Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

We did all the presents and things last night so there is really nothing to do today. Everyone else slept in so I snuck off for a 10 mile run. I wore my favorite festive compression socks to celebrate. It’s kinda funny, but I got a few compliments on them from walkers I passed and horn honks. I think people thought I was one of Santa’s elves that fell off the sleigh…procompression stripe socks

10 miles, not the best run. My stomach hurt.image

Might be from last night’s festivities. Allegedly. 1356412543233

tis the season

Anyway, I ran to the beach hoping to spot a manatee. I’m not sure if you’re aware but I LOVE MANATEES!!!!!!! Love love love. There’s not really a reason for it, I’m just a fan. monica loves manatees (800x600)

Unfortunately, all the manatees where at home opening presents and I didn’t see one. florida beach

Post run breakfast…post run breakfast

Post run heart attack… a snake in the backyard!!!snake in the yard

Now I want to put on a Christmas movie and relax Smile

My 3 favorite Christmas movies are:

Four Christmases – so funny!four christmases

Home Alone – Classichome alone

Elf – because I’m more obsessed with Will Ferrel than I am with manateeself

happy holidays

Ghosts of Christmas Past…

I started RER almost 5 years ago so I have a lot of tragic posts lurking on the internet. I never realized it would grow and these posts (or ghosts) would come back to haunt me.

Like the 2008 Christmas where I flew to Florida, missed my connection and ended up getting drunk on First Class with my new friend Tom. All I remember is he was traveling with no luggage and said he’d buy everything he needed in Florida. Good times, bad post.

But, I think last year’s Christmas Post is fun so I wanted to share it again…

I’m Like Santa Claus…

I got some money for Christmas and immediately decided to spend it on a race entry or two.

Question: What races are you doing next year? What should I sign up for??

What is your favorite Christmas movie???


  1. says

    Favorite Christmas movie: Elf. (No other Christmas movie can compete!)

    The only race I know for sure I am doing next year is Tough Mudder in Vail in June. I still have not picked my half marathon yet.

  2. Hallie says

    I don’t really celebrate Christmas but I do love me some elf. Oh and BTW…it’s actually an extinct sea cow that you’re snuggling in that photo. Not a manatee. It’s like, the manatee’s great, great, great great, etc., grandparents :-) (I normally wouldn’t correct you, but I work at that Museum, so I couldn’t resist)

  3. says

    My family has watched a handful of holiday movies these past two days, but my favorite is The Bishop’s Wife.
    I have no races planned as of now because I am preggo but I’m hoping to run a half marathon in November.
    Have fun in FL!

  4. says

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It’s always great to start off the day with a run – we had a few group runs around here although I opted to join a friend for a neighbourhood run.

    Hmmm…how about a redemption run in NY?

  5. says

    A few years ago when we were in Florida, we went to Blue Springs State Park near Orlando and saw a TON of manatee!! It might be worth a road trip for you. If you get there earlier in the morning, there are sometimes over 100 manatee there!! So cool! We even saw a baby manatee.

    My next race is a half marathon in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hopefully more will follow that one!!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. says

    So far I’m doing the Tinkerbell HM next month, Portland Rock’n’Roll HM in May, Seattle Rock’n’Roll full (first full!) in June, and See Jane Run HM in July. No doubt will be filling in others, including Ragnar Northwest Passage in July. but those are the paid and committed ones. Favorite Christmas movie is a toss-up between White Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life–classics that I never get tired of. Love Elf and all three Santa Clause movies, too.

  7. says

    I love your blog! I only just started reading recently but you motivate me to get out and go when I don’t want to – and I also adore your compression socks. I’m mega jealous of your sunshiny photos though, I live in Wales and running is just not as nice when it’s -10 outside! Southern California sure is gorgeous :-) Thanks for the posts and the photos and lots more running in 2013 :-)

  8. says

    Oh man, I think I drank enough alcohol in Florida for the year. Tis the season?
    I love manatees, too! I was lucky enough to see one the other day when I ventured off on my own to a jetty down the beach. Such docile, gentle, HUGE creatures.

  9. says

    Favorite Christmas movie depends on what mood I’m in: do I want to laugh? Am I feeling sentimental? But I love Elf, Miracle on 34th Street (the original), It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas and Christmas Vacation.

    I have 12 half marathons on my “short” list for 2013! But have only officially signed up for IMS Arizona Half (February), RnR Country Music Half in Nashville, TN (in April) but I’ve got 4 I need to sign up for before the end of the year and the prices go up.

  10. says

    What a great way to spend Christmas day – long run on the beach, movies and family!!!
    I like Christmas with the Kranks.
    I hope you get to see a manatee before you go back home.

  11. Karin says

    I watched Four Christmases about four times this year, haha. My favorite is probably Christmas Vacation though. But I watched every one on your list at least twice this year, so they are up there also!

    p.s. I got Brooks running shoes for Christmas this year, so I plan to use them to train for a half marathon! I’ve only done 5k’s so far so this was a major decision to get more into running. I wish I loved it like you!

  12. says

    You look so cute in your Christmas gear–I really wish I could pull that off! Love Elf and Home Alone for sure:-)

    Are you near St Pete? My hubby and kids swam with Manatees (unexpectedly) at Fort Desoto (the same day a lady was arrested for “riding” the manatees–only in Florida!).

    We’re running the Disney Half in January and I want to run either St Pete Rock n Roll or Gasparilla Half in February. My plantar fasciitis is acting up though so I haven’t registered quite yet.

  13. Shannon says

    I was trying to sign up for our local marathon Lincoln Nebraska…it sold out in less than 6 hours…10,000 runners..grrrr. So I guess it’s more small races this year. My big one is Trek Up the Tower the end of feb. run up 870 stairs…crazy fun and really gives the lungs a workout!

  14. Ruthie says

    No, I do not have a twin.

    If I had one, I think I would enjoy it, plus she could have been helpful in sibling “scrimmages” because I am the oldest kid, but the shortest and as they grew, my big sister powers diminished.

    • Ruthie says

      Ugh! First comment on my fav blog and I put it on the incorrect entry (?) … if I had a twin, she would probably fix this for me! Duh!

  15. Denise P. says

    I’m so not motivated for racing right now. Not too much in terms of running going on in 2013 at this point. But… I am signed up for Dallas RnR half in March – if the airfare doesn’t come down I may skip it though.

    Oh and I won a free entry into the Ojai Half on April 28th. Maybe you could get SR to do it and you could carpool. But she is probably busy with that whole Boston thing and then running a thousand other miles in the weeks surrounding it.

    And I almost forgot I have the Really Big Free Half Marathon down in Carlsbad in May. And then my first century bike ride in Long Beach later in the month.

    Okay so my calendar isn’t that sparse, but I’m usually signed up for a handful of 5ks, 10ks and triathlons too.

  16. says

    YES! Someone else who loves Four Christmases! My husband I have to rewatch it each year because it’s hilarious. But it seemed to fall under the radar for so many people I know. No one seems to have even heard of it! Ugh, insanity.

  17. Amy D says

    Favorite Christmas movies? Christmas Vacation, Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone….someone stop me! I love all the cheesy movies.
    As for 2013, I plan on continuing to run (duh) and have signed up for my first half, the Get Lucky Triple 7K in Minneapolis in March (in honor of a bestie’s 40th and to commemorate the final two months of my 30’s). Ha!

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