Pile on The Miles Goal and October Recap

Today is the first day of Pile on the Miles!

pile on the miles 2012

I started the day with a 6.5 mile run. I didn’t fall this time, but my knees were a little stiff. This is my last run before the ING New York Marathon!!! Eeek! Scary to think.

IMG_8813 (800x600)

In addition to my fear of running 26.2 miles, I’m pretty nervous about traveling to NY with so much destruction left behind by Sandy. But the NYRR announced today that the Marathon will go ahead as planned. Some of the pre-race events have been cancelled though. Check out the ING NY Marathon website for more information.

I’m working with ING to share information on how to help/donate – that’s coming soon!

new york training plan

October Recap:

My favorite RUN

Some months it’s hard to choose my favorite run of the month, but this one was easy! It’s my new Long Beach Marathon PR!!!

IMG_8194 (800x600)

Favorite EAT

The delicious Sabra buffet at their factory tour

IMG_8354 (533x800)

Favorite post I’d like to REPEAT

Pile on the Miles!!! POTM 2012

POTM starts today and goes until Dec 1st. The challenge is to focus on being a bit more active as the holiday season brings all it’s delicious foods around!

Today is the LAST DAY to sign up because some people had issues with the spreadsheet. Add yourself to this link if you want to play. I’m going to resort it alphabetically end of day and we’ll leave it that way so it’s easier to navigate.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArBkv0LjyfmxdDA5dUdLTXlGT3ZoUnpxcWp4cDFfNXc

Share your goal for the amount of miles you want to walk or run this month in the comments and be entered to win a custom case of Chobani!!!

I would probably go all pineapple and chocolate chunk it if was me Winking smile

chobani pineapple

Leave a comment with your POTM goal and you’ll be entered to win.

Open to all residents of Earth, but Chobani can only be shipped to the US. If you live in Budapest or something I will send you something else though so still leave your goal in the comments!


  1. says

    If my ankle wasn’t all wonky from MCM, my POTM goal would probably be 20 miles a week. I’d mix up the running with walking post-marathon. Until I get the all clear from the doc though, I’m taking it easy.

  2. says

    My goal is to run 120 miles this month – I feel so much better when I’m in a good running groove! :) And this time of year is one of my favorites to run in chilly New England!

  3. tiffany says

    for once i don’t have a race coming up! i’ll probably be switching up workouts and playing more basketball, but i still plan to run or elliptical about 100 miles this month.

  4. Haley C says

    My goal is 60 miles! Off to a rough start, sleeping through my alarm so no run this morning… but my puppy will be so excited that she gets to come with me after work!

  5. Jen says

    My goal is 85 miles this month. I had a bad start to my goal because I came down with the flu. Good luck on the NYC marathon

  6. Emily says

    I’m shooting for 60, which is probably more than I’ve ever run in a month. Fingers crossed I impress myself! Good luck everyone.

  7. Kaitlin says

    My goal is to run 5 miles 2x during the week, and one long run every weekend (like 10ish miles?)… sooo my goal is roughly 20 miles per week! Main goal = run on Thanksgiving morning!

  8. Laura says

    My goal is to run 75 miles! Ambitious for my schedule but it is just what I need to kick-off training for the Shamrock Marathon in March which starts this month!

  9. Johanna B says

    My POTM goal is to walk 6 miles per week for the duration. Since I haven’t been walking for months due to a hamstring injury this is pretty far for me. I love pineapple and strawberry banana Chobani the most. Haven’t seen the chocolate chunk but would like to try it.

  10. Leah says

    My goal is 125 miles. It’s frigid here in Alaska, I need to get some warmer winter running clothes to meet my goal!

  11. says

    my goal for the month is 50 miles, but i hope to push myself more than that. this challenge is great, and it’s definitely going to help me be more active on my rest days.
    my weekly goal is 7 miles.

  12. Nikki says

    My goal is to make November my highest month of mileage for the year–>will be a difficult challenge with the colder weather, but hope I can stay on track.

  13. Shannon B. says

    My goal is 75 miles!!! Starting to train for Trek up the Tower, should help to keep me motivated! I would get ALL Pineapple…it is my ice cream I love it so much!

  14. Taylor says

    I’m not really a long-distance person, so my goal is 20 miles for the month. But I also want to focus on doing more yoga & pilates, which is the type of exercise I prefer.

