Walk with Runners – SkinnyRunner and HungryRunnerGirl to be exact

Hello! How’s your week going?

This morning I attempted to do some 800 repeats. I haven’t done speed work in forever, but I know I should get back at it. I don’t do speed work often for 2 very important reasons: A.) I am bad at it and B.) don’t like it. So there’s that.

It was not a really fast session (I was faster a few weeks ago!) but I’m proud of myself for doing it. I am the worst at doing things I don’t want to do, I have 0 discipline so this is a big dealio yo.

garmin running watch 410

After my run I ate some breakfast and then met up with these lovely runner girls – HungryRunnerGirl and SkinnyRunner

We walked about 3 miles. Or really, they walked and I sprinted to keep up – they are the FASTEST runners I know!

I tricked them into letting me take a break by offering to take this picture. hungryrunnergirl skinnyrunner bloggers

Our walk was actually a going away party for SkinnyRunner who is leaving me soon to spend some time with her family in Alaska. I think her family runs a polar bear wrestling ring or something up there and she helps out in the summer.

hungryrunnergirl skinnyrunner running bloggers

Then, I hit up Target for some travel supplies and finally broke down and bought the Vanilla Chex. I instragramed about them yesterday and the consensus was “GET THEM! THEY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!”

vanilla chex cereal new gluten free cereal

Yep. The are delicious. Remember the Rice Krispies Treats cereal? They remind me of that vanilla-y-ness but with a much better texture.

vanilla chex cereal

I also spotted the Watermelon Oreos in real life but did not get them. I just know they’d be disappointing.

IMAG5189 (800x450)

In other weird stuff news – my best friend suggested I get these anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings because I’m not enough of a weirdo already. People in China are seriously wearing these? Allegedly.


I’m headed to New York tomorrow! I’m going as part of a special trip with Sabra Hummus. I’m pretty excited and am considering traveling with empty luggage so I can fill ‘er up with tubs of hummus! Did you know they also make salsa? I used it in the Confetti Salad Recipe. It’s perfect for a summer BBQ side…

confetti salad

Question: SR is going to Alaska this summer. What are your plans? Any summer trips?


  1. says

    Those watermelon oreos look awful. I can’t imagine a combination of cookie with watermelon – too random for my taste. The vanilla chex on the other hand, I think I might try that.

  2. says

    watermelon oreos!? no, no :( don’t ruin a beautiful thing (watermelon).

    no summer plans aside from volunteering at the lululemon seawheeze half marathon in vancouver, BC. the registration filled up SO FAST, as in like six months before the event, so i figured the next best thing would be to volunteer!

  3. says

    I’m dying about those stockings! Like, seriously though? And vanilla Chex? Holy cow. I NEED these. I think you’re probably better off having skipped the oreo’s. Nothing good ever comes out of something that is an artificial watermelon flavor. Have a safe trip!

  4. says

    Skip the Oreos—they just seem wrong. Traveling again, huh!? I would say “lucky”, but I’m sure it gets old. I am going on a cruise in July for my summer vacay–and not an Alaskan cruise!

  5. says

    Um what is Oreo trying to do?!

    Lets see my summer is filled with part-time nannying, running, three interviews this week!, help with my church’s VBS, go to Belize on a mission trip!, do a COLOR run! and other random things!

  6. MartinaNYC says

    So cool to see my three favorite bloggers EVER hanging out together! I bet you girls had so much fun!

    Summer=marathon training for me. So I’ll stay in NYC and spend my “summer vacation” running loops around Central Park 😉

    PS: How could you say NO to Watermelon Oreos?? No kidding, when I saw them, I thought about you immediately!

  7. says

    It’s so fun that you three are all friends outside of blog land! The only plans for the year I have is possibly going to San Fran for a race in December! Other than that just local funsies.

  8. says

    Those leggings are so terrifying!! They’d be good for an April Fool’s joke though 😉 I don’t have any BIG vacays planned this summer – I’m headed to Napa in a few weeks for a long girl’s weekend and then to Long Beach in October (NOT summer…) for a marathon!

  9. says

    I think the watermelon Oreo’s look gross. Good idea on passing them. I’m afraid they might damage the love affair you have with watermelon.

    Those hairy leg stockings literally made me gag! Yuck!! LOL!

