Ready Set Go

Hello! I was slammed all day and worked through lunch (I try not to do this or I get crazy). Mid-afternoon I had my favorite snack of the week – cereal and almond milk. IMG_7825 (800x533)

Someone asked recently if I was growing out my bangs since I keep pinning them back. Nope, I just haven’t gotten them trimmed in way too long Sad smile 

Well, I finally got them trimmed today. I’m pretty excited about it since I have a five head instead of a four head…image

I threw together dinner based on the things I needed to use up before they go bad – chicken breasts, mushrooms and green beans. I cooked up the chicken in the pan and added the beans and mushrooms and seasoned them like green bean fries. Served with TJ’s shells.IMG_7819 (800x533)

Now I’m all packed up for my trip! Well, at least I think I am – I always feel like I’m forgetting something and have the most unsettled feeling on the way to the airport.  <- someone needs a drink IMG_7830 (800x533)

Well, a drink or some ice cream. I can’t decide. IMG_7833 (800x533)


  1. says

    I do the same thing with my bangs. I usually wear them straight across but I like them to be pretty long which means I need a trim every few weeks. I usually end up getting lazy and pin them back for a few weeks until I finally decide to go get them trimmed. So annoying but I’m not willing to grow them out. I love your blog!

  2. says

    Arctic Zero is awesome! I’ve never had the Mint Chocolate Cookie flavor, is it any good? Also – I don’t like how they have “cookie” in the title because it makes me think that there will be cookie bits mixed in, but I’m assuming it doesn’t because the Cookies and Cream flavor doesn’t… :/

  3. says

    Hey, how does that Arctic Zone taste? I’m always looking for a healthy low cal replacement to the daily supplement addiction of ice cream or yogurt I tend to battle.

  4. says

    I just trim my own bangs between haircuts. Not that I’m good at it or anything. I just never get my act together to go to the salon and I hate having them in my eyes.

  5. Holly says

    I don’t mean to be Debby downer, but MSNBC recently did an exposé on low cal ice creams and arctic zero was a big offender. Supposedly it has up to 68 percent more calories than it states. I’m not saying eat it or don’t eat it, but when I’m trying to make good food choices, I don’t want some food manufacturer lying to me! You can google it and decide for yourself. Maybe it’s so good that it’s still worth the potential extra calories anyways!

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