New Tunes Tuesday–Running Playlist

Hello! After some very rigorous research I can confidently share that the new Trader Joe’s cold brewed iced coffee is good!


It is concentrated so you are supposed to mix it with one part iced coffee, two parts milk or water. I made it with Silk Almond Milk and some stevia. Amazing.


I have been getting bored on my longer runs and am in desperate need of a new playlist. As part of my partnership with Brooks the company asked me for my top two favorite running songs right now. They are putting together a master playlist from all the Brooks Run Happy Ambassadors on Spotify. I’ll share it when it’s done!

I went to check it out and put together a running music playlist of my own.


Right now I’m digging Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines (but who isn’t)

Outside of that and a few random songs like one from the new Kanye album I need ideas! At this point I have spent hours and hours with the same songs and I’m kinda over it.

Well, I’ll never be over Mr. Telo:

Anyway. I need your help!

ridiculous music

What is your favorite workout song this week?

I kinda feel like I need some MJ in my life, I can’t believe I don’t have him on my list at all!

This post is part of my Brooks Run Happy Ambassadorship. All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    That song is so addicting! I normally listen to Pandora’s Workout Station “Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout…” and for whatever reason when Calvin Harris Feel So Close comes up I get really motivated!

    AND I need to try that coffee!! :)

    Sara :)

  2. says

    I could use some new tunes as well. I still like Harlem Shake when I am running along with anything Pit Bull, Rihanna’s Right Now, The Other Side from Jason Derullo, and an all time favorite, never gets old for me, Coldplay’s Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall. Not sure why but I like running to it!

  3. Anna says

    Wake Me Up – Avicii. UH-MAY-ZING

    Royals – Lorde. A bit slower paced so maybe that’s not your thing. It’s so good though!!!

    • Micaela says

      I was just going to add Royals because I’m legit obsessed! She is from NZ like me so I feel like we are friends.

  4. says

    Pitbull – Don’t Stop the Party. Really, anything by Pitbull gets me going! And my Pandora station never seems to tire of Ai Se Eu Te Pego either…but sadly I did.

  5. says

    I really love Hello by Martin Solveig and Paper Romance by Groove Armada.

    Any really, anything by Daft Punk. Particularly Da Funk and Robot Rock.

  6. says

    I wrote on my blog about this a few months ago…
    I have a pretty big playlist that I use every run…I’ve added some things to it recently Like: “Mama said knock you out”- LL Cool J, “My Songs know what you did in the dark” Fall Out Boy, “Can’t Stop Moving” Sonny J, “Bounce” Calvin Harris Feat. Kelis, “Monster” Kanye West, and “Wings” Little Mix!
    I’m trying to add some more to my list so I’m excited to see what ya’ll come up with!! :)

  7. Salima says

    Try working out to Cant Hold Us bu Macklemore and Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5 (old song I know- but it still rocks)…I also like Blurred Lines. Any type of hip hop songs would work too.

  8. Angie says

    Beyonce “Run the World”; Limp Bizkit ” Nookie” and “Rollin’ “; Destruction “Inside the Fire” (that’s my POWER song!!!); Eminem “Lose Yourself”; Britney Spears “3”, “Circus” , “Til The World Ends”; Usher “Li’l Freak”, “Scream”; J.Lo and Pitbull “On the Dance Floor”; Metallica “Enter Sandman”; Fort Minor “Remember the Name” (my other POWER song!!); Kesha “Blow”

    Just to name a few…. LOL
    Pretty weird mix, huh?? But I LOVE it!!

  9. says

    Okay go ahead and mock me now but my current 2 favorite running songs are…

    1. Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” (let the comments begin HA)
    2. 2 Chainz ft Wiz Khalifa “We Own It”

    I have a bunch more. I wrote about it as well on my blog a while back but I am need of a new playlist too!

  10. Kathleen says

    Recovery by Frank Turner
    Wild Ones by Flo Rida
    Rumble & Sway by Jamie N Commons
    Fade Like a Shadow by KT Tunstall
    Safe and Sound by Capital Cities
    Out of My League by Fitz and the Tantrums
    Red Hands by Walk Off the Earth
    Supersoaker by Kings of Leon
    Trojans by Atlas Genius
    Lonely Boy by The Black Keys
    Feel Again by OneRepublic
    Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
    Everybody Talks by Neon Trees
    Most anything by Pink

    • Kate says

      Kathleen – Thank you for sharing this list! We have similar tastes in music and I just downloaded all of these songs for my long run tomorrow. =-)

  11. says

    I am always looking for new running songs! I get bored with my playlist so easily! Here are some of the more out-there songs I’ve found so you might not have them – hope you like them!

    “Walcott” Vampire Weekend
    “Don’t You Worry Child” Sugar House Mafia (stole this from Body Pump!)
    “Heavy Cross” Gossip
    “Better” K’Naan (this song actually has a line about “brushing off my kicks!”)
    “Hall of Fame” Script ft.
    “Suzie” Boy Kill Boy

  12. Collette says

    My favorites right now are:
    Run this World – Beyoncé
    Beautiful People – Christina Aguilera
    Raise Your Glass – Pink

  13. Megan says

    I absolutely love Treasure by Bruno Mars. I put it on repeat (yes, really) for the final two miles of every long run. It seriously makes me feel peppy and happy (at a time when I am typically neither).