  15. Dynamics says

    I am so surprised at how many people have signed up. I am working on three goals. One is to get up those five flights of stairs without stopping and being able to continue on my walk. The second goal is to make it up the side hill faster or at the very least a consistent speed all the way to the top. My big, big terrifying goal is to conquer this HUGE hill on the cross country trail by 12/31. I stand at the bottom and look and think, no way can I make it up that hill. I watched a 7 year old get up it without stopping so I surely can. I have two weeks to work on the stairs and side hill and then off to the cross country trail to condition for the MONSTER hill. No 7 year old is going to get the better of me. HA! Okay, now I have put it in writing for all to see. Thanks Monica for sharing a piece of your blog for me to do this. I said it out loud and there is no going back!!!!! Up, up, up I go!!!!

  16. says

    I set my goal at 100 miles. Just coming off a marathon but hoping to keep myself motivated enough with a couple half marathons…25 miles a week sounds pretty do-able in the grand scheme! And Chocolate chunk chobani sounds delicious!!

  17. Holly says

    My goal is 60 miles. I’ve really cut back on my running due to injuries. I want to do small, consistent runs during the weeks.

  18. Ashley G says

    Since I’m in recovery from MCM, my goal is 100 slow miles this month, or approx. 25 per week. For the first 3 days of the month, and my first days back to running post MCM, I’m shooting for 9.

  19. says

    I tried to add myself to the spreadsheet, not sure if it saved or not.

    My mileage goal is not very high because halfway through the month, I start tapering for my first marathon! Very excited!

    I love vanilla Chobani, it’s my absolute favorite!

  20. says

    Goal = 75 miles.

    I’m sort of obsessed with the passionfruit Chobani. It’s hard to find, but I love that the seeds add a little bit of crunch, without being obnoxiously hard to chew (I’m looking at you, pomegranate).

  21. Pamela says

    My goal is to hit 100 miles this month (and to do more ab work). Thank you for organizing something that might actually keep me from gaining weight this holiday season. I’m pretty sure that would be a first!

  22. says

    My goal is to kick up my mileage a little bit and aim for 15/week. 60 miles!
    I am obsessed with Chobani and my favorites are Mango, pineapple and blood orange!

  23. Alison says

    My goal is 60 miles! Which sadly will be done on the treadmill.

    I would love an entire case of the chocolate Chobani! Best flavor!

  24. Liz says

    140 miles! I’m also running the NYC Marathon Sunday, so that helps kick off the goal…after NY its time to train for the Goofy Challenge come January!! Best of luck with the travel into and around NY this week, and of course the marathon!

  25. Robbie Alba-Estrada says

    My goal is 50 miles! I’m currently doing the Bridge to 10K so it shouldn’t be a problem. I began running in August with the C25K and loved it. Never ran before!

  26. Meredith says

    My goal is 130 miles… hopefully I can make it!

    Plain Chobani is my favorite… I love to add my own stuff to it!

  27. Sarah says

    My goal is to run 110 miles this month! Phew.. that’s a lot of miles for me. I would love to have some Chobani to fuel my workouts! :)

  28. Magda says

    I think I put 85 as my goal on the spreadsheet but it might have been too ambitious :( I got sick right after my first marathon and I ended up not running for 3 weeks. Now running is really hard, my heart rate goes through the roof :( So I think I’ll be happy with 60 this month :)

  29. Alyssa says

    I fear I set my goal too lofty. My competitive side says 100… My lazy side says 50. I think I’ll go 75 to try to keep the peace.

  30. Sienna says

    50 miles for me! I’ve been focusing on strength training this summer so I’m excited to add more cardio back in and try to get outside for walks at lunch!

  31. says

    My goal is 45 miles this month. I’m sure I can do more, but with the baby’s sleep schedule right now, who knows. I think 45 is good though.

  32. says

    I have been totally slacking in the running arena, so to get back into it my goal is 30 miles (I know I can at least get in 1 mile a day). Hopefully more :) Yay for running again!

  33. says

    My goal is 80 miles….don’t know why I picked that number but I am hoping to reach it and maybe more. 😉

    Gosh I better get walking…it starts today!!!

  34. says

    My goal is 130 miles of running. That is actually low compared to the last couple months but I am also trying to focus on strength until it’s time to start training for Boston.

  35. Amanda W says

    My actual goal was something like 20 or 30 miles (I’m a beginning runner, I don’t have a regular schedule of multiple miles a week currently) but all of the bigger numbers made me feel like a wimp so I think I officially put 45. Thing is, I know that isn’t entirely outlandish, sooo… Here’s to pushing myself!

