January Favorites

Hello! How’s it going?

Well… I have a little announcement.

A few family and friends have asked why I’ve never run the LA Marathon. I don’t really have a reason, it just never jumped out at me. I was pondering this  on a run last week and figured if I got a free bib I would do it.

Well, a few days later someone emailed me and offered me a bib. So, after a quick Facebook and Twitter poll I let you decide my fate and…

I’m running the LA Marathon March 17th. It’s only 45 days away so I really need to get on training asap!!! It’s not enough time to have a fast or strong race, but I know I can do it with my base so I’m going for it. I’ll hate myself at mile 19 but I always feel that way trained or not Winking smileimage

Then, the next weekend I’m going to Las Vegas with my peeps. March is going to wreck me. Wish me luck.you can sleep when youre dead(image source)

Now for a new RER Feature – Each  month I’m going to do a vlog of my favorite things…

Here’s January’s Favorites:

Product links:

Moving Comfort Sprint Tech Skort

Good Greens Bars

Remington Hot Rollers Travel 

Question: Running the LA Marathon?!

What are your favorite things this month?


  1. Pam says

    I wish I was running LAM this year but, it lands on my lil’ one’s 5th birthday! :)

    I agree, you’ve got a great base. Throw in a couple of long runs & you’ll really be ready! You’re going to love LAM. It’s special to me because it was my first. The camaraderie, support is incredible!!

  2. Shannon in Tustin says

    Love that “Sleep when I’m dead” pic! I actually say that quite a bit as I’m often sleep deprived (two busy kids, busy mom). It’s less of a proclamation and more of a “meh, I guess I can sleep when I’m dead”!

    Racing Machine–your new Monica-er. 😀

  3. says

    Love that sleep when you’re dead sign. I would totally agree if I didn’t like sleeping so much! Many wishes of good luck to you and I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes. :)

  4. says

    Good Greens are a Cleveland, Ohio based company! They are my FAVORITE. I have only seen them at local (Cleveland) groceries, but maybe they are branching out? They also have yogurt covered bars that are just as good as the chocolatey ones! :)

  5. Ashley says

    Hey..Do you wanna try to run this weekend. I live in orange and I am always looking for running buddies. Now that you’re training for the LA Marathon–let me know..I’d love to run–Maybe an 8-9 at most…
    Let me know..Id love to get a good run in this weekend. My cell is 7149320455

  6. Ashley says

    No I am not training for LA. I am way way way too busy at work..Hmm Surf City is this weekend..Maybe ill go watch!! Haven’t been to that one..Good Luck

  7. Karoline says

    Favourites this month= Starbucks tall skinny mocha (so cocoay and 100 cal!), hunter rain boots cause it rains a loooot here, and lulu lemon running socks! Just got a pair and I’ll never run in anything again.. They’re amazing!

  8. says

    Great – you’ll do alright in the LA Marathon, you’ve strong base and your recent HM times are awesome. All the best, Monica.

    Had a wonderful January – 3 weekend getaways, 2 of which included destination runs (Hong Kong and Myanmar).

  9. says

    My Jan faves: Chocolate peanut butter KIND bar! Just like a healthy Reese’s cup! And under armour running socks! My mom got them for my for Christmas. They are just regular socks but they have extra support in the arch, feels really comfy!

  10. says

    You will rock that race! Fun!

    My faves this month: my mojo (it’s baaaaack), Matt Fitzgerald’s Endurance Athlete Training program, dried mango instead of gels, yasso yogurt bars, and this January weather (lots of days in the 70s).

  11. Dee says

    Good Greens is a Cleveland company! :) Love them. The chocolate coconut is so good, and they have awesome new greek yogurt bars too.

  12. Jenny says

    Hi Monica, I’ve been on the fence about buying those hot rollers and now you have convinced me! I also have long hair, and lots of it. Would you be willing to do a how-to on how you use your rollers? I’ve always used curling iron, which never really worked for me, so I’m a n00b with the rollers.

    Love your red hair, I wish mine was just as fun~

  13. Breanna says

    Oh I love the idea of a favorites video! I always watch the girls who do the beauty related ones but seeing one that has to do with running is so exciting to me! My favorites from this month are ProCompression socks (I got my first pairs of them and now I am addicted and want a billion of them in all the colors), oatmeal with bananas and agave, and for a random favorite the CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara.

  14. Rochelle says

    I thought you were retired from marathons? glad you changed your mind! I will be running shamrock 1/2 marathon on the 17th and vegas that next weekend too for a bachelorette party! sounds like the best way to celebrate a run to me!

  15. Gillian says

    I’m running LA! And SR blogged she signed up too. So I get to try to keep up with my 2 favorite running bloggers :)

    Favorite thing I tried this month was Justin’s Hazelnut peanut butter. It is super tasty.

  16. says

    I have those exact hot rollers and they are amazing!!!! I have grown up with stick straight hair and until I got these (and some hair spray) I was convinced I’d be boring straight haired for life. Love love love.

    Have an amazing time in LA!

  17. says

    Good Greens bars are made in Cleveland, OH (or maybe Cleveland Heights)! I had them first at a local healthy food restaurant and they were $3! But worth it because they’re delicious. They do get smashed easy but they kind of taste like a candy bar. I recently found them at a local closeout grocery store and they were 2 for $5. Enjoy. :)

  18. Kristin says

    I second the request for a video of how you use your hot rollers please! I can never seem to figure them out!

    Like the new feature of your favorite things for the month. My new to me favorite I tried this months is Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara by Tarte…amazing stuff!! I have little tiny wimpy lashes and it actual makes them look big and full :)

  19. says

    The LAM looks so fun! I actually checked my calender to see if I could fly out (Florida girl here) for it. My husband and I have a trip planned in April and I was hoping it was the same weekend….womp womp.

    Favorite thing? Fact, Trolli makes a 5lb bag of sour gummy worms that arrived at my doorstep yesterday.

  20. Wendy says

    It’ll be my first time running the LA Marathon too! I’ll be completing the LA/SF challenge so I can’t wait to get the extra medal. My favorite thing right now is the PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts in the cola flavor. OMG, they’re like gummy cola bottles.

  21. Amanda says

    Good Greens bars come from Youngstown, OH. A good friend of mine works for the company! They are trying to expand where they sell their products. I love them tooo!!!

  22. Jessie says

    This is probably a dumb question, but do you dry your hair first then use the curlers? I also have long hair and would love to learn how to do something other than straighten it or just pull it back.

    I signed up for the Cooper Bridge 10K in Charleston, SC. I have never raced a 10K and its my new favorite thing. Also Oikos vanilla yogurt with chocolate chips…

  23. says

    I love the video! Keep em coming!

    One question about the skirt… does it get stuck b/w your legs at all? I know it sounds odd, but I have one that stick and bugs me while I’m running :)

    Gluck today :)

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