Runaroni from Brooks

Remember how Brooks Running sent me a HUGE 8lb. chocolate egg a while back? God bless run egg

Well, the fun deliveries continue and I got this pack of “Runaroni” in the mail recently. Running and carbs (like this pasta) go hand and hand, right?runaroni

This pasta is special because, as the package states it will give  you strength and energy to PR! WOW! Where can I buy a case of it?!runaroni

It’s also awesome because the pasta is little shoes and runners! So cute I could eat it up Winking smile Get it? Get it?shoe pasta

Brooks challenged me to create a delicious recipe with the Runaroni and I was thisclose to trying something new and fancy.

But, I decided I LOVE my mom’s tried and true pasta (seriously, when I go over and there are leftovers I steal them all).

Aaaand – you are never supposed to try something new before a race so an ‘OG’ recipe is the way to go.runaroni with ground turkey sauce

Okay, it’s not rocket surgery but I know people will email asking me how I made this so…

Runaroni Pasta Recipe

For the sauce:

  • 1/2 onion
  • 1 pound ground turkey
  • garlic powder, S&P, other seasonings to taste
  • 1 jar spaghetti sauce (I check to make sure sugar is NOT one of the first 4 ingredients)
  • peas (I used canned because it was all I had, fresh is fine)

Directions: Cook onion, add turkey. Season it up. Add sauce. Add peas. Boil water. Add pasta. Cook until al dente. When both are done combine sauce and pasta. Eat. Repeat.IMG_9714 (800x533)

My mom used to serve us spaghetti with salad and warm, buttered bread. Do that too. Then, invite me over Smile Thanks.

Question: What is your favorite dish your mom used to make?


  1. says

    Seriously, cutest pasta ever!! I would not be able to avoid the temptation to make macaroni and cheese! Still, I will be trying out your mom’s recipe, too…but without running shoe pasta!

  2. says

    How about you make me that when we go on our walk in 2 weeks? Brooke will love it. I LOVE my mom’s lasagna more than anything.

  3. says

    Looks like a great dish. I agree, running and pasta do seem to go hand in hand, although it really does depend on the type of pasta! Pre exercise ‘carb loading’ is very common and is very important…it just depends on the extensiveness of the exercise. For some, this is where they become unstuck when it comes to losing weight, because they overestimate how much energy (carbs) they need, leading to an overload, which isn’t good! As long as you take the right portion on board, you should achieve both effective carb loading, without running the risk of ‘overloading’.

  4. kate says

    My whole family took microwave cooking classes together in the late 70’s (yes, i’m old) when microwaves were still a mystery. The instructor made recipes each week and we got to eat them (best part!).
    One of the dishes that my mom made often was a layered taco casserole concoction (with Fritos!). It wasn’t my favorite. I re-named it “South of the Border Disorder.”
    Thanks for dredging up this funny memory!
    Happy Thursday!

  5. says

    LOL! Rocket Surgery – that cracked me up!

    When I was a kid, i really loved it when we had ‘porcupine meatballs’ – don’t worry, they were just ground beef, but had rice mixed in them so they were ‘spiky’ like porcupines 😀

  6. says

    I wish they sold this pasta! I’m a sucker for gimmicks and would be all over this.

    Before I gave up meat, my mom used to make something called Chicken Taco Rice and it was the best ever!

  7. says

    That’s the cutest pasta I ever did see! My mom’s curry chicken salad and New Orleans baked spaghetti (Pretty sure that name is as home made as the disk) were always my favorites. She needs to figure out how to make them vegetarian because I’m missing out these days!

  8. says

    I am so very jealous of all your fun deliveries. That is some cute pasta :) And who thinks to put a pair of shoes in a chocolate egg…BRILLIANT people, that’s who!

  9. Shannon in Tustin says

    Arroz con Pollo
    Tostadas (she fries the tortillas herself)
    Fideo (with coiled angel hair pasta)

    oh yes…now I’m hungry!

  10. says

    My mom’s meatloaf and sloppy joes were always my favorites.

    When I moved out and asked for the sloppy joe recipe, I made it and it just didn’t taste quite the same. Of course, she said it was the love she put into that made it taste different. However, the next time she made them and I watch carefully, I noticed she put more brown sugar in them than the recipes calls for. Sneaky! Now I have it down just right.

  11. says

    That looks like some good comfort food! My mom makes a mean cheeseburger casserole. I haven’t had it in years! I made it for my husband once and he didn’t like it. Boo.

  12. Jenny G says

    My mom’s goulash was similar to this recipe of your Mom’s. I also loved her chicken and rice. It was so good and comforting.

  13. Nicole says

    I loved my Mom’s turkey casserole (long grain & wild rice, cream of mushroom soup, an onion, some celery, and leftover thanksgiving turkey).

    She also made a really good “taco pasta” (ground turkey, packet of taco seasoning, two cans of chopped tomato with jalepenos, and whatever pasta we had on hand.)

  14. says

    Haha very cool. Shaped pasta always tastes 100 times better than regular old noodles. I absolutely love ground turkey and tomato sauce, don’t know if theres a better combo out there. Not a big pea fan though. Must be fun getting sent these random but awesome gifts all of the time!

  15. says

    Shhh don’t tell my mom, but I’ve never liked her cooking….

    Just kidding, she already knows that she can’t cook. Seriously, all of my childhood meals came from a bag or a box. She makes cookies that crumble apart.

    I love her, but I will never yearn for my childhood meals. 😉

  16. Suzanne says

    I discovered that peas in spaghetti sauce was awesome-sauce in college when I used to eat at the make-your-own-stirfry station. My mom never added peas to spaghetti because she has always hated peas, ESPECIALLY the canned kind!
    I just had them in my pasta last night–I love that you can just throw them into the water while the pasta is cooking! Ah, the things you discover as an “adult”!!

  17. Carol says

    Got there at a Brooks promo booth before a run, and my kids absolutely love them. Any ideas where to buy them from? Brooks ought to do these on the side….

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