Adora Calcium Giveaway

Alternate titles – TMI Tuesday?

Today I took a walk after work and called my peep Chandra. I don’t know how we got on the subject of boys (False. that’s all we talk about) but I admitted to her that I used to have the BIGGEST crush on David Letterman. I think she’s judging me and maybe I should have kept it to myself Winking smiledavid letterman(source)

This afternoon I got the biggest chocolate craving. I started to dig into the mini-chocolate chips and realized I could easily down the bag. So, I sprinkled some on a waffle and enjoyed the chocolate experience a little longer.image

Actually, I’ve been enjoying a chocolate treat after lunch every day. That’s when I take my vitamins and I recently added an Adora calcium disk to my routine. adora disks

I think Adora disks are 10x better than the plain ol’ chews I’ve eaten in the past. I love them. Adora Calcium Giveaway

Ms. Adora herself (or the PR rep I’m working with) has offered to give one RER reader one bag of each the milk and dark chocolate calcium supplements!

To Enter: Leave a comment answering – How often do you eat chocolate?

I think I eat a little square of dark chocolate or an Adora dish every day.

Open to residents of the US and Canada. Contest closes 9/26/12 at 3pm PST.


  1. Lily says

    I look forward to my adora disk everyday too–the calcium and vitamins help me to rationalize the yummy piece of chocolate!

  2. Melissa says

    Admittedly I probably eat a piece or two everyday. Addicted. I always give it up for Lent though and I usually put myself on a “chocolate ban” another time or two during the year for 2-4 weeks just to put myself in check/get the cravings under control.

  3. Shayne says

    I dont eat chocolate that often, except when i studied in Belgium. But i remember iback in middle school, i would always trade my fruit roll up for my bff’s adora disc. They are so yummyy

  4. Emily Petersen says

    o probably every other day.. i’m not a huge chocolate fan, i really like skittles and gummy candies more.. but these little vits look yum (and good for you)!

  5. Tasha says

    I throw some cocoa powder and chocolate protein powder into my smoothies a couple times a week. Some chocolate chip cookies may sneak in there occasionally too 😉

  6. Sandee says

    Maybe once a week. I love chocolate but try not to keep it around or I’ll make myself sick. But if it was a yummy little calcium it would be perfect! :)

  7. Sarah says

    I … lack chocolate self control! It makes portion sizing tricky, to put it nicely. So, maybe 3 or 4 times a month. The good stuff, super dark :)

  8. Jamie says

    Umm…I eat chocolate every day. I keep a vegetarian diet and stay active, so I don’t feel guilty about that fact. Ain’t no one taking away my chocolate!! 😉 I would love to try the Adora disks!

  9. Julia says

    I eat chocolate (or white chocolate :)) on a daily basis! My sweet treats of choice are definitely chocolate chips! (all types, especially white chocolate and peanut butter!)

  10. says

    Depends if it’s in the house…if there’s a stash in the fridge (dark choc preferred), then a small square or bite everyday after dinner. Call it my daily indulgence or dessert!

  11. Anadel says

    I could eat chocolate everyday! But I try to limit myself to a few days a week if that. I’d definitely eat these everyday!

  12. Karoline says

    I eat chocolate about HALF the time I crave it:p. Half the time I shove down the urge to grab a piece of dark chocolate or mini egg from the cupboard(or half the time i’m out of chocolate) and half the time I go for it! So..pretty much every day 😀

  13. Jaclyn says

    I eat chocolate at least once a day.. usually a handful of chocolate chips after lunch or a chocolate calcium chew…and a bowl of rocky road ice cream with chocolate syrup for dessert after dinner when im feeling extra frisky. I havent found adora disks at any stores nearby and would love to try one!

  14. Ali says

    What the what?!?!?! Showing the love for us Canadians, woot, woot!

    Dr. Dark Chocolate everyday baby! Gotta make sure I check in and ensure that all systems are a “GO” – that means, dark chocolate plain, with caramel or salted, yum-oh *hand over mouth*, oh…

  15. Emily says

    I eat chocolate way too much. If I could eat it without it going to my thighs, that’d be great. My newest chocolate compulsion are the chocolate covered almonds with sea salt from TJ’s. I can’t just eat a few is the problem. I have some chocolate flavored calcium chews, but they don’t look as tasty as those discs.

