Marathon Week

AHHH! Marathon Week is here!

It feels like it was four months ages ago when I went to New York to film the videos for the ING Class of 2012. IMG_5199

Seriously, the race felt so far away at that point it didn’t seem real. IMG_5213

Now all the training is done and it’s time to just rest, carb load and get ready to travel across the country and run 26.2 miles.

I am nervous, so getting my mental game in order is important. Luckily, the videos my classmates made are very helpful with tips about the race. I’ll be sharing their tips about tapering, recovery and New York all this week.

And since we’re in the height of TAPER now here is Dave’s video about it:

I ran the half yesterday so that was my grand finale before race day. The rest of the week I’m going to take it easy. This is my exercise plan for the week:

  • Monday: Walk, Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack
  • Tuesday: Short speed session (per Steve’s direction)
  • Wednesday: Strength Session, Yoga
  • Thursday: Easy 4
  • Friday: Arrive in NY early am. Walking
  • Saturday: Walking around NY?
  • Sunday: ING New York Marathon!!!

And here’s a super short video I did – What is the funniest race sign you’ve ever seen?

I saw this one yesterday:

funny race sign

ING NY Marathon NEWS: I am hosting a twitter chat tomorrow at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific. We’re going to be talking about what you eat before, during and after a run. Please jump in on Twitter and join in! You can share what you do and ask questions of fellow runners if you’re curious what others do.

Share your favorite race sign sayings in the comments!


  1. says

    I saw a sign this past weekend that said “Run like zombies are chasing you!” The fear of being eaten alive is definitely a motivator haha. Good luck in New York this weekend! You’ve put in the work, now reap the rewards!

  2. says

    Good luck in NY this weekend… but do check up on the weather and what is going on… NYC is supposed to get HIT and hard from Hurricane Sandy starting this afternoon through tomorrow!

  3. says

    I saw some great ones recently:

    – Yes, yes you can run faster than Paul Ryan
    – You’ve been running longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage
    – Call me, maybe…or at the the finish line (guy wrote in on cardboard with his actual phone number)
    – At Mile 2: You’re NOT almost there

  4. says

    I like the sign toward the end of the run …when you are dog tired and ready to be done….when you feel you are going soooo SLOW….then, inspiration hits………”Remember YOU are running FASTER then all of US watching YOU!”

    Yes, Yes I am!!!! Thank You!!


    • Aleks says

      Congrats! How did you like it? I saw some of the late finishers when biking on the Merrion Rd. Kinda regretting not going to the finish earlier to spectate but chose to sleep in, it’s Bank holiday after all!

  5. says

    I can’t wait to see how NY goes for you. Best of luck!

    My last race I saw a sign that literally made me laugh out loud!
    “Don’t worry, this race is being timed the Paul Ryan way!”

  6. Kathy R. says

    Stay safe in NY.

    My favorite signs I saw at my half marathon:

    Does this race make my ass look fast?

    Awesome job, random stranger!

    4 months ago I’ll bet this sounded like a good idea

    Run like a mother

    Worst parade ever!

    Run like you stole something.

    Hopefully you’ll get to go. They’re cancelling tons of flights to the east coast.

  7. says

    WOOHOO- I’m excited! Nervous to see about all this weather rolling through- hopefully no major setbacks. My flight isn’t until Friday afternoon, so I’m thinking everything should be up & running.
    Hopefully make the twitter chat tomorrow!

    Sign 1: Keep Going, Don’t Stop
    Sign 2: That’s what she said!

  8. says

    Good luck with your marathon Monica!!! Your such an inspiration…. At the Ocean City NJ 1/2, girls held signs along the course that read “WHEN YOUR LEGS GET TIRED RUN WITH YOUR HEART!”

  9. Susan says

    I now see a lot of the same signs over and over again but I did the MCM in 2010 and one of the signs said “it’s 26.2 because 26.3 would be CRAZY!” It struck me as funny.

    Two weeks ago we (my husband & I) ran the IMT Des Moines Half and one sign said “Hey, where are you all going?” Then I saw one that said, “If it was easy, it would be called your mother”. My husband thought that was funnier than I did.

    Kick butt in the Big Apple!

  10. Carrie says

    I ran my first 5k a month ago. I’m a huge nerd and work for a video game company… one of my coworkers brought a sign that said “may the course be with you.” 😀

  11. says

    I saw some great signs during my first marathon yesterday: “Chuck Norris never ran a marathon” “Blisters are in this season” “Run like it’s a zombie apocalypse” “Because 26.3 miles would be crazy” There were loads more good ones that gave me a chuckle.

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