Run of the Mill

Today was a run of the mill kinda day in RER land…

I went to the gym for a strength workout. I ran there 1.5 miles and walked back. That took a while so I was starvin Marvin and had a banana with PB while cooking up breakfast.IMG_7125 (800x600)

The usual… (hey, is this a Christmas plate?!)IMG_7128 (800x600)

Good thing I have a big mouth!IMG_7127 (800x600)

I shared some of my lunch with Vegas. IMG_7132 (800x600)

After work I took an afternoon stroll Smileimage

Then made dinn-ah.IMG_7137 (800x533)

A few of you asked about my apple bananas – we get them from my neighbors tree. <- They give them to us, we don’t just pick ‘em!IMG_7134 (800x600)

They are smaller, thicker and starchier than regular bananas. This means they are better to cook up!

IMG_7143 (800x533)

We’re leaving for Florida tomorrow straight after work so I need to pack!

Of Possible Interest…

The New York Marathon will reunite the US Olympic Men’s Team

President Obama did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit 

I’m hoping to do an Ask a Monican tomorrow. Ask me stuff too.


  1. says

    OK…how about this one…my girls have hair that appears to be just like yours…(unless you color yours that is ;-)…we can never find a good shampoo for them…either they make their hair too dry/too oily/scalp too itchy or their hair just looks nasty and kind of gummy like???

    Maybe its just them and they need to do a better job washing their hair…go figure they are just 13 and 15 but any who…just thought I would ask. What do you use on your hair?

  2. Dee says

    Ok, question! I’ve been running (for exercise — maybe it’s better to call it jogging) for about five years, but am just finally running my first half-marathon next month. I’ve read some books and articles that recommend not worrying about time for your first big race, and just making the goal to finish upright, smiling, with no injuries. But I’ve run 5Ks, 4-milers and 10Ks before, and I’m generally competitive with myself, so I really like to challenge myself. But at the same time, I don’t want to end up being disappointed, since I’ve never run 13 miles before and really don’t know how fast I can go. Any thoughts on this?

  3. kate says

    We had banana trees when we lived in LA and people used to steal them.
    I put a sign out that said, “Please don’t steal our bananas. Ask me and I’ll give you some.” And still—the ‘nana poachers would come in the dark of night and chop down entire limbs! So sad.

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