  16. tiffany says

    i rarely buy a bar of chocolate, but i’ll pop some chocolate chips or pick the m+m’s out of trail mix on occasion. :) if i kept it on hand i would probably eat it everyday. always have cocoa powder though!

  17. Daria says

    I don’t eat chocolate that much, maybe twice a month or so, but I wouldn’t mind having it more often if it comes with the added calcium benefits!

  18. Maria says

    I eat chocolate maybe once a week. I have zero self control when it comes to candy so I really try not to keep it around that often. Maybe if it was something that was actually good for me I would be better about it :)

  19. Karen says

    I don’t eat chocolate often enough! Chocolate packed with calcium however, would give me the excuse to have it on a daily basis.

  20. deb says

    i eat a bit of chocolate every single day – usually after dinner. usually dark chocolate chips. the ones i reserve for weekend homemade waffles. that almost never actually make it into the waffles!

  21. Ashley F says

    I eat chocolate 1-3 times a week. I like to eat chocolate chips straight out of the bag, so I try not to keep them in the house very often 😉

  22. Mary says

    I don’t have chocolate too often, but I think making chocolate vitamin supplements is a grand idea…guilt free chocolate at its best!

  23. says

    i tend to eat a little bit of chocolate everyday too, but mine is usually in my breakfast. chocolate syrup or chocolate chips on my oats…oh wait, unless chocolate protein powder counts because then i have it twice a day most days. all chocolate all the time :)

  24. says

    I eat an ungodly amount of chocolate during the week! It’s bad considering I’m a RNY post op and shouldn’t be eating that much sugar.. I pay for it but gosh darn it’s just so good! LOL

    I would be elated to try these as I’m required to take Calcium daily now for the rest of my life. I have no problem getting my other vitamins/supplements in but the calcium I struggle with. I think this could be the answer to my Calcium intake problems! :)

  25. says

    During the week, I have chocolate once a day. I always steal a dark chocolate square or hershey’s kiss from a coworker. The afternoon just needs a little chocolae boost!

  26. Becky says

    If it is in the house or I have the opportunity I go for it. Otherwise not very often. Unless you count hot chocolate. I cant seem to stop eating it when its around! (but a healthy chocolate disk might do the trick!)

  27. Sage says

    I eat chocolate cake once a year on my birthday, but other than that I am not a big sweet eater. However, I recently was told to start taking more calcium and these disks were recommended over plain calcium pills.

  28. says

    I don’t eat chocolate too often since cutting almost all sugar out of my diet four years ago after my breast cancer diagnosis. But, I DO have to load up on the calcium since I am now a post-menopausal 34-yr old (thanks to treatments). I have been using the “other” chews just so I can get a chocolate taste, but would LOVE to try the Adora disks! The dark chocolate sounds great…dark chocolate was always my favorite:)

  29. Julie says

    Every day! I try to limit it to dark chocolate and just a tiny bit after dinner, but man, do I look forward to that treat!

  30. dana says

    Actually haven’t had ANY chocolate in almost 30 days! i am doing a 30 day sugar detox so I haven’t had ANY SUGAR! so no chocolate! seriously, how depressing is that? it’s actually just silly of me, why would I deprive myself of one of the best damn things in the world? dumb me.

      • dana says

        I am on day 24.
        Haven’t had a single sweet in 24 days. Only “sugar” I have had is the natural sugar in fruit. I actually feel pretty freaking amazing though, first 10 days were hard, like really hard, but I feel so much better now. More energy, i sleep so much better at night, wake up feeling AMAZINg in the morning. I think this is just what my body needed.

        … but I am ready to get back and have maybe just a piece of chocolate or two 😉

  31. Lara says

    Every day for sure! There are candy jars all over my office… If I can keep it down to one chocolate a day, I call that a success! :)

  32. Michele says

    I eat a piece of chocolate at my desk in the cubicle farm each day. Might as well add some extra nutrition to it while I’m at it!

  33. Carolyn C. says

    I eat some sort of chocolate every day (unless I really over do it, and then I might, might, might skip one day.) But, generally — every day.

  34. Melissa says

    Almost every day! Especially if I am really stressed at work I will come home and bake (because its my stress relief) and my husband always requests something with chocolate (because he has an addiction).

  35. Kristen says

    I eat chocolate a few times a week, but some weeks more than others. I have seen adora discs on so many blogs and have always been curious about them.

