Stuffed Protein Crepes Recipe

I bought a new container of protein powder last week and have been dreaming up recipes with it ever since. Some of them, okay MOST of them flop.

But this afternoon I threw this Clean Eating Crepe Recipe together and it was good!

Stuffed Protein Crepes Recipe

Protein Crepe Stuffed with PB and Cinnamon Recipe

For the Crepe: 1 scoop protein powder ( I used Muscle Milk Banana Whey), 1/4 cup egg whites, 1 Tb almond milk.

Filling: 1 heaping TB Peanut Butter, 1 TB maple syrup, cinnamon. Mix.

Directions: Mix crepe ingredients. Heat pan and spray with non-stick. Cook crepe. Flip carefully as it’s thin.

When it’s done place on a plate and spread with the Cinnamon PB filling. I added more cinnamon because I love it.

Stuffed Protein Crepes

Roll it up. Eat.

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  1. says

    How come I can’t make a crepe like that? I tried in a cooking class and failed. Also, I know you added protein powder, but that looks like the most delicious, fluffiest crepe ever. Lastly, my friend had a party and had a crepe station there. It was the best.thing.ever.

  2. Sarah says

    Dang girl, you do love some protein powder. Are you releasing a protein powder cook book? I think you might almost have enough recipes.

    I try to avoid eating the stuff because most of it contains free glutamates. I have some leftover Jillian Michael’s kind in my cupboard that might be worth the (literal) headache though… tastes like cake batter. It would be delicious in this recipe.

  3. says

    I have always been interested in baking with protein powder but I am always nervous about getting the right texture. This recipes looks great and I would love to try it! What is the texture like?

  4. says

    this sounds so easy and looks so good! the thought of cinnamon and eggs makes me cringe a little, but it’s a recipe to place on my “to-do” list :)

  5. Sonia Campos says

    Please explain this to me but how in the world is this considered “clean eating”?! It has protein powder!

    • Sara says

      I was wondering that too. I mean, one of the ingredients listed in the powder is “artificial flavor”…

      • Sara says

        Yeah, I thought the big ideas behind “clean eating” were eating whole foods and avoiding anything processed. But I guess not everyone has the same definition.

        • says

          I do think clean eating is mostly whole foods, but I don’t avoid ALL processed foods. I just do my best to balance my tastes / cravings while trying to eat healthy. I know protein powder is processed, but I’m okay with that :)

          Thanks for chiming in nicely :)

  6. says

    Wow. Never would’ve thought to use protein powder for crepes. What a great idea. Could be an awesome wrapper for breakfast for my hubs. He’s always wanting a “breakfast sandwich” type meal on his way out the door, but isn’t a bread fan. Love this idea.

    • says

      The crepe is sweet because of the protein powder, so I’m not sure he would like that unless he already likes salty sweet combos (I totally do though)!

  7. Sara says

    Has anyone tried this using a while egg instead of egg whites? Wondering why the decision to use the white only – in my regular crepes I use the whole egg!

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