The One Where Monica Gives You a Bike

If you’ve been reading RER for a while you are probably aware that I can appreciate a tasty beverage…IMG_6466 (800x600)

Pina coladas in Panama,  don’t mind if I do…panama pina colada

And it’s not just beverages that compromise my decision making either, I always have a water bottle with me…big water

and I can drink a Sonic 44 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper like no one’s business. IMG_0180 (600x800)

But, even I’ll admit it’s harder to drink water and stay hydrated in the winter. When it’s cooler out water isn’t as appealing. So, when a rep from Dasani Drops offered to send me a pack to flavor my water I decided to give it a whirl.image 

So far I’ve tried the berry and pink lemonade. I added the lemonade to some unsweet iced tea and it was dee-lish.dasani drops

Aaaand Dasani offered to send one RER reader some of the drops to help keep you hydrated…

while you ride your new bike!

Yes. I am giving away a mountain bike or Mountain Bike

beach cruiser – your choice!

Cruiser Bike

Giveaway – One RER reader will win a Dasani branded bike, Dasani Drops and water coupons.

To Enter: Leave a comment answering –

“Would you choose the mountain bike OR beach cruiser?”

Open to residents of the US. Closes 2/21/2013 at 8pm PST  The prizes for this giveaway were furnished by The Coca-Cola Company, and  All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of The Coca-Cola Company


  1. TeresaD says


    I’d go for the beach cruiser for sure. My hubby convinced me to get a pricey mountain bike when we bought our first bikes and I love it, but I use it for street riding 75% of the time. I would love a sensible alternative.

  2. Melissa McD. says

    Definitely the mountain bike! My fiance is a mountain biker and they are trails in my neighborhood that I would love to be able to ride with him!

  3. Jackie says

    Have always wanted both! How would I ever decide?? I think road bike because I live in the forest and would be spectacular for trail rides.

  4. says

    I would definitl choose the Beach Cruiser! I love the idea of being able to ride it anywhere! To the grocery store to pick up more Dasani!

  5. Annie says

    I’d choose the mountain bike. I am training for my first triathlon and my purple Huffy circa 1998 just isn’t cutting it anymore. I know a mountain bike is not the best for a triathlon, but it’s free….this 20-something ain’t gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

  6. Lucia says

    most definitely the mountain bike! but really, I’m pumped about the drops. I’ve been wanting to try them for forever!

  7. Genevieve says

    I live in Colorado and a mountain bike has always been a dream for me to own, but my running hobby expenses have kept me from purchasing one! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed :)

  8. Elizabeth says

    AH! My bike just broke and I’m a college student- NO GOOD! I think I’d want the beach cruiser- it’s just so cute!

  9. Margaret B says

    I would choose a Mountain Bike. How cool to be able to give one away. Your title reminded me of Phoebe from Friends and the bike Ross got her!

    Have a great day!

  10. Patty says

    I think I’d choose the mountain bike because my husband and son are really into that sport and now I could join them!

  11. says

    Holy cow, what a deal! I’m actually shopping around for a bike right now, but I’m definitely holding out in case I win this contest :) I would definitely go for the mountain bike, though the beach cruiser looks like it would be so much fun.

  12. says

    wow this is an awesome giveaway! I would probably go for the mountain bike because it would end up benefiting me more. My old one is pretty much out of service at this point.

  13. Keaghan says

    That beach cruiser is so dang cute!! Someone stole my bike from the “locked” bike storage area in our apartment building a few years ago :(

  14. Deb says

    Saaaa…weet! I would choose the mountain bike. And the drops look awesome (I’ll be looking for them tonight at the grocery store).
    Monica .. you rock!!

  15. Rebecca says

    I would choose the mountain bike. I never learned how to ride a bike and I’m almost 30, yeah I know. I would love to win the bike so I have something to learn on and no excuse not to FINALLY learn.

  16. says

    I live in North Carolina so you’re toying with my emotions here. I am 2 hours from the beach and two hours from the mountains.

    HOWEVER, if I MUST choose I’d go with the mountain bike. I really enjoy being out in the woods hiking and I love to bike so why not combine the two?


  17. Anndinga says

    I would pick the mountain bike because even though I live where there is lots of sand, it’s the dessert not the beach. I pretty entirely exercise on trails. Sweet give away!

  18. Jodi says

    I would choose the beach cruiser! My little one (4) got a bike from Santa this past Christmas and I sure would like to ride with her!

  19. says

    AH what an awesome giveaway!! I’d probably go with the Beach Cruiser – we’re low on mountains in my area and that’d be so fun to ride around the neighborhood on!

