Confession Thursday–Banana Dreams

It’s Confession Thursday! Time for me to come clean about all my dirty little secrets (or at least the ones I’m willing to write about on the internet)…


confession thursday

1. I feel like I’ve been eating bananas like a crazy person mono so I didn’t buy any more at the store this week. Then, I had a dream about them last night. I have a problem.


2. Sometimes I loiter around the watermelon section of the store so I can offer my watermelon picking skills to other customers. I’ve helped about 12 people so far and the mission continues…


(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

3. I wait until my eyebrows are ridic to get them threaded because it HURTS and I like them thick anyway.


The ladies always get mad at me for waiting so long, oh well.

cuz i dont want to

4. I want a juicer soooooo bad, but part of me knows I would probably not actually use it as often as I think.

juice me up baby (450x800)

5. I made cranberry protein bread the other day to share.

Um, someone needs to work on sharing. I mean, not me though. My mom should have taught me that way back in the day. I’m a lost cause.

cranberry bread protein powder (800x450)

6. I accidentally bought ‘no salt’ chips this weekend. Not cool. So, I spray them with ICBINButta spray and salt them.

chips need salt (450x800)

7. I have a drinking problem.

drinking problem. (800x450)

8. I chopped up a waffle to scrape out the last of the jam. Not something I’m proud of, but I will probably do it again.

scraping the jar (450x800)

9. I’m not digging this new 4 day running schedule because I’m sad about not running today. But my body needed a break so I had to take it. Noted for the next time.

10. I stayed up late watching HoneyBooBoo last night (yes, I know it’s not CNN but I like them). They are trying to lose weight and tried the Cabbage Soup Diet. I have totally done that diet before too. It’s gross.

my size is cute

Question: What do you have to confess?


  1. says

    I used a juicer for about 6 months, then I broke it. It was great and I need to get a new one. Watermelon works great in the juicer, bananas not so much.
    What are “no salt chips”? I think if they don’t have salt they are not chips. They should have a different name as not to be confused. It’s not your fault you ended up with this unholy creation.

  2. says

    I eat feta from the tub while cooking.
    I’m obsessed with fresh shredded parm.
    I throw away bread ties and just twist and tuck.
    I only wash my hair every 15-20 days. And only with baking soda.

    :) Man, I feel much better!

    Oh, last confession: I didn’t give it my all this a.m. at the gym. :(

  3. says

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I have been a treadmill walking monster this week in preparation for my orthopedic telling me I am allowed to start running. I’m slightly terrified to start though because what if I am running a 13 minute mile?!?! I want to make a sign that says “THIS IS MY FIRST RUN SINCE KNEE SURGERY, NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS” orrrrr I will just continue to wear a knee brace even though I don’t have to so that people are like “oh, somethings up, she isn’t just being lazy”. Ridiculous.

  4. says

    These are hilarious. I love that you’re wearing your Garmin as a normal watch in number 4.
    Sometimes I eat carrots & peanut butter…except really I just lick the peanut butter off and use the same carrot over and over.

  5. says

    Two Confessions:
    1. I am incredibly superstitious, I will always tap my car 7 times at the end of my run. Weird, yes I know.
    2. Most days I will leave my paper tape chaffing protectors on for the next day’s run.
    Runners are a weird group of people. That could be a confession if it wasn’t more of a truth.

  6. Melanie Riojas says

    You are funny!

    I think the real confession about the juicer is that you don’t want to spend your own money to buy one. You are waiting for a company to give one to you just like the time your pants broke and then somehow someone at Target “coincidentally” found out and offered to replace them. Just buy one. Actually I am very surprised you don’t have one already.

  7. says

    We’d be besties… I drink that much Sparkling Water in a few hours myself :)

    Hey – what do you do when watermelon season is over?

    I am actually thinking of selling my Juicer. I have a NutriBullet & just bought Montel Williams Health master – those do better for me. & I think you loose so much in the stuff you throw out in a juicer. So yeah, save your money… get a $99 nutribullet instead

  8. Stephanie says

    Please give me some insight on how to pick a good watermelon. I always think I am going to cut into a bright and beautiful red watermelon and then when I get it home, it’s pink and not good at all.

  9. Amanda says

    I have the same problem with apples that you do with bananas. I can eat multiple apples in a row, but they never really fill me up.

    I bought no salt pistachios from Trader Joes the other week because they were out of salted and they’re really bad. It’s very hard to salt pistachios, though. Between cracking the shell and salting it takes like 30 seconds to eat one.

  10. Sarah G. says

    I’m not a Honey Boo Boo fan, but that last clip is undeniably adorable.

    My confession is, tonight I am racing my first 5K since April and I am pretty sure all this marathon training has made my fast-running muscles inoperable, sooo this should be interesting. I am a little scared.

  11. Whitney says

    How is threading different than waxing? I’ve always wanted to try it but have stuck with waxing. Does threading last longer?

  12. Tara says

    I love dates…but mostly if they are dipped in PB (my splurge)

    I told my friend I would do a half in Oct with her. I have yet to sign up and not sure I want to. The thought of training right now does not excite me in the least.

    can you post the protein cranberry bread recipe?

  13. says

    I cannot share anything I bake. FACT. I loiter in the kitchen until it is all eaten.
    That is a crazy stack of watermelons! I have never seen so many watermelons in my life! Our shops have like three in at a time. It’s sad.