  36. says

    This is perfect because I JUST ran out of my Adora disks. I eat one every single day and now I just realized I won’t have my daily dose today. :( Crossing my fingers I win this one. 😉

  37. says

    How often do I crave it, well all the time. But I only allow it slip into the house a few times a month. I think a small portion each day would be perfect!

  38. says

    I probably eat chocolate 3x a week. Often, I’m like you in this post, grabbing a handful of chocolate chips from the bag! Sometimes a scoop of cocoa powder goes into the smoothies. Or sometimes it’s the salted caramel dipped in chocolate at the farmer’s market. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  39. Tonia says

    I need something sweet every day after lunch and would love to be able to say it’s healthy… Those look like a great choice.

  40. Sam says

    I eat chocolate about once a week… I tried doing the calcium chews and hate them, they taste way too chalky. But, I have been wanting to try the disks for a long time!

  41. Christine Sailer says

    I try not to get in the habit of eating chocolate every day…I do have something sweet every day though! I probably eat chocolate 3 times per week.

  42. Caroline says

    I LOVE Chocolate! I eat a piece of dark chocolate almost would make sense to switch it to a piece of dark chocolate that had calcium…I need me some adora :-)

  43. Sharly says

    Hi Monica! I’d love to try the Calcium supplement. I’m a big fan of Dark Chocolate, and had it every day over the year that I lost almost 80 lbs! All things in moderation, right?

    Oh, and my latest love – Quaker Instant Oatmeal with chocolate chips. What puts it right over the edge for me is the half teaspoon or so of peanubutter that I stir in once its all warmed up…yum….it’s like the best cookie dough, ever!!

    Take care girl!

  44. says

    If I have adora discs, I eat one every single day (sometimes two) 😉 If I don’t, I’m pretty sure I whine every single day that I don’t have any chocolate.

  45. Megan says

    I try to eat chocolate once a day so as to keep my cravings in check. Coincidentally I was just told to get more calcium. What better way than in the form of chocolate?!

  46. LLCoolJ says

    Easily once a day, but if it’s “that time of the month” you better believe it’s after every meal…including breakfast.

  47. Abigail says

    A day without chocolate is like a day without running… A bummer! I eat chocolate every day, usually just a hunk of dark…I would LOVE to try Adora disks!!

  48. Meg says

    I’ll eat a little chocolate every day in the form of a calcium chew, but the adora discs look much better and I’d love to try them! I usually save real chocolate desserts for weekends.

  49. Julia says

    Dip a lil into my coffee and savor it in the morning. Chocolate is great for stimulating the Nervous System and in an immune-boosting way. And tastes like Nirvana. WIN.

  50. Rohan says

    I typically eat dark chocolate at least once a day. My new favorite is the Endangered Species dark forest mint. Saving the animals and eating chocolate!

  51. says

    Are you kidding? Every day of course! It’s as natural as drinking water and going to the bathroom…a girl has got to have her chocolate. (I usually mix cocoa powder with soy milk and ice for an evening boost…thanks to STUFT Mama’s recipe) and I enjoy mini chocolate chips with my OIKOS yogurt..yum!

  52. Maya says

    I have a little chocolate about once a week as a treat…because once I start eating chocolate, it is a slippery slope! The adore calcium chews sound perfect because it’s chocolate…but it’s good for you!

  53. Melanie says

    I have a package of those dark chocolate Dove squares in my desk at work and treat myself to one or two when I need a little afternoon pick-me-up. I’ve always wanted to try those Adora disks!

  54. says

    I eat chocolate at least once a day. Usually a lil something in the morning to get me going and a lil something at night to take away the day’s stress. yummm.

  55. Megan says

    Daily for sure! even a few chocolate chips on a spoonful of almond butter. I always see these at WF.. would love to get my calcium in since I just broke my wrist! lol

  56. Liz says

    Hi Monica! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and love it – mostly because most of the time, you say how I feel better than I could. Also, I’m a ginger and us gingers have to stick together.

    I eat chocolate at least once a day, generally after dinner a a treat. Dark chocolate with almonds is the best.

  57. says

    Wahoo! A giveaway for Canadians, too! 😀 I eat chocolate maybe 3x/week – depends as we don’t often have any around the house (my husband doesn’t like it…I KNOW!).

