First phone blog!

Hello from my phone…I’m on my way to Santa Barbara!

I put WordPress on my phone this week, but I really have no idea how it works. So, this might be a disaster but it’s all part of the adventure, right?

Friday in a nutshell:


I packed in 5 minutes, hopefully i didn’t forget a sports bra or something…



traffic is horrific.

yelp helped

image image image

weird, but awesome brown rice…


It’s almost 9 pm and we’re still 2 hours away (told you traffic is horrible).

This is all a lot lot of trouble for a race!! But, a few of my friends insisted I shouldn’t “waste” a whole marathon training cycle. So, I’ll have 4 hours tomorrow to ponder why they hate me…

See ya later!


  1. Haley says

    I just ran the half! I hope you didn’t have to wait in the bus line this morning! I can’t wait to read your recap. :-) (PS, I’m a new-ish reader, love your blog!)

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