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I am a crazy traveling alpaca lately and it’s going to get busier as the year continues (see June’s trips: FL, CO, NY)!

Traveling is definitely stressful for me so I try to make sure and squeeze in some exercise when I can.

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My favorite way to get some exercise is to get outdoors and take a walk or run when I’m in a new city.

Exercising outdoors rocks because it’s a great way to:

A.) Stay active and healthy

B.) Stay sane during a stressful or busy trip

C.) Explore a new place!

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national car rental healthly business travel

I’m working with National Car Rental to bring you some of my Healthy Travel Tips as part of their #HealthyBizTravel series…

Healthy Business Travel – Outdoors

I love traveling through life on foot, meaning exploring a new place by walking or running. But that doesn’t just happen – you have to make it happen.

Here are some tips on how to stay active outdoors when you travel…

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I’ll be back Thursday with even more tips and some great information from my blogger friends & how they stay healthy while traveling!

Question: Do you exercise when you’re traveling? What do you do?

Disclaimer: I am working with National Car Rental to bring you healthy business travel tips via Fitfluential


  1. says

    I usually always try to do SOMETHING most all days. On my last vacation I worked out and exercised 8 out of 10 days I was there. Even if it was just a short run I would get up early and get it done – it always made me feel better!

  2. says

    I should! I seem to become a hotel hermit when I travel. Suddenly everything is scary and I just want to relax and recover from my day – alone!

  3. Amanda says

    I definitely try to work out when I’m traveling! If I am with my husband, we will run outside together. If I’m traveling for work and don’t feel comfortable running outside alone, I’ll head to the hotel gym. I also use for short flows and bring a few workout DVDs that don’t require weights (Jillian Michaels Burn Fat Boost Metabolism) to do in my room!

  4. says

    I do exercise when I travel, and I travel often. Half the time I travel to race, so I race for my exercise :-) However, the other half of the time, I use my airport time to the max:

    –> I walk every corridor within my security section. If I need to eat, I will walk everywhere I can to see what’s what, and then I’ll go BACK to the place I want to get my food from; I almost never stop at the first place I see simply because I’m hungry right then.
    –> If I can find a less-busy section, I do lunges, push ups, sit ups, wall squats or regular squats, hamstring stretches, etc. If every place is busy, I hog the biggest stall in the bathroom for as long as it takes me to get my workout done. Seriously.
    –> I find the farthest-away bathroom and use that.
    –> I fill up my water bottle at a bubbler and then drink it while waiting so that I have to refill it before takeoff and thus have to find another bubbler.

    Outside of the airports, I try to run when I can and walk everywhere if possible. Honestly, though, it’s not simply exercising, it’s also still being aware of what I’m eating and how much and whether I’m getting enough sleep. I have some priority races, so I make training a priority and a part of everyday life.

  5. says

    We don’t exercise every day on vacay but this past time we definitely did more than we’ve ever done before. I always pack resistance bands for strength workouts and put together workouts using body weight if we’re not walking.

  6. says

    I always spend an hour on google maps researching running routes close by my hotel before I hit the road for business. That way I don’t have any excuses not to run when I get there. Now if someone could develop a website.detailing popular running routes it would be 1,000 times easier.

  7. ginger says

    I definitely go running/walking to stay active while traveling. And I love having those memories of running in exotic places or on the beach next to the ocean or down Michigan Avenue. It’s just an awesome way to experience new places.

    I also will bring one of those big yoga towels, which can work as a yoga mat in a pinch and get some push-ups, planks and ab work done. I also do jumping jacks and jump ropes (without the rope) and walking lunges. Sometimes, I bring those resistance bands to get in some strength training without weights. I also do tricep dips!

    If I have an internet connection, I will pull up Jillian Michaels on YouTube to get in a mega good short workout (30-Day Shred).

  8. says

    I have always been lucky to stay in a hotel with a pool, so I swim. If I don’t feel like that, I do usually do some exploring outside around the hotel. I get lost easy, so I can rack up some mileage.

  9. says

    For me, running through a new city is the best way to explore it. This past summer I went back to Europe for 5 weeks, and ran in every city I was in: small towns in Germany (literally, it was barely a village), Dublin and the west coast of Ireland, my old study abroad town in Germany and in London during the Olympics (holler!). Helps get to know an area, and provide great memories.

  10. says

    I exercise as much as I can on while traveling. I don’t travel for work so when I do travel it is likely vacation. I try to workout every day but if I don’t I don’t stress because it is vacation and sometime the ol’ legs need a rest too. I have used hotel gyms, tried out a group fitness class, and ran while on vacation.

  11. zoe says

    i don’t always bring workout gear when i travel but i do make walking everywhere a priority. your video is super cute!

  12. says

    I’m going on a road trip out West for 2 weeks. Most of the time will be spent driving. I’m a little nervous about getting a workout in during this time, but your tips are definitely helpful!

      • says

        Kind of all over! We live in Wisconsin. So, we heading out to Mount Rushmore in SD, then to Seattle, then Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, Albuquerque, Nashville, then back home! If you know of any good eats anywhere around there, we are open to suggestions!

  13. says

    I try to exercise as I can. I recently was in Marco Island and I took up pool running as a way to get in cardio when it was just too hot and humid to run on the streets! Fun!

  14. says

    I always pack workout clothes and squeeze in some exercise when traveling. I usually hit up the hotel gym and use the treadmill and weights. My workouts are not usually as intense as what I do at home, but I find it important to do something. We were in Arizona a few weeks ago and I went to a Yoga class at a studio close to our hotel. I like trying out new Yoga classes as well when I travel.

  15. says

    I love to run through new cities every time I travel! When I studied abroad last year, my friends and I ran in every city we visited: from Prague to Brussels to Rome and everywhere in between. Truly some of the best memories, and an awesome way to see the city!

  16. says

    Definitely – it’s BAU ie runs, gym, yoga. I tend to check out places to run (asking for tips/info on the blog, friends, local running clubs), gyms/fitness centres, yoga studios.

  17. says

    I’m going to NYC tomorrow, and am planning on running in Central Park and making time to do my strength training workouts in the gym. Hopefully I won’t get unmotivated too soon! For me, the problem is EATING – I want everything that looks delicious when I’m on vacation!

  18. says

    Such great tips! Thanks! It’s always a struggle to stay active when traveling. I try to do some of the “hotel room workouts”, using body weight. Actually, I really liked your 7 minute workout video using the Tabata timer. I actually use that regularly in my body weight workouts. Thanks again!

  19. says

    I recently went on a holiday to Paris and all we did was work everywhere the entire week. I thought I was in good shape but my hips and legs were killing me by the end of it!

    But I definitely think it depends on what kind of holiday you are on and how long for 😀

  20. says

    I agree that running around the place you’re traveling to gives you a chance to explore! That’s what I love to do when I travel. I also make sure I have a gym in my hotel. If not I have a bunch of no equipment circuits I like to do!

  21. april says

    i always pack my running shoes and workout clothes just in case. i love to explore the hotel grounds or surrounding area on foot (whether i’m running or just walking and taking pictures). it’s a good way to get in a little exercise and sight-see at the same time. =)

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