Sunday Highs and Lows

Hello and Happy Sunday!!!

I stepped away from the computer yesterday to regroup. It was nice. I think I might start doing that more often wlEmoticon smile6 Sunday Highs and Lows

im burnt out thumb Sunday Highs and Lows

Buuuut – now it’s time to get it together. I have my lil Sunday Set Up below. But first here are this weekend’s highs and lows…

I did a 15 miler yesterday that helped me clear my mind and regroup. It was nice.

image thumb12 Sunday Highs and Lows

Chocolate. Always a high point.

image thumb13 Sunday Highs and Lows

High aye aye – creating a fabulous watermelon recovery drink!!! Love love love.

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Sunday breakfast!

IMG 2952 800x533 thumb Sunday Highs and Lows

One lil low: I broke a glass right on the floor between me and the rest of civilization.

So, I had to climb on the counter, onto the table and leap to my shoes for safety. Ha! It was kinda funny, but why am I alone when things like that happen?!

IMG 2997 533x800 thumb Sunday Highs and Lows

Sunday Set Up

– time to set yourself up for a great week!

image thumb14 Sunday Highs and Lows

Exercise plan is done and written on my calendar.



Lunches: Stocked on salad supplies or leftovers


  • Bought a watermelon! (That should last till Monday)
  • Going to whip up a batch of PB&J Protein Bites
  • Quest bars and dark chocolate for dessert


  • Tonight – with the fam
  • Monday – Enchilada Bake
  • Tuesday – Breakfast for dinner
  • Wednesday – with the girls
  • Thursday – Stir fry
  • Friday – Kinda craving salmon with sweet potatoes
  • Saturday – out and about

*I am finally and slowly starting to add recipes to my recipe page via Recipage so they are searchable. Stay tuned!

Question: Did you plan out your week yet?


  1. says

    When I don’t plan weekly meals (which has been more common lately) I end up looking aimlessly at my cupboard and fridge trying to figure out what to make. I need to get better at meal planning! Makes things so much easier and less tempting to go grab food somewhere. I’m usually good with breakfast/lunch, but dinner is a different story!

  2. says

    Lately I have been planning my weeks out meticulously because I have so much to do to prepare for fall student teaching. I have been so grateful for my trusty planner, because it allows me to see what I need to do and where to fit in my workouts. This week I am making BBQ chicken in the crockpot, but still aren’t sure what else to make for the other days.

  3. says

    my week is not planned probably should be! I made some healthy foods to get me through the week so even though I didn’t plan it out hopefully having all those healthy foods on hand will help me eat clean!

  4. Kelly says

    Workouts planned. Breakfast and lunch prepared for the week. Dinner still not done.

    Very excited to have done 5 sub 12 minute miles today. I’m working my way to being able to run a half. Slow by RER standards but was good for me.

  5. Kelly says

    Ooooooh. And bought a new running bra. Have been wearing Enell because I have had trouble finding anything supportive enough for DDD girls.

  6. says

    I used to plan out my week a lot more when I was working full time, but now it isn’t quite as planned out. I have a couple interviews scheduled and I know my hard workouts are Monday and Wednesday with a possible 10k this weekend but other then that I just take it a day at a time. Sometimes less planning helps me off and on. Glad you are prepared for the week!

  7. says

    I am so bad at meal planning. I plan our breakfast (fruits), and lunches (salads), but I never plan dinners…I need to start doing that because it skyrockets our grocery budget when we end up at the grocery store every night!

  8. says

    I don’t plan my meals or my workouts in advance… Haha I’m not that organized. I do want to make a pizza this week, since I have some mozz to use up, so that will happen. I also might do a 6 mile trail run tomorrow if I’m feeling up for it. Other than that… I dunno. Run a bit, bike a bit. Try to get my mileage up in the 30′s (finally).

  9. says

    That watermelon juice looks amazing! I am very jealous…it is literally pouring down outside where I am. So organised of you to plan out all your meals, I generally cook one massive meal then eat it for about 4 days in a row =P

  10. says

    I’m definitely back on the bandwagon of planning my workouts. I started last week. Meals…not so much. Luckily my husband eats leftovers and tonight we had your stuffed Mexican peppers (which were awesome by the way) and there is a lot of filling left over for him to eat!

  11. says

    I can’t wait to meal plan again. I’ve been without a kitchen for three months now and making do with a camping stove and George Forman grill. It gets old real quick! One more week…

  12. says

    I try to plan my weekend but things never go the way I see it in my head. So now I’m kind of going with the flow. I write down a lot of plans but I think I just do it to keep me busy and my mind entertained for a little bit.

  13. says

    Just got home from Hat Yai – weekend getaway at the border town for a dose of cheap food, shopping and a spot of run (Hat Yai Nature Run put on by the Prince of Songkhla University). All’s well and good. Probably plan this week’s workout soon…or maybe tomorrow. :P

  14. says

    Planning is great, but I have been planning things many, many weeks in a row now. I think this week I am just going to have an idea of what I want to do without a plan and see how that goes. Hopefully this will be a relaxing week where I don’t feel guilty for missing a run or workout goal.

  15. says

    We’re having our kitchen counters redone this week… meaning no way to cook besides a microwave. This has definitely made meal planning a challenge to say the least haha. Your menu sounds delish though!

  16. Anne says

    Wow! right now i only run 2 to 3 miles at a time! I bike 14 to 15 miles a couple times a week and that seems like plenty! :)

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