    My fancy schmancy vacay this year is a trip to good ol Toledo, Ohio. My hometown. Lame. Don’t be jealous while you’re globe trotting to go bask in tubs and tubs of hummus. : )

  10. april says

    yum, now i’m craving vanilla chex and watermelon. hmmm, i wonder if those two would taste good together…

    i still need to make your confetti salad! it looks perfect for a summer bbq =)

  11. Aimee says

    omg other then SR and HRG that post did a number on my stomach!!!!!!!!!!! crazy chic!!!!!! uuuhhhgggg

  12. says

    How cool! I’d love to go walking with all three of you (my favorite bloggers!).
    And I feel the same way about speedwork… but I’ve made it a summer goal to go to all the track workouts with my running group. Otherwise, I would end up never doing them, haha.

  13. Denise says

    Summer plans include camping and mountain biking up in Whistler, BC and then later a 2 week camping trip down to Oregon to see and do whatever.

    Watermelon Oreos? No thanks!

  14. says

    I haven’t seen watermelon oreos yet, but someone told me yesterday that they are AWFUL!! So disappointing – watermelon is amazing! No summer plans for me…saving money for a wedding =) eek, I really want to get away tho!!

  15. says

    Oh my gosh, I love those anti-pervert tights! I cracked up when I saw them!
    As for summer trips, I’m going to California on Friday and then NYC (finally!!) at the end of July :) I’m so so excited for both, but especially shopping/running in NYC

  16. says

    These socks made me laugh so much because people in China would wear them! I lived there last year and Chinese people think ladies body hair is really sexy, no lie. I can remember seeing a beautiful women who had this whole little outfit put together and her makeup done perfectly. She looked fantastic and then I noticed that her armpit hair was crazy long. It was on full view for everyone to see because she had a little tank top on – most likely so that she could show it off. Hairy is sexy in China!

  17. Nessa says

    Monica, Just curious if you could ask Sabra about the use of GMO ingredients in their products? I’ve read mixed opinions online, but no official answer in the company’s F.A.Q section on whether or not they are GMO-free. I hope so because their hummus is amazing. Thanks.

  18. says

    HAHAH those anti-pervert tights are hilarious (and nasty). The only place I am going this summer is San Diego for a baby shower. Have another awesome trip! Ps- stoked to see you, SR, and HRG together…. LOVE your blogs!

  19. says

    so jealous of your walking partners, well and their partner 😉

    I didn’t know they stopped making rice krispy treat cereal…honestly I need to get out more. I just learned last week that M&Ms no longer made the crispy ones..geesh more news to me!

  20. Gillian says

    I’m heading to London this Friday and taking a trip from there to Paris! My first trips to both of these cities so I am very excited!!!

  21. says

    No major trips planned so far but can’t say I’m complaining, not with my weekend getaways. Been every for the last 3 weekends – run + friends + getaway – Singapore, Phuket and Bali. Fab times!

  22. Emily M says

    Lake Tahoe. Dallas. NYC. Haven’t been to Tahoe before and haven’t been to NYC since I was 13—any recommendations?!? (As you are heading there now!)

  23. Rachel says

    I made your confetti salad last week for lunch. changed my life. it was so good. It makes pretty much so I ate it a few days in a row and I was still sad when it was gone. it’s that yum.

  24. says

    Those stockings are A-mazing! Also horrifying!

    This summer I’m moving from sunny So-Cal to MinneSNOW-da!! (I’m sad to be leaving LA but excited to be going “home.”)

  25. says

    No real summer plans – not even a half marathon on the calendar until mid-August which makes me the bluest shade of blue. But….my husband and I BOTH have our high school class reunions this summer. 30 years. Yep, we are “old-ish”. And I’m trying to think of some random things for us to do; maybe go canoeing at a State Park, go see a movie at a drive-in theater (if I can find one close enough) and just staying active.

  26. Amy Ramos says

    If the Birthday Oreos are any indication of what the watermelon ones taste like, I will stick to the original ones. Give me double stuff ones!!

    We are headed up to do some gold prospecting and camping the week of 4th of July.
    We also plan to do our road trip to Yellowstone for our 5th wedding anniversary in September. Your blog actually gave me the idea to do trips for our anniversaries, not gifts. We have traveled quite a bit throughout CA so far.

  27. Ame' says

    I’m living in China at the moment, and I have yet to see those hairy stockings. That being said, I could totally believe they are wearing them here somewhere. The fashions that come through China are weird. I LOVE IT!!! Let’s me where whatever I want without worry.

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