  36. Jamie says

    My goal is to avoid junk miles. I don’t want to run and hurt myself, since I have been injured a lot. So, I am working on finding a good balance. 😉

  37. Gretchen says

    My Goal is 50…I hope to break it…but my left leg has been ridiculous lately…so hopefully it will behave and I can get things going here!

  38. Eri H. says

    My goal is 40 for the month. I just finished my first marathon so am taking it easy and not trying to set the goal too high! (Too bad this wasn’t during peak training :)

  39. says

    100 miles baby!
    I wish you stipulated in the rules that miles up hill counted double. Perhaps that would inspire me to hill train more?
    Favorite Chobani? Who knows? My kiddos always eat it before I get to. Any suggestions for hiding a whole case of yogurt in the frig?

  40. Susan says

    My POTM goal is 100 miles. And I want to kick that goal’s a$$ :)

    I’ve never had Chobani but I’m sure the chocolate is FABULOUS!!!

  41. Theresa says

    Just got on the spreadsheet! Never done anything like this before, so it should be fun. Since it’s my offseason and I just got done with fall marathons, I’m going with 300 miles for the month as I’m not running quite as much and doing more cross training.

    Good luck everyone with POTM and Good Luck this weekend Monica!

  42. says

    My goal is to run 60 miles this month and to get back to doing more yoga. I’ve totally been slacking since the Nike Women’s half in October and it’s time to stop being such a lazy bum.

  43. Jamie A. says

    My goal is 60 miles this month. I am actually in my off-season, no races to look forward to, so I’m grateful to have some kind of goal.

  44. says

    I think I put my goal as 35 miles. (I should probably go look.) Thanks so much for hosting!! It’s really very motivating. I DID NOT want to run this morning, but then I remembered that Pile on the Miles started today and I had INSTANT motivation!

  45. Amanda says

    I’m so excited for this challenge! I pledged to run 75 miles this month. Here’s to avoiding the Thanksgiving weight gain.

  46. Jen says

    My goal is 95 miles, starting tomorrow thanks to the after-effects of a flu shot gone wrong. I have a 15k and half marathon in the next 3 mos and lots of goodies to bake with my babies. Running = stronger willpower I hope! Thank you for your hard work on this!

  47. Brooke S says

    My goal is 40 miles! I added my name to the spread sheet, I don’t have a blog or twitter account. Do you need my email or anything or am I good with my name and my goal on there?

  48. Jennifer Shaw says

    I just ran my first 5k and am totally motivated for a half marathon! I set my goal for 10 miles a week. I am totally motivated by you and SkinnyRunner and your real life lessons. I am a total running newbie so I really appreciate all the help!
    By the way, cookies and milk all the way.

  49. maggie says

    I would love to get back to averaging around 30 miles a week so I would love to get in 120 miles this month! On my way back from an injury and you blogging about running is definitely awesome motivation!

  50. Emily S says

    60 miles. I’m feeling demotivated to run lately as I haven’t had a training goal to work towards. But 1000 other runners running on the spreadsheet. I think I have had a burst of new impetus.

  51. Kasey says

    Mmmm, Chobani….
    My goal is 60 miles for the month. That should be doable, without being too much for my body right now. And, hopefully, in the middle there will be a half marathon PR, and perhaps a 10K PR on Turkey Day.
    And now, if you’ll excuse me, I better get out the door and run!

  52. carmel says

    I was getting all excited and going to put 100 miles then I woke up and realized that was crazy talk for me so my goal is 80 miles this month. I love the pineapple and anything lemon. Hmmm yellow?

  53. says

    My goal is 200 miles. I have been doing 40 miles / week consistently for over a month (except last week, was sick over the weekend) so this will be the push I need to make my long runs a little longer!

  54. says

    I’ll be doing 60 miles this month…with a 10K on Turkey Day and another 10K 2 days later…I’m “scheduled” to meet my goal – and possibly exceed it!

    Awesome posts as usual.

    I really don’t have a favorite Chobani flavor…I grab a mix with more Plains than flavors.

  55. says

    I’m all about the plain chobani and adding in my favorite toppings! But I must say I do love the pineapple, raspberry, lemon and apple cinnamon kinds as well! Who am I kidding, I love all Chobani! 😉

    My goal for the month is at least 117 miles. I just began training my for first marathon so this goal will hopefully help me stick to my training plan.

