Friday Fun with Carrots N’ Cake

Hello! How was your lil day?

hanging out in manhattan beach (450x800)

Mine was great because Tina a la Carrots N Cake came all the way from Boston to visit me in SoCal! What a doll!

manhattan beach on friday (800x450)

Tina’s actually in town for some kind of game contest, Cross-Fight something or other, I’m not sure.

The point is we don’t like to go more than 30 days without hanging out and time was getting close so we made it happen. Next time she says I have to run to Boston. I just looked it up and it’s 3,000 miles. Ah! Wish me luck!

She is staying in Manhattan Beach and we walked down to the beach.

manhattan beach path (450x800)

It was gorgeous today!!! California, I love you.

manhattan beach view (800x450)manhattan beach pier (800x450)

Spotted this on the beach bench… Rise above the hate. Noted.

rise above the hate (450x800)

Five minutes later it was time for lunch. We went to El Sombrero. It’s not the best Mexican food in SoCal but we were hungry. Next time I have to take her to one of my faves.

el sombrero restuarant (450x800)

mexican food for lunch (800x450)

Once we did the responsible thing and ate a meal we got smashed were thirsty for an adult beverage.

Enter the Tin Roof Bistro

tin roof bistro (800x450)

When it’s on the menu, always go with the Brazilian

tin roof menu (450x800)

the brazilian drink

brussel sprouts at tin roof (450x800)

happy hour at tin roof inn (800x800)

Then, it was a real flashback Friday situation that took me right back to the past… I used to drive from Torrance to Irvine every Friday to see Ben via THE 405. The traffic was always RIDICULOUS – and yep, it still is. Not really Nice to know.

long beach commute (800x450)

Question: Do you say “the” before naming freeways like the Californians?

Obviously I do Smile

Have a great weekend!


  1. Candice says

    Hilarious! I lived in Houston for a year and I always said “the” before the freeway. They did not like it. Which is weird because they would say “We are going to Rodeo” and I thought they should say The Rodeo. Needless to say my living in Houston was not successful. lol.

  2. says

    haha I do. just sounds so much better than a number alone….right?!
    also apparently I have a grammatical issue because I always say I’m waiting ‘on’ line which cracks my friends up…I guess I’m supposed to wait ‘in’ line?! hah

  3. Shannon says

    Oh my gosh The Californians were so funny! I totally say “the” before the freeway and I didnt realize it until I moved over to the East Coast and someone pointed it out!

  4. says

    I’m originally an LA girl so I say the before the freeway numbers. I think I’m slowly getting of the habit now that I’ve been living in Milwaukee for two years. Did you used to live in Torrance? That’s where I was born and lived for a while when I moved back before hopping around the South Bay and then the valley. Yikes. Who would have guessed a South Bay girl could actually like the valley?

  5. Sarah H. says

    I grew up in the High Desert in California. I grew up saying “the” before the freeway numbers (Like, I grew up right off of the 15). I’ve lived in Texas for 9 years now and STILL say ‘the’ before the freeway number. I get called on it A LOT :) I won’t ever stop tho, I love when my California shows!

  6. Krista says

    haha that’s funny I love noticing differences in the way people talk like that! I don’t say THE in PA

  7. says

    I’d say that video’s accurate. I’ve lived in San Diego since January and find myself calling it The 15 or The 805. Guess I’m a cool/obnoxious Californian now too

  8. Hillary says

    My best friend makes fun of me because I started saying “the” after living in San Diego for 5 years. Now it’s habit and stuck!

  9. Natalie says

    I do say “the” before naming a freeway but I think that’s a Southern California thing. When I moved up to San Jose, people immediately knew I was from Southern California…they don’t say it up north.

  10. Ella says

    I live in manhattan beach! Glad u were enjoying my beautiful stomping grounds :) I was probably at the pier/beach at the same time as you with my toddler and mom who was visiting from WA. Speaking of that – I grew up in WA and never put “the” in front of freeways, then I moved to the mortheast for 10 years where everyone calls them “highways” and then finally have been in Cali for two years and after some prodding from my Cali born and bred hubby now always says “the 405” etc. I still have trouble with “the 5” though, since we have that in Seattle and call it “I-5.” I find that when I go back home I somehow naturally drop “the” in front of freeway names tho. Weird! Also – in Cali they always call freeway exits by their names (ie Sepulveda or Santa Monica) but in WA we often use exit numbers. Yet another thing my Cali man has beat out of me. (Ok not really beat out of me.)

  11. says

    Now that you mention it — I guess I do. Ha — who knew?

    In Chicago all the freeways were called by names, like the Dan Ryan or Eisenhower, so for the time I lived there I got used to calling them names, but “the” was definitely still in front of them.

  12. Mercy says

    Haha, as previous commenters have pointed out, it’s definitely a SoCal thing. Funny thing is, now that I live in NorCal, I DON’T use it for freeways up here, but when I go down south to visit, I still use “the” in front of all the so-cal freeways. And for I-5…I think when I’m leaving Northern CA, I don’t use “the,” but I DO use it when I’m in LA. Old habits die hard, I guess!

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