    By the way, I don’t comment often, but I read your blog daily, Monica! Glad FitBloggin’ was such a blast and I think it’s so neat you went with Team Refuel! Always love the little life updates and honesty to talk about crushes on David Letterman. 😉

  58. Meghan says

    I probably eat chocolate 2-3 times a week. I’d love to try these Adora calcium supplements though and up it to once a day! 😉 Seems like a good excuse to me.

  59. Jenn says

    I have recently learned to appreciate the rich taste of dark chocolate. It’s amazing how treating yourself to a little square really does seem like a decadent treat.

  60. Catherine says

    I go in spurts – sometimes everyday, sometimes once a week. I take my calcium in the form of gummies that my kids take, so I would love to try this!

  61. Ali says

    Dark Chocolate is my weakness!! I usually have my chocolate calcium after breakfast for a little morning treat. I have been trying to find these and really want to try them!

  62. says

    Ummm, at LEAST once a day?? :) I like to eat a little square of dark chocolate at my desk after lunch, and lately for dessert I have been having a Chobani Flip yogurt which has little chocolate shavings mixed in. YUMMY!!

  63. Pauline says

    I eat chocolate almost every day! I have wanted to try those Adora discs for a while, but I need to get through my costco size bag of chews first!

  64. Kathryn says

    I probably don’t eat chocolate every day, but I have a bag of Dove dark chocolate squares in my pantry that I limit myself to only 1 a day (or none).

  65. Deb says

    I don’t eat chocolate very often, just because I consider it a real treat. B.U.T. if it was packed with calcium and I just h.a.d. to eat it, trust me, it wouldn’t be a problem to down some every day…. 😉

  66. Krystina says

    I eat chocolate at least once a day, everyday. It doesn’t help that I work in an office that has multiple candy dishes…and right now I have candy dishes at home full of Halloween candy!

  67. Alex says

    It’s something like the numbers of decimal places after the “3” in pi…only specially designed computers have ever been able to count that high. 😛 Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Jordan says

    I eat chocolate about once a month. If I kept it handy, it would be gone instantly.
    P.S. I have also admitted my crush of David Letterman to a friend. I think she judged. They just don’t understand.

  69. TiffanyS says

    I’ve grown to really love super dark chocolate, but really I’m not picky. I haven’t had chocolate in two weeks since I’m doing the Whole Life Challenge, but I love me a mocha in the mornings normally!

  70. Melissa says

    Everyday, but I try to incorporate it into healthy foods so it doesn’t seem so bad, a little melted with banana and nut butter in the morning is my fav.

  71. Amanda says

    I eat dark chocolate once a day!! Growing up we always put our chocolate in the freezer and to this day, that’s the only way I prefer it! My boyfriend does the same thing now! Everyone should try it!! haha!

  72. Kaitlin says

    I eat chocolate in some form EVERY day! Usually I’ll have a ghiradelli square so I can keep some portion control (booo). I’ve been wanting to try these Adora disks for so long!!

  73. KK says

    Um, every good day, I eat chocolate. It’s a tough line to walk though with having too much available/wanting to eat it all, so when I run out after a grocery run, that’s it until the next grocery trip. Or, I spring for froyo (with chocolate toppings, obvi) in that little lull.

  74. Angela says

    I just had the biggest chocolate craving yesterday, sad to say I had 3 Oreos and a handful of dark chocolate chips. Now I am sad and self hating! LOL

  75. Morgan Peterson says

    I would love to try these. They sound delicious since I try and only have a small piece of chocolate once a day. Mmmm….

  76. Alexandra says

    I eat chocolate twice a day every day! No lunch or dinner is complete without a piece of chocolate at the end :) White, Milk, Dark – I dont discriminate

  77. Kate says

    i have the best roommate ever and she just got me 2 one pound bars of chocolate from TJs, dark and milk. needless to say i eat it a lot. too much? neva!!!!

  78. Elizabeth says

    I honestly think I eat chocolate every single day. It’s my happy place, so I allow myself that special treat every day. :)

  79. AnnaGrace Strange says

    I eat chocolate in one way, shape, or form almost everyday. My latest chocolate craze has been in the form of throwing chocolate chips into my smoothies. :)

  80. Meredith says

    I am a teacher and freely admit that the chocolate I bought to reward students for good behavior is also to reward myself for existing.

  81. Jazz says

    I used to have a choco chip cookie every day but now that I’m pregnant I can’t stand them (!?). Could use some calcium though!