  20. Julia says

    What an awesome giveaway! My bike got stolen a couple months ago and I haven’t been able to replace it yet. I think I would choose the cruiser for riding around the paved trails in my city.

  21. says

    The athlete in me? Mountain Bike
    The Jersey Shore guy in me? Beach Cruiser
    The Smarta** in me? ‘Man, doing a race on a beach cruiser would be an interesting topic to blog about, now wouldn’t it…’

    FINAL ANSWER – Mountain Bike… I’ll just ride it on the boardwalk and pretend it’s a beach cruiser.

  22. Katie says

    The mountain bike! My fiance is an avid mountain biker and I never get to go because I don’t have one! Perfect opportunity..

  23. says

    Funny! As I was driving to work today, all I could think was how I really needed to fit a bike into my budget this spring! Would love to win the mountain bike! Fun giveaway!

  24. Megan By says

    Definitely the mountain bike… We have a lot of lakes here in Minnesota, but not tons of beaches where a beach cruiser would be much use. What an exciting giveaway! I love the Dasini drops as well, they helped me make the switch from soda to water for my mealtime beverages.

  25. Morgan Hollingsworth says

    Beach Cruiser all the way! I love on the Jersey Shore so beach cruisers are kind of a right of passage and a necessity here!

  26. Kate says

    Beach cruiser all the way – I have a road bike, and there’s nowhere to mountain bike nearby…but the beach cruiser is cute!

  27. Kristina says

    I would totally choose the mountain bike!! Beach cruisers are really cool but the mountain bike is so much more versatile. I would love this bike!!!

  28. Kelly says

    The mountain bike would be awesome! I live on dirt roads so I can’t ride my road bike without driving somewhere first.

  29. Amanda says

    I would choose the beach cruiser! I live right by the beach and I see people riding them all the time. They are so cute!

  30. says

    The beach cruiser!!! I made the commitment to ride my bike for all activities 5 miles around my house this year. Not only are there health benefits, but benefits to the community as well. This would be perfect to go to store, work, even to get Starbucks. By the way, the Dasani flavors are far superior then other brands (Mio or Crystal Light)

  31. Jill says

    Wow! I would love to win that mountain bike! I always say I am going to start incorporating cross training into my running program and maybe I finally would :)

  32. Michelle says

    I love the beach cruiser but would probably get more use out of the mountain bike. Maybe I should just move to the beach :)

  33. Cealig Barrett says

    I would definitely choose the mountain bike! My fiance has been endlessly begging me to get into to mountain biking, but being a poor college student leaves me little money to finance the hobby. I have lived in many different states, and I have hiked some beautiful trails perfect for mountain biking. Plus, it would be the perfect way to spend time with my fiance, while also being active and away from the books.

  34. says

    I would totally love the mountain bike! I’ve had the same one since I was like 12 and it’s pretty junky at this point! the coconut drops look interesting!!

  35. says

    Mountain bike or beach cruiser? Hmmmm… first instinct is to say mountain bike because it’s really difficult to bike through sand, but biking up mountain is really hard, too. I guess I’ll say mountain bike (as long as you can give me a lift to top of mountain so I can ride bike down).

  36. Emily B. says

    The beach cruiser would be awesome if I had a beach house, but because I’m stuck in center city Philadelphia, I’ll say the mountain bike.

  37. Emily says

    I’d love cruise on the beach on a beach cruiser but unfortunately I live in MO and that isn’t possible. So I’ll take the mountain bike!

  38. Katie says

    Wow, what a giveaway! I really like the strawberry kiwi drops – they help water be less water-y. I would go for the mountain bike… our New England beaches are mostly rocky.

  39. Bridget says

    There aren’t any beaches here in Northern Alabama but there are some pretty awesome mountains! Mountain bike, for sure!

  40. Katelin says

    I NEED A BIKE!!! Ahhh how do you decide! Mountain bike, no beach cruiser, no mountain bike! I would love to incorporate biking into my cross-training for my half marathon! Love this give-away!

  41. Jacqueline says

    I am in the market for a new mountain bike! This would be PERFECT for me! LOVE the Dasani water drops too!! Great Giveaway, Monica! :-)

  42. says

    I would choose the Mountian Bike, so I could go mountian biking with my mountian biker boyfriend … that way, next time he goes mountian biking in Utah for a week, I can go too!!! Why should he have all the fun?! YAY!

  43. says

    So, every time I see your actual name on the blog, I think of “Friends”. Is that weird? lol

    Anyway, I’d pick that sick beach cruiser!

  44. Trish says

    I’d love a mountain bike! Our two older kids will be learning to ride a bike this spring & it would be fantastic to have a new bike to ride with them!