  56. TiffanyS says

    I put 75 miles, as it is getting colder here in MN! I hope to do more if the weather holds. I despise the treadmill.
    I love the pineapple flavor the best too! I haven’t found the chocolate one yet. I acutally like the plain the best probably for cooking with. Makes your eggs super duper fluffy.

  57. Morgan L says

    My goal is 40 miles. I’m coming off a three month maternity leave so it’s been really hard for me to get back into my cardio!

  58. Belinda M says

    My goal is 100 miles. My first run was 4 miles today. I’m running my second half of 2012 this Sunday…the day after my 34th birthday. Cheers to me! :)

  59. says

    I’d like to run 160 but since we are going away for Thanksgiving and the weather could start getting bad in upstate NY (as if it hasn’t already!…thinking “Sandy”), miles might be more like 120.
    Ultimate goal = 160

  60. says

    I’m shooting for 100 miles. Will probably get 3-4 miles in tonight to start it off right.

    I took a peak at the spreadsheet and WOW, that’s a lot of people participating! It will be fun to see what the final mileage total is at the end.

    I’ve only tried the Pineapple Chobani, so I’d do a sampler pack with all of the flavors to give them a try!

  61. Suzanne says

    My goal (as of the almighty SS (spreadsheet)) is 50 miles. But for some health/medical reasons I am not sure I can run as much as I planned this month so I hope to run at least 30 miles for sure.

  62. says

    I would like to run at least 100 miles in November and drop another 8-10 pounds this month….but, more importantly, I want to feel good about wearing this cute little blue dress when my BF and I go to a UCLA fundraiser event on November 16!

  63. says

    My goal is to run/walk 50 miles because I am dealing with shin pain. I am hoping to exceed that goal if my shin can handle it! I am very hopeful!

  64. Melissa H says

    My goal is to run/walk 100 miles! Luckily with the weather in Texas, this should be doable. Hope to try the chocolate chunk Chobani!

  65. says

    60 miles! I had it at 95 but I just changed it because I don’t how recovery is going to be after my first marathon on Sunday :) 60 miles seems at least more reasonable for. Wish me luck!

  66. Debbie says

    My goal is 60 miles for this month! Started with an easy 3.5 today after the MCM last weekend. Hope all goes well in NY. Be safe, and run well!

  67. Jenn says

    My goal is 120 miles, but hopefully I’ll manage more! My left IT band/knee have been acting up so I may start off slow but I have a series of 7 half-marathons in 2 months starting December 16th, so I’ll be training!

  68. Tia says

    I THINK I added myself to the spreadsheet .. Tia Parmar .. hopefully, my computer is being a crap weed! I LOVVVVVVVVE that yellow star sweater you are wearing, WAY to cute!

  69. says

    My goal is a bit of a stretch goal for me. 100 miles! Kicked it off this morning with 5 and another 11 planned for my weekend long run.

  70. Nicole says

    I said 50 miles but I was thinking about it the other day and I feel like thats a bit high. Ah well, we’ll see what happens, ha

  71. Carolyn says

    I’m hoping for 50 miles, as I’m getting over an injury and am trying to find a good balance between starting to increase mileage but not overdoing it.

  72. says

    My goal is to run 122 miles! It’s strangely specific, but I’ve been increasing my mileage every week. If I stick with my plan, that’s how much I should be running this month.

  73. says

    My goal for the month is at least 40. I’m taking it easy because I’ve just started 1/2 marathon training, and I have really short/easy runs this month!

  74. says

    I pledged to do 75 miles! I think I can do that between walking the pup and getting my butt on the treadmill. Hopefully autocorrect doesn’t make me tweet porn instead of POTM!

  75. MaryBeth says

    My goal is 40 miles. I have a busy month (including a move!) so I’m hoping this is will be achievable! This is such a great way to keep me motivated! :)

  76. Jennifer says

    My ambitious goal is 100 miles! I might not meet it but it is something to aim for. Yum-Chobani Black Cherry is my favorite!!!!

  77. says

    My goal for this first weekend is 7 miles, but my goal for the month is 75 miles. I think I maybe said 60, but I need to get my butt in gear, so I’m putting myself out there with a big commitment.

  78. Jayne says

    My goal is 175. I live in Canada but every time I go across the border shopping one thing I bring back is Chobani, sadly we don’t have it. Booo my favourite is apple cinnamon. And I don’t mix it either.

  79. Brooke says

    My Goal is 120 Miles, but I just moved to Chicago from Louisiana and I am not used to this cold weather at all!!!! If anyone has any motivation tips for me let me know!!!