  82. says

    I eat chocolate every day, multiple times a day :) It is my obsession… as a kid I was even known for waking up in the middle of the night to lick the chocolate off the granola bars in the pantry (maybe I should have kept that to myself). I’ve never tried adore disks but they look like a delish way to get your calcium

  83. Becca says

    I eat chocolate in some form EVERY SINGLE DAY :) It’s to yummy and life is to short to not have a little chocolate in your life!

  84. Nicole L. says

    I eat chocolate almost daily. Certain times of the month (*wink*wink*), I crave it like a mad woman and eat it multiple times a day!

  85. Valerie says

    Hi Monica!!

    I have a little bit of chocolate whenever I’m craving it. I keep it in the freezer, so it’s out of sight.
    I’ve never tried Adora before, but am always looking for new products to introduce into my (usually) clean diet.
    THANKS :)

  86. says

    I have chocolate in some form every day. Chocolate milk after a workout or a few chocolate chips to satisfy my sweet tooth or anything in between!

  87. says

    I’m pretty certain I eat chocolate everyday in one form or another – froyo, cookies, bars, or even chips when that’s all I have on hand.

  88. Paige says

    Weeellll, EVERYDAY! I tryyyy so hard not to, but I never feel like a meal is complete without a little chocolate at the end!

  89. Jennifer T. says

    I eat chocolate, pretty much every day. At least 5x a week! I’ve never tried the Adora disc, but they look way better than just taking a pill!

  90. Anna Akin says

    I try to limit it to once a week, if it was considered ‘healthy’ I would eat it daily. Those disks are a great excuse to eat chococoate though.

  91. Stacie says

    Is chocolate a food group? 😉 If so, then I get my recommended daily value everyday. ….and by “recommended” I mean whatever I feel like eating that day! HA!

  92. says

    Ohh I like your chocolate chip trick! Instead of mindlessly downing the bag, you found a way to really enjoy them. Making a conscious effort like that helps make it feel more like a special treat, not just a habit. Anywaaaay, I absolutely LOVE chocolate. It is the one vice that really can’t even qualify as a vice because I don’t feel guilty eating it! My chocolate consumption varies…one week I can eat it almost every day, another week I might just enjoy it once. Great giveaway!

  93. Renee says

    I definitely eat something sweet every day, and chocolate at least a couple of times a week. I’ve been intrigued by these Adora disks but haven’t seen them in my local grocery stores or pharmacies….

  94. christine says

    I eat it probably less then once a month but thats because I am addicted and if i have it in the house i will eat it all!

  95. Stacey says

    I LOVE milk chocolate but now that you mentioned it, I realized I haven’t had any in a few weeks. Will have to get some now that Halloween candy is out.

  96. says

    I’ve been wanting to try Adora for a long time! I haven’t been eating chocolate all that often lately, but it’s not because I don’t like it (that would be blasphemy). I think I just go through phases. :)

  97. says

    I eat chocolate whenever I have it around. I was really lucky to get to try some from out of state, which just made it taste better because it was handmade and dark and free.

  98. says

    I need more calcium in my life. And in the form of chocolate….i think will be perfect. I need an excuse to eat chocolate everyday…now i can have one

  99. Jaclyn says

    I love chocolate and try to limit to 2 days a week, but reality is that I eat chocolate 4 days a week. Dark chocolate is the best!

  100. Sienna says

    I have chocolate a few times a week. I love fruity sweets as well so I switch off throughout the week. Looks like a yummy supplement though!

  101. Susana says

    Hi Monica! I came across your blog earlier this year and LOVE it! Im also a Latina living in So Cal so I can relate to a lot of what you share. So about the chocolate question…mmm, I pretty much eat chocolate every single day. I’ll have 1 or 2 small pieces of dark choc at work and then I’ll finish off the day with another couple of pieces. Its the best!

  102. Tina says

    I eat some chocolate everyday! Usually a piece (or 2!) after lunch, then a piece or 2 after dinner. I also like to put some cocoa in my oats, shakes, yogurt, etc!

  103. Laura says

    I can’t keep chocolate around (because I would eat way too much of it!). But I eat it once a week maybe. Adora would be the perfect solution!

  104. Alicia says

    Too often, but at least 4 days a week….and I crave it every hour! I eat more during holiday times. Especially those small and delicious all chocolate Cadbury mini-eggs. And don’t even get me started on m&ms. I could write forever on this topic.