  45. Kathryn says

    OMG! Even though I live in Colorado, I’d totally choose the Beach Cruiser, but it was obviously just be a Town Cruiser for me.

  46. Diane says

    Mountain bike! We have so many hills here, it’s pretty hard to pretend I’m at the beach.. but the cruiser does look adorable! The mountain bike wins for practicality.

  47. Erica says

    I want a beach cruiser….but I’d have to be practical and go with the mountain bike! I would need a Dasani bike jersey to match :)

  48. Debra says

    Definitly the mountain bike. I strated mountain biking a couple of years ago when I live in Colorado Springs. I love the thrill and I lost 15 pounds (bonus!)

  49. Gretchen says

    Mountain bike…though I do love the look of the beach cruiser. It would be impractical in my area of hills that seem to me to be mountains!

  50. says

    Awesome giveaway! I’d choose the mountain bike, so that my hubby can ride next to me on the used beach cruiser I picked up a couple of years back!! That would be so awesome:-)

  51. Carol Landry says

    I would have to go with the Mountain Bike since sadly, I do not live near the beach. What an awesome giveaway! I never win these things, though but I can’t stop trying!

  52. says

    Mountain bike. I have a beach cruiser circa 1980 that is a beast to pedal but so cool who cares 😉
    Actually, I would give it to my husband who is bike less.

  53. says

    What an awesome giveaway! I’d chose the mountain bike as there are some triathlons/duathlons I want to sign up for, but my road bike ain’t gonna cut it.

  54. Casey! says

    WOW what an awesome giveaway. I would definitely go for the mountain bike because I’ve been toying around with the idea of a half iron man and (eventually) a full one! There are some great trails up here to practice

  55. Jennifer says

    Love the Dasani Drops!

    I’m not a fan of having to hunch over to use a mountain bike, so the beach cruiser would be awesome!

  56. Jen says

    I would totally go with the mountain bike! I have a road bike already, but it would be great to break into moutain biking too!

  57. Michelle says

    Would have to go with the mountain bike. There are neither beaches or mountains where I live, but there are a couple of cool trails.

  58. Courtney Hopkins says

    THE BEACH CRUISER!!! I live near the beach and my cruiser is all old and rusted and this one is all new and beautiful!! Awesome giveaway!

  59. Jenny Gilson says

    I love the cruiser bike. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. The Dasani flavors are waaayyyy better than the Mio.

  60. Louise R. says

    I would pick the cruiser if I win! Mine fell off the back of the car so I
    really need a new one. Thanks for the contest, Monica. Hope I win!!

  61. Natalie says

    Since I’m more of a “leisurely rider” I gotta say Beach Cruiser. All the way! Think you can send some of your Cali warmth over here to Chicago? I miss my bike and would LOVE a new one!

  62. Michelle Womack says

    I would love the beach cruiser! I live in Colorado so we are all ready set on mountain bikes of course, but I would love something to cruise around on the praire trails. Great giveaway!

  63. says

    Oh my god!! I just got so excited about this! My husband and I are moving next month and there are really good mountain biking trails right near our new place! We were talking about how fun it would be to be able to go mountain biking together except…I don’t have a bike!

    So.. I would definitely choose the mountain bike!

  64. Shana says

    I have been eyeing the idea of a mountain bike for a while, but have myself on a spending freeze :( I have a three speed I love for cruising around, but would love a trail bike.

    I’ve been eyeing those drops the last few grocery trips. I may just have to give them a try now…

  65. says

    I would definitely pick the mountain bike… That way I could keep up with all of my running peeps that are training… I don’t have a bike any more and it is so hard to get to all of the groups on foot….

  66. jessa r. says

    the beach cruiser and of course i would add ribbons & a basket. this give-a-way is unbelievable… i may have pinched my cheeks to see if i was dreaming! thank you for this chance (and pickmepickmepickme, please!).

  67. Michelle says

    I would choose the beach cruiser! In Oregon, there’s a huge bike community and I would love to cruise around on that little puppy!

  68. Kaelin says

    Well, considering I live in smack middle of the country, close to neither the mountains or the beach, I’d say I would take the mountain bike, because it looks cool! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! :)

  69. Lindsay H says

    Omg! I was just telling my husband how much I want a mountain bike. We just moved to a hilly area and that would be a great workout!!

  70. Jamie says

    I would choose the beach cruiser!! If I can’t see the ocean daily, at least I can cruise the streets dreamin’ of sandy beaches! (oh- and getting a little workout too..)

  71. Jayne says

    Although I live very far from the beach I would choose the beach cruiser, always wanted one. Needs a basket though, a pink one!