  80. says

    My goal was 100 miles. Unfortunately, I’m nursing what I think is a bruised rib from hockey last week. My inability to breathe deeply is seriously affecting running (and it hurts like a mother). Did get out and walk today, though. Hoping to keep my original goal, but we will see!

  81. Robin says

    Since my baby is due in three weeks I hope to get in 60 miles jogging or walking, assuming he doesn’t arrive early!

  82. elizabeth reisner says

    This sounds like fun. If anything it’ll keep me goal oriented so I don’t slack off! I’ll be officially starting this Sunday with logging my hot chocolate 15k race!

  83. marie says

    Thanks for extending the signup! I looovvveee Chobani–what an awseom prize!

    I’m aiming for 30 miles this month. Thanks for the encouragement to move!

  84. Rachel Medina says

    My goal is to run 100 miles this month. I’m bummed to start this month with the flu, but I’ll bounce back. :)

  85. says

    Love this idea! I’m signed up for a 3-mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Apart from that I hope to pile on an additional 40 miles or so. Putting myself down for 45 total. Good luck everybody!

  86. Sarah Beth Houser says

    My goal just got a little tougher… I got a new pair of shoes, but my left calf apparently doesn’t like them. Three runs this week have been painful and short (just a mile or two and it hurts).

    I put in heel cups and they seem to be better. :)

  87. says

    I guess I made a goal of 90 miles on the spreadsheet with the hope I might push myself harder and do a little more. I totally missed my run this morning, though:( Will have to make up for it tomorrow morning! Do we need to put in the mileage we hope to accomplish ahead of each week, or do we not have to worry about it and just report actual numbers at the end of the month?

  88. says

    I haven’t been working out consistently lately so I want to start small with at least six miles per week totaling at least 24 miles this month. Can’t wait to beat that though!

  89. Sarah says

    I would love to run 10 miles a week. I was doing 18 a week, easy–a few months ago and then hit a wall. Now I am slowly (but surely) working back up to my mileage. It is a lot of mental will power for me to make it through each run. I am running for TURKEY and PECAN PIE :)

  90. says

    I would love me some chocolate chunk! My goal is 40 miles this month. Running my first half marathon on the 18th, so I’ll probably take it easy for a few days!

  91. zoe kimberly says

    my goal is to keep up at least a ten mile long run on Saturday mornings after the marathon, so I guess if I run 40 miles this month, I’ll be just fine :)

  92. Erin Masihdas says

    My goal is 30 miles this month. I have been a serious running slacker-this is the month to get back into gear!

  93. Suzanne says

    My goal is 50 miles, which has been my average for the past couple months. I have some stuff going on or I’d bump it up to 75. Maybe next year.
    I’d love to win some Chobani, since I just had to throw an entire case out. My electric was off for 3 days straight. Sad (but not as sad as the people who don’t have homes to go back to, let alone lights.)
    Good luck on Sunday in NY!!!

  94. Abbie says

    My goal is to run/walk 50 miles this month! I am 6 and a half months pregnant and need this encouragement! Also, my baby girl would love some chobani, she prefers mango and vanilla! :)

  95. Celeste says

    My goal is to run/walk 75 miles this month. I did 6 yesterday and 7.5 today. I love your blog, so honest and from the heart. Thanks for being you.

  96. Leigh S. says

    I was hoping to do this, but I, too, am bummed I missed the sign-up. (My bad!) I can only blame Halloween and my two kids (ha-ha, goofy/bad joke I know). Seriously, though, I’d still like to play, sans prize, but didn’t know if I should still add myself to the spreadsheet or not (once I figured out how to use it). So, I’ll just post here. My goal for November is 45 miles. I’m building up my base again after about 2-3 months of various mishaps, so my mileage is pretty low right now. Thanks for the fun challenge!

  97. mary evans says

    I set my goal at 90 miles because my highest month this year was 86 miles. But then on Oct. 27th I hurt my ankle during a half marathon. I still don’t feel like I can run on it and am super bummed.
    Love Chobani! One of those and some fruit and veggies are a good lunch for me.

  98. says

    So I just realized I signed up and have been tracking my miles but I don’t think I posted my goal here in a comment! Wooops! So here we go… My goal is 50 miles. I am a SPIN/fitness instructor and also do some personal training so my mileage is low but I make it count! I have two half marathons this month so this goal will be pretty darn doable…. maybe I should’ve upped it! LOL

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