Flashback Friday

Ha, I just wrote “flask-back Friday”. I had a margarita with my Refine mixers last night and it was amazing Smile Guess my brain wants another one right now tonight!

This morning I did an easy 3 mile run / 1 mile walk. I have a long run scheduled for tomorrow and am trying to take it easy. Maybe I shouldn’t hit the bottle tonight actually… especially because it’s going to be 90 degrees on that LR.

Post run food – egg and toast. I’m drowning my weird bread in jelly which probably defeats the purpose of it, but it’s like cardboard.


Flashback Friday!

One year ago I went on a quick weekend trip to Sequoia National Park.

monica in sequoia

The first night we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast near Kern River

Then, we camped in Sequoia and forgot bug spray

But the turkey sandwich I ate on the way home made up for the West Nile virus I contracted from all those bug bites. Not at all actually.

Question: What did you do last September?


  1. says

    Last September I was working up in the beautiful mountains of the north shore in Vancouver, BC building bridges, boardwalks and staircases A.K.A. living the dream… now i’m all grown up with a desk job dreaming of the good ol days :)

  2. carly says

    Last September I attended Wine on The River in Nashville and got completely sloshed (on accident, of course) and fell through a folding chair and shattered my wine glass in front of everyone. Not going back this year.

  3. says

    Love Flashback days!
    Wow- those forests are amazing. I need to see them- are they coastal or inland?
    Last September we went to the Oregon Coast…but eight years ago we were spending our first couple days in Australia on a four-month long trip. Oh the memories!

  4. says

    Last September the Rugby World Cup had just started in little ol’ New Zealand. Was so much fun having lots of international guests around the country! I also began my running journey and now I am training for my 3rd half marathon.

  5. says

    Last September I went to Cuba! Wow, I didn’t realize it has been a full year since that trip already!! It’s insane how quickly time goes!
    Yet at the same time SO MUCH has happened between now and then I can’t quite believe it all happened in just one year… hm.
    Please tell me you found out how old that tree is!!

  6. says

    Last September I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle!! Just celebrated one year yesterday, and down 65lbs so far!!

    Love your blog, it makes me want to run every time I read it. Now if my darn hip would just co-operate and heal up I could be out there chasing down some races!!

  7. Kaz says

    I have a question for you! I apologize if you’ve addressed this before, but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere.

    So I’m a beginner runner and I am by no means a distance runner. I like to go out, knock out two or three miles, and pat myself on the back and go home.

    I’m used to running in the early afternoon, but my work schedule just changed and I’m having to switch to morning runs (running on my lunch break is not an option, and by the time I get home it’s dark out and I don’t live in the best neighborhood). Problem is, when I roll out of bed and lace up, my muscles are tight and my body is still tired. My miles have dropped by about 40-50 seconds per mile, which is ridiculous and I feel like a slug.

    I see that you’re a morning runner, so I was hoping you could throw some advice at me. I know the solution is warming up (I tried stretching and it didn’t help) but the thing is, if I “warm up” for a mile or two, then my entire dang run is over. I already get up about forty-five minutes earlier to account for my run, and I’m not thrilled by the idea of getting up even *earlier* when my days are so bloody long as it is.

    I guess what I’m asking is, is there any tricks that you do to warm up before your morning runs? What’s your a.m. pre-run routine? Or should I just suck it up and wake up earlier to get my butt together in the morning? Any advice would be much appreciated! :)

    • says

      I usually stall a bit to wake up before my morning run. My routine is – wake, bathroom, change, make Ben breakfast while drinking water or coffee, Run!
      If you don’t have time to stall I would suggest doing some jogging in place, butt kicks and jumping jacks to ‘wake yourself up’. Then, start out slow for 5 minutes as your running warm up. Your body will probably get more used to it as time goes on – keep chugging!

      • Kaz says

        Thank you so much! I’m totally going to try this before my next run. It didn’t even dawn on me to do things like jumping jacks or butt kicks to warm up my muscles. I swear, I can be such an airhead sometimes. XD

  8. says

    Hey Monica,

    I just wanted to tell you I’m going to Bloggin12. I’m SO excited and I noticed last night that your speaking. Yay, can’t wait to meet you. Sorry but I have no idea what I was doing last September…I guess just running kids to preschool, scouts and soccer. I know I wasn’t running/working out because it was October that I got so sick of myself that I signed up for the Phoenix Rock n’ Roll half. Jessica

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