My Friday and the Long Beach Marathon Expo

My day started the usual way, a run and an eat…

morning run (800x800)

breakfast of monicans (800x800)

Then, I got some work done before taking a lunch break at the nail place. This makes me feel good Smile

nail day (800x800)

Eventually I made my way down to Long Beach for the race expo. Ahhhh, it made me realize how much I miss the LBC.

i love long beach (800x450)

I scored a great parking spot on the street and did the usual bib pick up, grab a shirt, eat some samples.

long beach marathon expo t shirt booth (800x450)

I spotted a few of my favorite things too! ProCompression has a booth at Long Beach . Stop and say “hello”!

long beach marathon expo (800x800)

SportHooks is at the Long Beach expo and Chicago too! They are selling the cutest danglers that can be used on the hooks or as a decoration or ornament too! Great idea!

sport hooks booth (800x450)

sport hooks booth long beach expo (800x800)

Then, reader Claudia spotted me as I was taking this picture and it almost resulted in both of us having to go the hospital. Long story Winking smile Sorry! (Please tell me it was Claudia and not Lauren, I met a few people today and I’m not sure.)

26.2 miles is for suckas (450x800)

i should have picked 13.1 (800x450)

long beach expo (800x450)

long beach fountains (800x450)

On the way home I heard Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball three times. I actually love the song. But, I don’t understand why she is licking the sledge hammer in the video? Other than that I’m down for whatev.

Now I’m ready for a glass of wine and some relaxation time.

Question: What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Laura P says

    We’ll be celebrating my baby turning two! This includes pizza and cake, so can’t go wrong there, lol.

    Good luck in Long Beach, can’t wait to read your recap.

  2. says

    Looks like a great time! :) I’ve only had the reader run in once before… I bet you get it a lot! :)
    I don’t get Miley either… at all lol…
    This weekend I’m am relaxing with a cup of tea and some apple chips and a book! Maybe get some crocheting done! :)

  3. april says

    i love race expos! good luck in LB this weekend! =)

    my mom and i are going to bon jovi’s show at staples tonight, yay!

  4. says

    I have a trail 5k tomorrow at the summer camp my husband and I met at. Perfect fall weather and the trees are looking spectacular. Should be good.

    Good luck at your race!

  5. says

    I can’t believe you get pedis. I only run 10ks and I am way too embarrassed for anyone to see my toes. How do you manage to keep all nails intact? I’m missing at least 3 (but that might be from hiking?) I’m totally jealous.

  6. Claudia says

    You got it right! It was me! :) I really did not know how to react to that guy! I just need to learn how to kindly say no but I think you handled it better haha. It was nice meeting you and good luck on Sunday again!

    P.S. Very happy we didn’t end up having to go to the hospital before the marathon 😉

  7. says

    Tracking friends running the Chicago and Melbourne marathons and then supporting/volunteering/cheering friends doing the 12hr ultra Back 2 Endurance race (local event). All the best for Chi-Town!

  8. Becky says

    I PR’d the 10K at the Dempsey challenge in Maine this morning and saw Patrick Dempsey which was clearly the highlight. He’s Mc Dreamy in person too! Enjoy your race tomorrow!

  9. Kim says

    Hi! I like your blog because I’m running a half marathon this spring and it gives me motivation to get out there and run :)

    This weekend I’ve mostly been studying, we have exams coming up in two weeks so I’m pretty stressed out right now. A couple of friends hang out at my place yesterday and we studied and ate pizza 😉 And on friday I met another friend and we drank wine and ate food! That was my weekend this far, today I’m studying more and doing laundry..

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