica is awesome and Im impressed with her running ability. she would prolly always beat me in a race. but i could prolly beat her in a tennis match. :-) it’s all relative. be proud of your 4 in 40.

      anyhoo, i was gonna ask you monica if those were chia seeds in your yogurt? i have been hearing the wonders of these seeds for awhile now. do you notice a difference in your energy from them?

      • says

        You are totally right! :) everyone’s situation is different and running is running. I read blogs for the inspiration….to know that 5 in 40 IS possible….I never meant to say I am not proud of my four in 40. I think Er sometimes get caught up in the numbers game and should be happy with how we do as individuals. Thank you for your response…..honestly it puts things in a new light.

        And Monica….that’s still fast lol so be proud.

      • says

        Let’s remember that SR is a ton faster than me too! It used to make me feel kinda bad, but we’re all different :)

        Yes, those are chia seeds. I don’t feel any noticeable difference , but I love the texture they add so I keep eating them.

  7. Shannon B. says

    Cooked oatmeal and then add frozen blueberries to cool it down…cause I’m a freak and don’t like hot food.
    I only like to cook with plain yogurt…use the fruit added (and yes totally agree pineapple is the BEST) as a dessert.

  8. says

    I am the self proclaimed queen of mixing anything up for any meal so this mornings breakfast was…

    3 slices of turkey lunch meat…piled high with spinach…some celery cut up…a pickle cut up…and a some feta crumbles…I microwaved it a bit and then topped it with salsa, sour cream and 2 poached eggs sprinkled with flaxseed. It was truly delicious with a Mexican sort of twist.

    I love plain yogurt and lately its all I have been eating b/c I like to mix in different flavors too…

  9. says

    Plain yogurt = lame sauce. I like the honey kind. It’s still tart but tastes less like sour cream. On a sad note, they don’t sell pineapple chobani at my grocery store (small town malarkey). So can you give me a second best and I will try to branch out? Also, I have never done a running repeat. I may have to now though. I need to work on my pacing. Nice post – socks rocked.

  10. Sarah says

    I had half a bagel with light veggie cream cheese and a bowl of chopped nectarine topped with nonfat plain greek yogurt and Kind cinnamon granola. <— cinnamon flavor is gross, tasted musty. yes, musty. like the closet in the basement.

  11. Megan says

    Breakfast looks delicious. Any guesses on why the almonds say “contains almonds” on the package. Like who would have thought a package of honey roasted almonds contains almonds, um no shit?

  12. says

    Plain yogurt + pb2 powder + apples + stevia drops (or some all fruit jelly) = awesome. I can’t just eat plain yogurt by itself unless it’s subbing for mayo or sour cream. Bleh.

  13. Corina says

    Plain yogurt makes me gag! I haven’t had the pineapple chobani but mango chobani is my best friend.

    Random question: What kind of blender do you have? I want to get a good one so I can make myself smoothies. The one I have now is too dinky to get chop up ice/frozen fruit!

  14. sally kate says

    Have you had noosa yoghurt? it’s basically the most amazing thing you’ve ever put in your mouth- strawberry rhubarb is my fave. it’s not exactly as healthy as plain greek yogurt (it’s made with whole milk… and i think some fairy dust) but it’s amazing. like sort of unbelievably so. if you haven’t had it yet and you see it in your store get it (it’s out of a cute little dairy maybe 10 miles from me but I hear it’s sold nation wide)- it’s a little pricey too, but worth every penny. it changed my yogurt world…

  15. Mandy says

    I just wanted to tell you that I read alot of blogs, but recently came across yours and you are my favorite! BUt shhh don’t tell any of my other blogs!! :)

  16. says

    That looks like a really tasty yogurt bowl following a run! I usually do plain yogurt and fruit, nuts, hemp seeds, or chia seeds. But lately I’ve been lazy — I’ll have those dual cup servings of plain yogurt with honey or strawberry filling.

    Nice work with the repeats! I haven’t done single mile repeats — mostly 400m or 1/4 miler’s. I’ll have to build up to 1-mile repeats. Thanks!

  17. says

    I hate hate hate yogurt.

    But somehow I can eat Chobani. I’ll pay the extra $1 per container because it’s yogurt I will eat, and has all that protein.

    What are the little things in your bowl?

  18. says

    I’m still learning all of these run repeats, intervals, etc. I can run steady (i.e. slowly) for about an hour, but now I’m trying to fit in speed activities to get better and FASTER. I am so slow. How do you know what to run and when?

  19. says

    Good job on the mile repeats. I had to guess on the speed and looks like I guessed right. A few quick points on the repeats or what’s really known as Interval Training. When you increase your running speed you are increasing your workout intensity and increasing potential injury, so really listen to your body and be careful. If you feel pain back off. Remember there are two types of discomfort: Productive Discomfort and Non-productive Discomfort, learn the difference and you will get faster and stronger. We’ll talk about Heart Rates soon. How about a ChiRunning Lesson in a week or two? So far so good.

  20. Dianette says

    I am in the same camp that Chobani Pineapple is by far the greatest yogurt ever. Also the peanut dressing from Trader Joes is the greatest thing ever! I tried it back in March after I read one of your posts about it and have been obsessed ever since. I can eat a salad every single day if it includes that dressing :) thanks for putting me on to it!

  21. ina says

    i run early early in the morning. so pre-run i eat banana at 5am.
    then after run (not fast like you!) I eat 4 egg whites, 2 spoons of almond butter and chopped apple with cinnamon all over it. best breakfast ever and hold me over til noon.

  22. Diana S. says

    ARGH!!! I saw these almonds at Trader Joe’s today and put them back, afraid I’d eat the whole bag. Now I want to go back and buy them anyway.

  23. Leslie says

    Pineapple Chobani is the best Greek yogurt!! I could eat it everyday, literally! I started buying some plain and then mixing it so it’s a little healthier! I like all the other flavored, but pineapple is by far my favorite!

  24. says

    You nailed the intervals! Way to go! Breakfast this morning was crackers with peanut butter. Nah, no yogurt for me since I’m vegan.

  25. says

    I’m a flavored yogurt fan haha I don’t really worry about the sugars though 😀 I try to get some plain in my diet, but I agree, the pineapple is the best

  26. says

    I always use plain yogurt. I used to think it was naasstt ( as in nasty.. haha), but over the past year it’s grown on me SO much.

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