Confetti Salad Recipe – Black Bean and Corn

How’s your day? I am trying to take it easy breezy today and not work or run or do anything that resembles cleaning. It’s nice.

hungover on a towel

Since I have the half tomorrow I am enjoying some Memorial Day BBQ action today with my fam and keeping it low key.

memorial day party

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I have some bad news…

The Slutty Brownies didn’t turn out well because I used TJ’s gluten free brownie mix and it was all spongy and weird. #Fail (It’s supposed to be a layer of cookie dough pressed into a pan, layer of oreos, top with brownie batter and bake.)

slutty brownies

But I also have  good news…

Sabra sent me a lifetime supply of salsa, and I made a delicious recipe with it!

sabra salsa and ingredientsa

I called my mom to ask what she wanted me to bring for the Memorial Day BBQ and she said, “a healthy side dish”. Thanks for being specific there mom, super helpful.

Since I am salsa heaven I knew I had to use some of that. Plus, I didn’t want to actually cook so I dreamed up this Confetti Black Bean and Corn salad. I’m happy to say it came out delicious!

Confetti Salad Recipe– with black beans and corn

Confetti Salad Recipe– with black beans and corn


  • 1 container Sabra Salsa – any flava
  • 2  cans black beans, drained & rinsed
  • 1 can garbanzo beans, drained & rinsed
  • 1 package TJ’s chopped veggies
  • 1 package TJ’s frozen roasted corn
  • salt and cumin to taste

If you don’t have access to TJ’s Healthy 8 chopped veggie mix you can use 2 cups of your favorite chopped veggies.

IMG_2168 (800x533)

sabra salsa in salad

Mix. I mixed the corn in frozen and it thawed quickly. Eat immediately or let set overnight and stir before serving.

I ate this as a salad, but you can also scoop it up in a chip. Enjoy!sabra salsa recipe

Question: Salsa – Spicy or Mild?



  1. says

    Spicy! Everything around this part of the world is spicy! Just wondering…if you used frozen corn, wouldn’t the salad be a bit watery when the corn thaws?

  2. says

    spicy! I’m currently loving a new local salsa I found at the farmers market that’s made of apples. It’s different because it’s a little sweet at first, but then is really spicy. I might have gone through 2 jars already..and it’s been a week :X

  3. Aubrey says

    Spicy… always, always spicy!!

    Also on a different note GIIIRRRL those quads!! you look AH-MAZING.

  4. says

    The salad looks delicious! And adding the corn gives it that extra layer of sweetness. Will definitely have to try this out!

  5. Rachael says

    That salad looks terrific and very easy. This is the kind of dish I eat for lunch as the main entree. yummy!!!!

  6. says

    Totally into spicy – also, the picture of this salad made me throw everything I had like it into a pan to make some impromptu veggie tacos (mixed veggies, black beans, rotel tomatoes, onions, leftover veggie chili, adding guac, salsa, olives, and cilantro after). We’ll see how this goes! :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. says

    I made your salad for a neighborhood get-together today & everyone loved it! Of course I pretended like I cut up all the veggies myself. Great idea, super yummy and easy. By the way, I finally got my runaroni, thank you 😛

  8. says

    I am always on the lookout for simple vegetarian recipes. Confetti Salad looks like a real winner! I would need to sub black beans for another kind, probably kidney. I love the taste of black beans… but they don’t love me. :o)

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