  72. Christina says

    i would choose the beach cruiser! My school is very bike friendly and if you dont have a bike you will get run over by one. hehe

  73. Laura says

    Tough choice! But considering I live a little closer to the mountains than the beach, I’d have to go with the mountain bike. :)

  74. says

    Definitely the mountain bike! I’d give it to my husband who REFUSES to spend money on a bike for himself! I really want him to get one, though because I want to go joyriding with him! Either we win one, my nagging breaks him down, or we’re trading in my ride for a tandem bike!

  75. Christina says

    I would take the beach cruiser not for myself but for my mom. She had one a long time ago and it was stolen and as wanted one ever since. It’s especially important for her to have a bike she likes because it keeps her active has she gets older! Would love to win for her and this is a great giveaway:)

  76. says

    This is a hard decision, but taking important factors into consideration….like the slope of my driveway and the general hilliness of my town, I am going to say mountain bike.

  77. Katie Lu says

    This is a difficult decision…a new beach cruiser would be great for cruising the boardwalk with a “road soda” and checking out some beach hotties…a new mountain bike would be useful for the gorgeous Appalachian Trial here on the east coast and for escaping from creepy mountain men.

    I think mountain bike it is!

  78. Colleen says

    Ah what a fun giveaway! Love Dasani Drops! I’d definitely pick the beach cruiser. My husband and I are currently borrowing my in-laws mountain bike, but I feel like such an amateur (because I am) riding it on the street. Lol.

  79. Danielle P. says

    I think I would choose the beach cruiser because I want to ride a bike from the train stop to work every day when the weather is nicer. Seems like the better choice. :)

  80. Katie says

    I would choose the mountain bike! Wait, I mean I will choose, because I am going to win. Can you tell I committed to positive thinking today? I live in Wisconsin, and I slipped and fell on the ice yesterday. I’m hurting today, so I figured a positive mindset would help. :)

  81. Tara says

    wow, that was so…’The Price is Right’ of you!

    Oh, I would LOVE a mountain bike. I have been ‘borrowing’ my sisters for the past 2 years and keep saying I need to just get my own.
    This would be great!!!!

  82. says

    Beach cruiser! I’d rather be on the beach than in the mountains and I appreciated that transition from drops to bike, it was very reminiscent of the Price is Right.

  83. Gillian says

    Mountain bike some could ride the Kenter whoops with my husband! Whoop whoop! Looks like some tough climbs and fun downhill bumps. I usually hike the trail while he rides but I wanna try!

  84. Kathi J says

    I’d choose the mountain bike. I had to sell mine to get a road bike for triathlons three years ago, and I miss it. I want to get muddy! I want to ride around with my sons! I want to be a badass mountain biker. :)

  85. Caroline says

    I wish I lived near the beach so I could say the beach cruiser…but I don’t so I would have to say the mountain bike.

  86. Julie says

    I would love the mtn. bike! Beach is a few hours away, but there are some decent trails around the lake nearby that a mtn bike would be handy to crush them with!

  87. Johanna B says

    I have neither mountains nor beaches anywehre near me. I live in Kansas which is known for being flat and landlocked. I would however choose the beach cruiser because it reminds me of a bike I used to own and I loved riding it around town.

  88. Samantha says

    I live in Las Vegas so the mountain bike would be awesome to ride the trails that run along Lake Mead. I would definately choose the mountain bike. Throw my kids in the bike trailer and just ride.

  89. Ginger Andersen says

    Wow! What a generous offer! I think I would go for the beach cruiser and give it to my boyfriend. His bike got stollen and it’s put a dent in his exercise schedule. While a mountain bike seems more suited to a workout, there are less gears on a cruiser so he’ll have to work a little harder!

  90. says

    I live by the beach so I feel like a beach cruiser would be quite wonderful. But let’s face it I am a mountain girl at heart. Mountain Bike for sure!

  91. Noelle says

    I’d choose the beach cruiser since I live near the beach! And I’m pretty afraid of mountains- well, heights, anyway.

  92. Kalena says

    A beach cruiser for sure! My bf & I always talk about how we want to rent bikes & cruise the SoCal promenade, but so far it’s been all talk:)

  93. Kevin Spiker says

    Mountain bike for sure! Go anywhere do anything type of bike is my kind of style! And Northern California terrain is a bit more suited for a mountain bike… :)

  94. Lindsay @ The Skipping Pixie says

    Mountain Bike HANDS DOWN! I love near the desert and would love to be able to bike through it!

