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Hello! How’s it going?!

This morning I did most of Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack (skipped the burpees) and then ate a happy meal. That would be Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread and eggs with a smile Smile healthy happy meal

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pile on the miles 2012

Time for our weekly Pile on the Miles Check in!

Last Monday we shared our goals for the week – did you hit yours?

I saw on Twitter that a lot of you are doing great!imageimage

Reader Deb even sent me a picture of her post-workout! She is doing great! Are you?reader success

Need some workout motivation? Check out this sign I saw in Santa Barbara…workout motivation

Victoria already set her goals for the week and now it’s time for you to…image

Leave your GOAL FOR THE WEEK in the comments and be entered to win a copy of Mile Markers – the most motivational running book I’ve ever read! (If you already have this book another choice can be arranged.)mile markers

To Enter: Leave a Comment with your Goal for the week!

Open to all. Closes 11/13/2012 3pm PST.

Don’t forget to tweet me @RunEatRepeat with #POTM and your updates so I can share your success too!


  1. Kelsey Y. says

    Goal for the week: Run three days, and maybe walk one or two. Total miles to be taken care of? Hope for around 12 or more! This has turned into the perfect goal for my crazy college student schedule!

  2. Robbie Alba-Estrada says

    My goal this week is 11 miles. I just began running Aug. 17 with the C25K, I finished the B210K last Friday and am now able to run 60 min straight. I’m going to stick with 60 min and work on getting faster. Right now my average for the 60 is 12 min or 5 miles.

  3. Jen B says

    I’m shooting for 20 miles this week. I slacked off at the end of last week bc I went out of town for the weekend but I’m going to get back on track starting today! :)

  4. Dynamics says

    Tomorrow I start my training to climb that final mountain and OMG, it if high!! The following Tuesday or Wednesday I am going up. No turning back. it has to be up and over. I WILL DO IT!!!

  5. Becky Young says

    I bought Mile Markers for my best friend when she signed up to run her first half marathon. Haven’t read it myself yet.

    I have a marathon on Sunday (which counts for next week, not this week) so my goal this week is 15 easy taper miles. :)

  6. Sarah Houser says

    I have North Face endurance challenge on Saturday but just spent the weekend sick with allergies. Not doing too well with my running and have been trying to pick up the slack with walking.

    Goal for this week is to survive. 10 miles.

  7. Belinda M says

    My goal this week is 22 miles… I may do more as I missed a few runs last week. It was a hard recovery week from my last half. :)

  8. Audra H says

    I’ve got 12 miles planned for this week. Hopefully the Michigan snow holds off so I don’t have to do them all on a treadmill!

  9. Jennifer S says

    My goal for this week is 30-35 miles. Thanks for organizing this – it’s been really motivating me to stick to my planned runs and walks!

  10. says

    Although my starting goal was only 15 miles per week, I did 16.9 last week. That means my goal this week is 17.50. I will have to take wednesday off for a church function, and I only got 2 in yesterday. 3.1 per day baby!

  11. says

    I hit 18 miles last week–including a 6-mile run, which is my longest run yet! This weekend I’ll be traveling, but I’m going to try to keep up with the running. I plan to get in 16 miles to stay on-track for my 75-mile goal!

    I’m loving this challenge!

  12. says

    Eeek last week got crazy and I didn’t end up running at all. This week, I hope to run 6 miles twice, so at least 12 miles. Hopefully putting it out there will keep me accountable!!

  13. MaryBeth says

    I moved this past weekend so I definitely slacked on my goal last week.. Lots of unpacking and painting to do this week so I’m going to set a goal of 10!

  14. Natasha says

    For POTM this week, I hope to run 11 miles (2 down already!) and walk at least 10. I’m trying to get ready for my first half marathon in April!

  15. says

    Mile Markers is a great book!

    I did 6.1 miles last week and am shooting for 10 miles this. I’m slowly building back up after taking some time off. Hoping the new shoes I bought this weekend will help with motivation!

    Good luck with your miles this week, everyone!

  16. Gabrielle says

    My goal for the week is 10 miles! It’s getting cold here in montreal (25-30F) so running outside is less and less tempting but I gotta do it!

  17. says

    My pile on the miles is no bueno :-(

    I lost my falir for running after my half marathon after a host of aches and pains that was making running miserable. And I’ve been afraid to get back into lest my aches and pains flair up again. Oh and the whole “starting over” crap.

    I sure could use a motivational book!

  18. Kaelin says

    My training goal for the week is to finish my last long run before my race later this month! It will be a good week if that gets completed!

  19. says

    I did meet my goal last week! I think this week will be tougher though… the weather is not cooperating. I guess this means I need to toughen up and put some extra layers on…. my goal for the week is 12 miles.