  14. says

    Hahaha I love your confessions! One of mine is that when I get bored at the gym I put on a show so people don’t think I’m just lazy (I realize no one cares, but I do it anyway). I look at the clock, then at my phone and then suddenly look concerned as if I’m late for something. I’m embarrassed I’m even writing this down.

    • Mia says

      I do this all.the.time. For everything. in a store that’s to fancy/expensive/quite, pretend i’m getting a phone call and leave. Late night class at they gym, and i’m tired, they announce that day care’s closing, pretend i have a kid. Running outside and over it, look very concerned at my garmin, maybe tap it, stop running….and so on. Ha. So silly and embarrassing!

  15. says

    I have at least 15 bananas on my counter right now. And it’s just me and my husband. I use them in everything though! I also just bought a dehydrator and want to make banana chips. I can’t stand to be out of bananas haha

  16. says

    Bless me, RER, for I have sinned.

    I need to confess to eating at our local cafe far more than I eat at home.
    I also confess to sometimes stopping to take a photo while running just to stop, not because there’s something worth photographing….

    Cute First Communion pic- I wonder if my parents have any photos of mine, I’ll need to ask!!

  17. says

    I am going to make a confession for my fiance. Don’t be embarrased about the waffle and jam. I know my fiance just sticks his toung in the jar (no matter how large said jar may be). He comes back and talks like nothing just happened, but has a line of jam on his face. Gotcha dude…too easy.

  18. says

    I am obsessed with bananas too…the frozen, chocolate covered ones! OMG! Just tried a Banana Baby.

    Confession: I emailed my parents to say I was too busy with work to have dinner with them tonight. I live a mile away and I went for a 6 mile run earlier and was petrified they would drive past me and then be mad that I wasn’t working.

  19. says

    Love that first picture-so cute! My confession: I put my cereals+milk in the microwave for 50sec before eating it because I like for my cereals to be super-mushy…

  20. says

    How is the coconut water?! I’ve heard it was really good and every time I see a picture of it, my mouth starts watering..really. LOL! But follow my blog…I LOVE YOURS! And I just started this whole blogging for weightloss thing :)

  21. zoe says

    1. I bought salted/oiled/ greased up like a hog PITA CHIPS!! so good. Better with hummus 😉
    2. running has just sucked for me lately :( no motivation, aches and pains, tummy problems, too hot, too early, too much hair etc etc. i have all the excuses ready to go haha! so, i’m taking a rest day today and going out tomorrow- i think i’ll set a time goal but no distance. maybe that will help.
    3. i’m kinda cranky with my tummy lately because it’s become more love-handly than i remembered -__- though i did discover pop physique cassey after Julie posted her from the conference! So i’ve been doing that :)
    4. I lolled when i read your disclosure about the watermelon board-sponsered post. HAHAHAH those people shoulda been paying you a LONGG time ago! good for you to plug something you love :)

  22. says

    Confession: I fell dead asleep during a 5 minute savasana at yoga last night and then proceeded to get in my car, in the parking lot, and start clicking my garage door opener. This is what teaching high school kids does to you.

  23. says

    I’ll confess that I’m drinking red wine and chewing strawberry shortcake flavored gum at the same time – and they go together to a marvel. The French would soooo kill me… but hey, I’m not in France anymore. Yay, America and the good ol’ freedom;)

  24. says

    Fun and sort of sad fact… I grew up just a couple miles from honey boo boo and my cousin actually works at the gas station next to their house (he is in highschool and works there in the afternoon). And just an FYI: I don’t think I sound like they do but I also don’t have to read the subtitles to understand them :)

  25. Dynamics says

    I thought of you the other day when the cashier told me a I picked a great watermelon. I said, yes Monica said to buy a heavy one and the cashier said the yellow on the bottom was a good choice, but I knew that and she pointed out i had like a seam and she said my watermelon was going to be super sweet because of the bees? WTF??? She said the seam was where the bees were and it makes the watermelon sweeter. Have you ever heard about that?

    I made watermelon slushy/icee type drink. Half frozen watermelon and half fresh. OMG, it was soooooo good and refreshing on a hot, hot day.

    I always wondered if your ears burn a lot cause so many people talk about you? LOL

    Sorry to those of you who are cringing because of my horrible not proper English comment. I figured Monica would be okay with it. :)

  26. says

    Taking a rest day from running today too! My right hip groin area feels so tired, overworked and when running, feels like I’m using the right side more and muscles feel unbalanced. Hoping the day off helps.

  27. Christine says

    I confess, I ran 5 miles yesterday. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I also ate 2 bowls of Breyer’s triple chocolate ice cream! But it was really yummy :-)

  28. says

    It hurts when you get your eyebrows threaded?! You need to go to a new place! I have uber sensitive skin and threading is the only thing that doesn’t hurt me! I once went to a different place than usual and the threading artist was horrible and it HURT so now I know it’s definitely all about the technique!

    My confession? I totally record Honey Boo Boo and have HBB marathons when Jesse goes away for work as he HATES the show and won’t let me watch it! Totally my guilty pleasure haha

  29. says

    confession: my boyfriend really wants me to go halfers on a juicer (which I also would love to have) but I’m reluctant because of all the money we would then spend on fruits/veggies. I’m a broke college kid!

  30. says

    This is hilarious! I especially love the one about watermelon-picking. I need a fruit-picker in my life, stat!

    Who knew salt-less chips existed? What a terrible idea! Might as well try dunking cardboard in salsa…

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