  14. Julie says

    You can never go wrong with Britney’s Gimme More!

    My fave of the week is JT’s Sexyback (Linus Loves Remix)

  15. Kelly says

    My most recent adds are a mix of old and new because I was sick of my list as well

    The Way You Move – OutKast – though too much time to listen to the lyrics when I run and really could live without some of them

    It’s Time – Imagine Dragons

    Switch – Will Smith

    Blurred Lines –

    Safe and Sound – Capital Cities

  16. says

    My power song is Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler from the Footlose Soundtrack… yes I know it’s SUPER dorky but I gotta say, I get up hills fast when that song is blaring in my ears! Actually, most of the Footlose soundtrack gets me pumped… and now you know I’m old.

  17. says

    Is it embarrassing that Call Me Maybe still has me fist pumping on my runs? That and basically anything Black Eyed Peas…

    Yeah, for sure is embarrassing.

  18. says

    I’m in the same boat but I like that list you showed! Can’t wait to see the full Brook’s list! Blurred Lines is my ish right now as well as We Can’t Stop by Miley, Rihanna – Phresh off the runway & Fall out boy – My songs know what you did in the dark! Also throwbacks get me hype like MJ – PYT & Envogue – Free your mind.

  19. says

    YUM! I need to get some of that coffee. 😀

    I have these two songs by Little Dragon on my playlist that I love, “Ritual Union” and “Fortune (Iambic Remix)”.

  20. Amy says

    How about my current favorite eight?

    Foals: My Number
    Matt & Kim: Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare
    The Jezabels: Endless Summer
    Empire of the Sun: DNA
    HAIM: Don’t Save Me
    Tegan & Sara: Closer
    Daft Punk: Doin’ It Right
    CHVRCHES: The Mother We Share

  21. says

    Love MJ! Black or White, Bad, Billie Jean, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, Smooth Criminal, The Way You Make Me Feel … LOVE them all.

  22. says

    If I’m not on Pandora, my ipod is chock full of MJ and JT. That’s about it.

    How do you survive without a little PYT? Or Off the Wall? …for shame, for shame.

  23. Steph F. says

    My two favorite running songs right now are Ways to Go by Grouplove and Bleed Out by Blue October. I’m also on a Mackelmore kick and really like And We Danced, though I guess I should say it’s kind of an “R” song 😛

  24. Jess says

    I’ve been listening to the Spin Cycle channel on I Heart Radio (it doesn’t stop playing after one hour like Pandora and prompt me to say YES, keep playing!) They play some great mixed songs, especially in the early morning when I usually try to run, from all across the board.

    My current favs are anything from Avicii or Tiesto or Icono Pop “I Love It”.

    Give me anything with a good beat, and I’m happy.

  25. Annemarie/Carmie says

    I love this post! So many great suggestions by your readers. I heard “Sweet Nothing” by Calvin Harris (ft Florence Welch) twice at the Beach to Beacon and I’ve happily added it to my list. And a cover of Long Train Running by Bananarama (and the Gipsy Kings!) is something I want to try adding! Everyone could use a little flamenco on their playlist, I say!

  26. Meagan says

    Sail- awolnation
    Demons-imagine dragons
    Stronger- Kanye west
    Machine head- bush
    I’m the only one- Melissa etheridge
    Battlescars- ( can’t remember name lol)
    Disney songs to such as we are men, make fun but it gets me going every time!


  27. Dani J says

    I have gotten sick of listening to my same old tunes, so I downloaded a free app of audiobooks. It only has the classics, but spending 14 miles with A Tale of Two Cities was so much more enjoyable than repeats of Ke$ha and Florida Georgia Line…;)

  28. Diana says

    Yess! You need some MJ in your playlist. I personally love to listen to “The Way You Make Me Feel” during my run. It puts an extra pep in my steps and I catch myself dancing and enjoying my run a little more.

    Robin Thicke is a must. I also currently added Selena Gomez “Come and Get It.”

    OH! Are you a fan of the spanish rock band Mana?

  29. Jaclyn says

    Try anything by The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. All super upbeat British rock (minus The Strokes being British!) I also always liked Eminem-Lose Yourself and The Veronica’s-Untouched.

  30. Mia says

    So many people recommended Wake me up by Avicii that i had to check it out. Yup. Love it. Thanks everyone.
    PS, i LOVE posts like this. I’m always looking for new music to run to, and have found so many songs from blog posts and people comments, so thanks.

  31. ginger says

    Madness – Muse
    Supremacy – Muse
    Stupid – Kacey Musgraves
    Blowin’ Smoke – Kacey Musgraves
    Boots On – Randy Houser
    Cruise – Florida-Georgia Line featuring Nelly
    Whiskey – Jana Kramer
    Starships – Nicki Minaj
    Sin Wagon – Dixie Chicks
    Get Right – J Lo
    Disturbia – Rihanna

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