  20. says

    I haven’t hit my weekly goal yet (boooo), but I have been making extra effort to go another quarter mile at the gym or walk to the mailbox instead of hitting it up on my way out. My goal this week is 14 miles, and I’m hopeful that I can reach it!

  21. Laura says

    I had a rough week last week and didn’t make my goal :(. SO this week I need to come back with a vengeance and run at least 20 but hopefully closer to 25 if I can swing it!

  22. Elizabeth says

    love her blog! my goal for the week would ideally be to qualify for Boston on Sunday. But due to the hurricane, and life, that might not be possible. So then my goal is to PR and not mentally give up!

  23. kristen says

    45. It is going to be tricky because my husband will be out of town, and so there will be no one to watch my kids during my normal 5 am runs…

  24. Megan By says

    30 mile goal for this week. I’ve been having a rough time since day lights savings time took away my ability to run outside (Its dark before I get home from work and I won’t run alone in the dark). Guess I’m going to need to remember how to love the treadmill! It hasn’t been fun thus far.

  25. Sara Kolpek says

    I started off my week with a nice hike yesterday!! The terrain was totally unexpected: everglades + desert + lake house = awesome hike!

    15 miles this week! :)

  26. Tara says

    Weekly Goal is 10 miles.
    Did 2 this morning (thanks to the mild New England weather, I was able to get up early and hit the pavement!)
    and hope to start training for a half marathon this weekend with my husband!

  27. Alyssa says

    Well, I didn’t do a whole lot of “piling on” my miles last week — but I did learn to stand on my head (is there a column on the spreadsheet for that?)! This week I’m going to aim for 12 miles. And now that it’s on the internet, I hope it’ll keep me honest!

  28. says

    My goal for the week is 25 miles. I’m leaving for Vegas on Friday night, and hoping to find a working treadmill in my hotel so I can finish out my week strong! Or I’ll be the crazy chick running down the strip dodging people :)

  29. says

    I walked 2 miles with my kiddos last night. My IT band is killing me, so I’m hoping to get in 20, but I’m afraid there will be much more walking than running this week. :(

  30. says

    I hate to waste food but next time you burn your toast, toss it. Burnt/charred foods contain acrylamide which is a carcinogen and very toxic to the body.

  31. Brooke says

    Supposed to go for 40 this week, but it turned REALLY cold here in Chicago, might have to double up treadmill workouts a few weekdays to get there because I can’t handle a middle length run in this weather just yet!!!

  32. Hadas says

    my goal is 13 miles (already ran 5) + 26.1 on Sunday in Philly. I am nervous, I trained for NYC, my last 20 was on October 15, since them I am tapering…

  33. Karin says

    My goal for the week again is 9. I am thrilled that I hit my goal last week. I had a great 4 mile (farthest so far) run so I could end the week with a 2 mile run. That made it much more fun and gave me the feeling of an “easy” run. I will be a runner by the end of November!

  34. says

    Still in recovery mode so I’ll be doing some cross training like biking and elliptical, which won’t count into the weeks total but will still definitely count:) Between walking and running I’m planning to do 8 to 10 again.

  35. says

    Goal for this week: Make sure to listen to my body and especially my hip. It has been giving me troubles so if it hurts I need to stop running.

    Traveling this week so the plan is to do at least 30 minutes of something everyday.

  36. SaraRM says

    My goal is to stay focused on my training plan and keep up with the much needed speedwork. Like the above pic, “hoping” for a pr will not get me anywhere!

  37. Joan says

    I originally had 26 on my shedule but I think I’m going to have to up it if I want to hit my goal this month. Last week had some things come up and I wasn’t able to run as much as I had scheduled so I’m playing make up this week. I’m shooting for 30 or more.

  38. says

    Well since I have a half marathon on Sunday (with my brother! his first half!) I’m going to say a conservative 18 miles. 😉 We’ll see. Looks like I’ll be teaching a few extra classes at the gym this week so maybe it’ll be more like 15. hmmmmmm…. Either way I’ll be moving!

  39. says

    Goal this week is 20 miles. I didn’t quite hit last week’s goal (thank you heel pain) but I’m feeling better this week so I think I can make it.

  40. says

    19 miles this week! Hopefully the weather co-operates this week and doesn’t rain on my run days. I hate running in the rain =( I missed my goal last week, but that’s mainly because I moved my long run from Saturday to Sunday, so I’ll have extra next week!

  41. TrinaH says

    My goal is 26 this week. I ran 23 last week, but missed 3 the day I forgot my sports bra and ended up using the elliptical instead of the treadmill. I may need to implement a gym bag checklist!

  42. Debbie says

    My goal for this week is 20 miles. 5.5 already down today, and I’m using the Marine Corps Marathon Turkey Trot 10K as my long run on Saturday (with an added mile after the race). Love checking in, it helps keep me accountable and motivated seeing everyone else’s goals and accomplishments. Btw, congrats on your “last” marathon!