  105. Patty T says

    I usually have at least a small piece of chocolate every day. I have a candy jar at work right behind my monitor that is filled with chocolate candy so I occasionally have a piece.

  106. says

    I eat chocolate at least once a day. I love just plain ole milk chocolate though. I could eat it more but I try not to since it does give me heartburn if I eat to much.

  107. Adriana says

    I usually have a little bit each week, but in different forms – I love the dark chocolate bars from TJ’s, so i’ll take a little piece off that or i’ll have a chocolate vita top. No where near the same as pure chocolate, but at least it satisfies my chocolate craving

  108. says

    I probably have chocolate in the form of protein shakes, Luna Bars, Kind Bars everyday. But REAL chocolate- like chocolate fountain/fondue/ heaven in your mouth… Just once in a while… Boo.

  109. Brittany says

    I eat chocolate everyday, usually as an after-dinner snack. Lately I’ve been drinking hot chocolate or chocolate coconut almond milk (tastes like an almond joy!) I also have a stash of chocolate left over from last Easter I dig into every now and then:)

  110. Donna says

    I am a 9 to 5-er9(sit at a desk all day), I pack my own lunch everyday and I also pack a mini candybar everyday for dessert with my lunch. I have thought about getting the Adora disks before and just never did, would love to try them.

  111. says

    I drink a hot chocolate after both lunch and dinner and then usually down that with a few peanut M&M’s….Yikes. maybe the adora disks would give me a healthier way to quench my craving! :)

  112. Nicole says

    I think I have something chocolate-y at least once or twice a day. There’s something about finishing a meal with something sweet that I need/crave.

  113. says

    Every day. Every darn day. Only after dinner but I love it and I figure weight maintance and running aside, life is about living and I love me some chocolate. Deprivation is just el sucko grande.

  114. Gabriella says

    I grab handfuls of chocolate chips all day long! I have yet to find these Adora disks in stores yet and would love to try them!

  115. says

    That’s hard for me to say. Recently I’ve been having chocolate- meaning cacao powder- a lot because I don’t keep chocolate in the house. I would eat it!!

  116. Renee Halberg says

    I adore my dark chocolate adora – a bag inhabits a drawer in my desk at work. Every day after lunch, I take my adora:)
    RX: One adora twice a day.

  117. JAckie says

    I eat chocolate everyday…usually ice cream and chocolate syrup. I would love to try these ADORA discs…especially since I switched to Almond Milk…I need an extra calcium boost.

  118. Jill says

    I crave chocolate everyday and usually have a taste to satisfy that craving. That might mean a bite of chocolate ice cream or chocolate chips or when it’s cold cocoa.

  119. Angela says

    Everyday! Usually a piece of dark chocolate after lunch and sometimes a second piece or other sweet after dinner.. would love to try these adora calcium disks. had not heard about them until your blog!

  120. Denise P. says

    I eat chocolate probably 2-4 times a week. I keep mini Snickers and dark chocolate around when I need a fix. Luckily, I’m not one of those women that NEEDS it.

    I have a crush on the newscaster Kent Shockneck from CBS. He came to the aquarium when I worked there in college and he walked up to the door all like 6 feet something tall and with his hair wet (he’d been scuba diving in the tanks) and he was sooo handsome. I still get a little excited when I conjure up that image to this day!

  121. says

    I love that you change the subject to chocolate and no one mentions your super weird crush on Letterman. 😉

    And as you know, I eat chocolate EVERY day. Like it’s my job. Because it should be.

  122. Julia H. says

    Every day. For real. I eat chocolate every day. BUT it’s usually just one of those Dove dark chocolate squares. Hey, dark chocolate is good for you! 😀

  123. Sonia says

    If I allowed myself to, I would have dark chocolate at least once a day… but I try to give it to myself as a treat every other day at least!! :) I LOVE DARK CHOCOLATEEE!!! 😀

  124. Natalie says

    2-3 times a week, I love it so much, I really wish it was every day. I love chocolate candy, chocolate bars, chocolate anything. I am really not picky about my chocolate, it can be white, dark, milk chocolate, however it tastes Delicious to me. =)

  125. Sarah Garner says

    I eat chocolate nice and slow…..sometimes! Then sometimes I just shove it in my mouth and let it melt in my mouth for a chocolate explosion!!!

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