First phone blog!

Hello from my phone…I’m on my way to Santa Barbara!

I put WordPress on my phone this week, but I really have no idea how it works. So, this might be a disaster but it’s all part of the adventure, right?

Friday in a nutshell:

wpid 20121109 151540 First phone blog!

I packed in 5 minutes, hopefully i didn’t forget a sports bra or something…

wpid IMG 20121018 191829 First phone blog!


traffic is horrific.

yelp helped

wpid 20121109 193555 First phone blog! wpid 20121109 194401 First phone blog! wpid 20121109 194426 First phone blog!

weird, but awesome brown rice…

wpid 20121109 194537 First phone blog!

It’s almost 9 pm and we’re still 2 hours away (told you traffic is horrible).

This is all a lot lot of trouble for a race!! But, a few of my friends insisted I shouldn’t “waste” a whole marathon training cycle. So, I’ll have 4 hours tomorrow to ponder why they hate me…

See ya later!


  1. Haley says

    I just ran the half! I hope you didn’t have to wait in the bus line this morning! I can’t wait to read your recap. :-) (PS, I’m a new-ish reader, love your blog!)

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