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Hello! I was looking around twitter and Facebook this morning and it looks like a lot of people were racing and tri-ing this weekend! Congratulations to all! I’m inviting you to share your race recaps in the comments below.

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Motivation Monday

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I pretty much always take the day after a race off from running so I’ll probably take a walk and do some stretching in a bit. All while listening to my favorite song of the day…

July Race Recaps

Come share your race recaps for July!

I’d like to share the love on RER – At the end of each month I’m inviting you to share a link to your Race Recap for that month OR write a recap in the comments.

– Make sure to Name the race AND Date so others can use it for reference / race research later!

– Link to your recap OR write a quick recap in the comments.

– Any type of race / triathlon / mud run / etc is welcome.

Leave a comment with the name of your July Race and a link to your Race Recap or write some bullet points about it below.


Share your favorite workout for the month!

(Comments with links in them stay in moderation, so I will approve them. Don’t worry if it doesn’t go up right away.)


  1. says

    I know this is a running blog but I don’t race much. I have toyed with the idea of doing a half and you keep me inspired to just go out and get my 3 miles 3 times a week. I should sign up for a race to put a goal out there in front of me. Great blog, keep writing.

  2. says

    Good idea 😀 No races this month, but I’m running a local 13.1 on Sunday. I’ll be sure to share a recap of it at the end of August.

  3. says

    Love this idea! I ran a local 5K two weekends ago when I was visiting my family in WA. It was my first time seeing an average pace below the 8’s and my first time placing! 1st in my AG, 4th woman overall, and a 7:59 average pace. I had the biggest smile on my face the rest of the weekend :)


    PS I’ll be road tripping down through California in the middle of marathon training. I’ll be in the LA area for a few days, would be fun to meet up for a run! :)

  4. says

    LOVE this idea, RER!: well here’s my post about the Queens 10K. It’s not exactly a recap specifically of the route, logistics etc. but more just about the day. It’s a local 10k so I don’t think anyone would be traveling in just for this event. But if you live close to NYC I highly recommend the entire 5 boro series of events….I’ve got BIG events planned for September, October and November and I’ll be sure to share recaps of those.


  5. says

    Ran my first 10k this month. Really awesome in the rain. Plus did a one-man-marathon. That was less fun, but gave me an excuse to pig out for three days!

  6. Jennifer says

    I ran the Red, White and Boom Half Marathon held on July 4th in Minneapolis. It was a lot of fun and I especially enjoyed the post race food – watermelon, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, etc. It was a great way to start the 4th of July holiday. Will definitely do again next year.

  7. Jackie says

    I ran the Bear Brook Trail Marathon in Allenstown, NH. 98% single-track with constant roots, rocks and other “trippables,” and mucho mud. My first trail marathon, and by far my slowest, but I’m grateful that I kept chugging and got my finisher’s pint glass. :) Oh, and the “Cups” song was an earworm for me during those 7 hours too!!


    I have new respect for those wicked-tough New England “runnahs” who scrambled up and down those technical trails like pros!!

    Race swag included a black fly patch to wear on the back of your hat/shirt (as those little buggers are everywhere in northern New England this time of year…fortunately they were not as many as I feared).

  8. Sarah G. says

    Love this idea!

    My race recap for July is the Pennsylvania Spartan Sprint on July 13th. My husband and I did it together, and it was both of our first mud/obstacle run. This was right up his alley since he’s also a CrossFit guy, but I was nervous about it being I am solely a distance runner. However, it turned out to be easier than we expected (I still had to do some burpees for obstacles I couldn’t finish, like the spear toss and climbing the gym rope) and it was so much fun to do it together! He is doing the Super Spartan in NJ this September which is a lot longer and tougher – however, I’ll just be cheering him on for that one. 😉

  9. says

    I did my second 5K, the Seafair Torchlight Run in Seattle last Saturday, which was pirate-themed & very fun. (Link: http://www.seafair.com/AnEvent.aspx?ID=7&SecID=893)

    We ran an hour before the Torchlight Parade, on the parade route! Everyone was cheering us on and kids were lining up for high-5’s. Despite starting with side-stitches 10 minutes in and there being a lot of hills, my time was only about 1-2 mins slower than my first 5K. I’m looking forward to getting faster.

  10. Bridgette says

    I ran the Rosaryville 10 miler trail run on Sunday, July 21, in Upper Marlboro, MD. Although I am avid hiker, this i was my second trail race. My first trail race was as a member of a marathon relay team for the Northface Endurance Challenge in June. The park was beautiful but with temps of 92 degrees and 76% humidity. I was more than content with just this race being a training run(training for my 1st marathon in the Fall), so with the weather and my attitude completed adjusted I pretty much took it easy and walked the inclines. When we received the results later that night, I was shocked to learn I placed second in my age group 30-39. It was the most wonderful and unexpected gift/ surprise. I never ever..ever..ever thought dreamed of placing in any of my races. I am totally in love in trail running.


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