  43. says

    My goal for the week is 19 miles. I passed my goal by one mile last week, hoping to achieve and pass my goal again this week. The weather here in MD has been beautiful!!

  44. Brooke S says

    Last week my goal was 12 miles and I only did 3 as I have been super sick. My goal this week is 6 miles, I am hoping whatever is plagueing me is done by the end of the week so I can get a few miles in. Grrrr…germs.

  45. says

    Monica, Congrats on the PR. Next goal, an easy Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll Half? I’ll be there. Someone may talk me into the full but I am going to Vegas to party first, run second. No time goals if I run the full.

    I was really pleased with your training work efforts and a 3:53 PR means you did everything right, even if it hurt. You eat so much better while you run now. The back to back long runs under 3 hours each work and then combine it with speed work, hill training and it can really make a difference.

    I know you were going between my Sole Runner plan and another. I can help any of your readers if they are interested. Thanks for the plug.

    Train Focused, Coach Steve

  46. says

    Goal for last week: 5 mile. Miles logged for last week: 6! Not much compared to those more seasoned, but I’m slow and busy. This week I’m getting ambitious and planning on 8 miles, really tough since it’s finally cold outside.

  47. says

    My goal is to just run one day this week, honestly! It’s not that I can’t run or don’t like running…it’s that it’s already SO COLD where I live! I hate treadmills, so it’s run outside or don’t run at all for me…time to find some cold weather motivation!

  48. Jamie A. says

    My goal for this week is 12. I really wish it could me more, but after my last race I have had a nagging shin pain and I’m hoping to not make it worse.

  49. says

    This week is a bit of a rest week after a half marathon yesterday. Lots of races coming up though, so I can’t take too many easy days. I’m hoping to get to 15 this week.

  50. adria biasi says

    my goal was to get in a 15 miler, i had in scheduled for tomorrow, but i woke up feeling like running so i busted it out today :)

  51. says

    I ran 26.5 this week (sweet! more than a marathon!)….hoping for the same – or MORE – this week…..Hoping I can do more miles outside now that it’s cooler!

  52. Julie Nicole says

    My goal for this week is between 15-20 miles! + more with the rest of my workouts (spinning, elliptical). I am loving running in the cold weather here in Michigan it feels so good!!!

  53. Erin says

    Of course, right when you started this challenge, I started doing a night of strength training at the Y and a night of Body Attack, so my running goal is waaay over-inflated for the month. But realistically, I should be able to get 10-15 in this week…

  54. says

    I plan to run 12.5 miles. I just missed it last week with 12.48 miles but we had a snow storm and a huge chunk of snow took out my windshield (see @mariebenitez for pic)
    so 12.48 wasn’t bad at all. I want to beat 12.5 but that is my minimum goal

  55. Liz says

    My “return to running after a stress fracture” program has me running a set number of minutes, so I’m ballparking all those days add up to about 15 miles or so for this week. Unfortunatley a couple of these days have to be before work when 27-ish degrees so I’m not looking forward to those days :(

  56. Nicole says

    My goal is to get back in the groove. I took a break and need to start running again. This week, it’ll probably be 12-14 miles.

  57. Linda says

    I will try to hit 5 miles this week! Didn’t quite make it last week (therefore I could really use a motivational running book)

  58. says

    We’re getting pounded with snow right now, and coming off being sick, I’m hoping to get 12 in this week. Sad, but I’ll be happy if I can do that!

  59. says

    I was hoping for 50 miles, but my lower leg has been really sore ever since doing a really hilly / steep trail race over a week ago. No miles yesterday means this will be a hard one to achieve.

  60. christine says

    My goal for the week is to try to stick to my marathon training plan! I have a terrible chest cold so it is making it hard to run!

  61. says

    I would like to match last weeks miles of 32!
    However, I ran two half marathon races in that week and need to rest, so I am shooting for 20 miles!

  62. says

    Happy that I managed to exceed my goal last week despite a tricky schedule :)

    This week is a little messed up too since I have a 10K on Sunday. Not sure what I’ll do on Saturday … aiming for 12 miles for the week.

  63. Kelley says

    Haven’t been too good about getting my runs in the last couple of weeks so my goal is to run 3 days, maybe 4 (already ran today) and would love to get to 10 miles this week. Will also take yoga at least once.

  64. Nicole says

    Goal = run three days. I started teaching today and I’m now very busy and tired, but still need to get those run’s in!!

  65. Chelsey says

    My goal for the week is about 25 miles. I’m hoping to hit 50 by Thursday. Half way there! I fell behind on Friday. (Who can drag themselves out for 4 miles when traveling for business and working 10+ hours? Not me apparently). I made it up with two six milers on Saturday and Sunday. Throw in Zumba twice a week and weights, and I’m torched. That pie on Turkey Day will be SO worth it.