  95. Jennifer P says

    Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh! I’ve been DYING for a bike!! Specifically a beach cruiser. I live within riding distance to the library and grocery store, and I think that would really help my healthy living quest.

  96. Sarah says

    I’d definitely pick the mountain bike. That way I could give it to my husband! I already have one, so I would love for us to be able to ride together!

  97. Racheal says

    As much as I love them both, I’d go with the mountain bike – maybe it would help force me to get in some serious biking exercise!

  98. Kate says

    Mountain bike is the one for me !!! I am trying to get back into biking after 3 kids – and this would be the perfect “push”!

  99. says

    This girl would definitely need the Moutain bike but maybe…if I won a beach cruiser, we’d have to move near a beach. I guess technically I’m not near any moutains either. :(

    I love Dasani’s water that is already flavored especially the lemon.

  100. Amy says

    Beach Cruiser For Sure……….I have been looking at Cruisers for a while waiting for the weather to get nice enough for a ride(lots of snow on the east coast)!

  101. Tina says

    Mountain Bike!!! I went mountain biking with a hard core mountain biking friend (she’s like almost pro) on my hybrid and nearly killed myself. Note to everyone – a hybrid is not good to go mountain biking with when you are friends with a hard core mountain biker person. :)

  102. Haley says

    Sadly, the mountain bike… because I no longer live anywhere near a beach! But I think a free mountain bike could help me forget that fact!!!

  103. Laura says

    I would love to have a beach cruiser! I think they are so cute! And I could totally go ride it instead of watching my hubby wake board!

  104. says

    Since I am not so much on the coordinated side and keeping my feet close to the ground is somewhat a necessity to life, I don’t foresee any mountain bike action as a need. I would LOVE a beach cruiser because everyone in SoCal needs one. Really.

  105. says

    First of all, I can appreciate your “Friends” reference of “The One Where…” Love it! Second, I would love the mountain bike since I live in the Ozarks of Missouri where we are all about hills here…no flats or beaches around here! And how perfect if I win, because I just had my breast reconstruction from breast cancer 5 days ago and I can’t run for awhile:( But I CAN ride a bike! :)

  106. MiaMia says

    We’re stationed out here in Utah with a beautiful mountain range to our east! So I would definitely choose the mountain bike!

  107. Ali says

    Mountain bike! I would give it to my friend, that way she can’t use the excuse, I don’t have a bike, when I ask her to do a triathlon with me! Very cool giveaway!

  108. Holly says

    I had a beach cruiser but sold it and bought a racing bike to do triathlons…but now I don’t have a bike to ride around with my kids. So, if you pick me, I would probably choose the mountain bike. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  109. Heather Kovach says

    I would want to choose the beach cruiser to have for fun…but, my husband and family would kill me and want me to get the mountain bike (being that we all are mt. bikers)

  110. Megan K. says

    I just got a road bike for Christmas and I love it! My husband wants a mountain bike so I would choose that and give it to him for Easter.

  111. Kelsey Y. says

    The beach cruiser, for sure! It’d be a beautiful bike to have this summer for rides on the Lakewalk in my hometown!

  112. Melissa Sealey says

    A free bike you say? If I leave a comment today?
    Of course I will, to win would be a thrill!
    I’d choose Mountain no doubt, beaches Missouri is without :(
    I ride my free bike across the land with my Dasani in hand!
    Mountain or Beach, either way Monica, you’re a peach!

  113. Emily says

    I would choose the beach cruiser! When I lived in So Cal my favorite thing was cruising the boardwalk, but I never had my own beach cruiser bike! Now I live in the PWN (my home turf), but I could really use a little California in my life :)

  114. says

    “Would you choose the mountain bike OR beach cruiser?”

    I would absolutely choose the beach cruiser! Living in florida on a barrier island requires you own a beach cruiser, and I don’t have one! Love the clean white too!!!

  115. Lindsey A. says

    Great giveaway! It’s a hard choice, but I think I’d choose the mountain bike. And I’d love to try the drops for water flavor…I’ve been craving a lemonade.

  116. Kate says

    Probably the beach cruiser. We’ve been talking about buying a second bike for awhile so we can cruise around this Spring & Summer!

  117. says

    I have been complaining about my need for a bike for months, so I am crossing my fingers and toes that my comment is randomly generated! :) I would definetely go with the mountain bike, since Pittsburgh is sans sand. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  118. says

    I would love a beach cruiser and have been looking for one to buy myself. We have an awesome bike trail that goes around Lake Michigan that’s awesome to ride in the summer!

  119. says

    I would love the mountain bike so much! I’ve been dreaming about training for a triathlon and a bike is the next step! What a unique giveaway! I love it! :)