    Happy Running! :)

  66. says

    This week my goal is 23 miles. Last week it was 22 and I only did 14 :(
    I really want to push myself to make my goal this week…I know it’s going to be challenging!!

  67. Char says

    My goal this week is 15 miles. That means I won’t reach my goal for the month (which realistically is unrealistic for me). I made my goal based on me living in a perfect world which I do not! Ha ha! Still happy to be getting some mileage in!

  68. Liz says

    28! Finished recovery week yesterday after doing the Hamilton, Ontario Marathon Nov 4 in lieu of the canceled NYC marathon.

  69. Sarah says

    12 this week is what I am aiming for! I was in a running rut, and this is just the motivation I need to stay committed! Thanks~

  70. Jayne says

    My goal for the week is just to take it easy and listen to my body, see what it wants to do. I pushed hard last week and had 70+ miles.

  71. Allie says

    My goal was 10 miles and I didn’t quite make it due to some time out of town, but I am already on a much better track for this week.

  72. says

    My goal this week is 28 weeks! It was freezing (literally) today, but thank God it’s going to warm up later this week. Winter running is NOT my idea of a good time.

  73. Kris says

    My biggest running goal is to have a successful long run this weekend. I need to run 16 miles and I need to feel good about it in order to feel better about my training for Disney in January. This book would be a GREAT motivator, too. I need the support!!

  74. Debra says

    My goal is 12 miles this week. And I am doing my 6th 5k of the year on Saturday, and my goal is to run the entire thing for the first time!

  75. Lindsey A says

    Have done 21 so far.. 4 miles away from my halfway point. I want to try to get in 12 this week. I have a zombie 5k on Saturday! Exciiiited!

  76. Amy says

    well, I already got 6 miles in today, and I’m doing a race on Saturday, so I’m going to shoot for 25 this week-wish we luck!

  77. says

    No specific mileage -am rebuilding with a run-walk thingy since I popped my hip flexor. Goal: to run-walk pain-free, injury-free, weakness-free.

  78. Nicole says

    My goal for this week is 12 miles. This is fairly conservative for me but this week I’ll be focusing more on speed work then miles. Last night my run coach had us do 2 beep tests in a row! So while my miles for this week may be low my legs are still getting a massive workout!

  79. Laurel says

    I completely missed the whole Pile on the Miles post and never signed up – but I still have goals! I want to see how far I can get while still standing this weekend (11 miles is my ultimate goal) – and if I do, I am signing up for my first 1/2 on Thanksgiving day – which I would run with my daughter!

  80. chloe says

    my goal for this week anddd forever.. is to just RUN. i started running regularly for the first time just last week. its hard. but im going to continue on so that i can become a runner! i have a 5k this weekend. im not going to push to run the whole time. since i just started. but ive been blog stalking for the past two weeks for motivation! and they are a great help! a book like this would be an even bigger help (since you say its the best running book everrrr) :)

  81. Lindsay says

    This is my first week posting a goal – 13 miles for the week. Up until this point I’ve been kind of lazy but I have a Turkey Trot coming up! Yay!

  82. Sara says

    I’ve been struggling with motivation lately as I’m in between races and just not feeling it. So, my goal is to just get out there more than once this week!

  83. Denise P. says

    Gahhh setting a goal is so hard for me this week. I’m coming off of a Ragnar relay and kind of in a rebellious I don’t wanna run mood.

    Let’s say 10 miles.

  84. Debra says

    My goal this week is 12 miles, plus tai chi and yoga. (In reality, my goal is anything above zero…my motivation is fading fast!)

  85. Lisa says

    My goal this week is to finish Level 1 of 30 Day Shred (4 days to go!) and run 5 miles over the weekend. It’s snowing in Cleveland though, so we’ll see about the run.

  86. Ellie says

    Goal for the week: to do 6 miles this week! It’s less than my usual, but I have a work trip to Berlin, and essay due in next Monday, and an aerial hoop exam on Sunday! I’m freaking out!

  87. Sienna says

    I am battling a cold this week so my goal is do to 8 miles this week. I’ll have to pick it up next week to still make my overall goal though!

  88. Laura says

    Easy goal for the week: keep up the workouts and be active every day!
    Hard goal for the week: just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you get to eat everything in site (and blame it on the baby) :)

  89. says

    Goal for this week is to recover from the trail marathon I ran on Sunday. That already brings my weekly mileage to 26.2, and I hope to do about 8-10 miles this week more, so anywhere over 35 miles I’m happy with, but recovery comes first!

  90. Tara Sullivan says

    I hit all of my training runs this week but I did not manage to do any cross training. This week, I am planning to change up my workout schedule in hopes that I can hit every planned workout. Daylight savings is killing me at night so I’m going to try a.m. runs instead!

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