Running with Bart Yasso and Meeting Summer Sanders

Wow. Every minute of this weekend was packed with amazing people, fun events and running running running! Friday feels like ages ago – but I really wanted to share because it was AWESOME.

steel stacks (800x450)

Friday morning was my first full day in Bethlehem and we had a bright and early wake up call for a shake out run with Bart Yasso. We did about 3 miles around the area near the steel stacks, which was a preview of the race course.

running with bart yasso (800x450)

It was absolutely GORGEOUS. Fall is my favorite season and I think I’d love to live somewhere that gets a ‘real’ leaves changing color, crisp mornings, apple picking, sweater season Fall. Just like this…

bethelhem pa (800x450)

Yasso grew up in Bethlehem and his family contributed about 125 years of work (combined) at the steel factory. So not only were we running with a legend – no one knows this area better.

I ran along side him for a little while and asked him the most important question anyone doing the infamous Yasso 800s would want to know – “how do I conquer your 800s?!”

He said most people do them too quickly. Then, they can’t do them all. If you can’t make it to the end you have to keep working on it. A lot of people can only do 6 or so at first, but you can build up to it.

bethlehem run (800x450)running across the bridge in bethlehem (800x450)

Side note: One of my favorite picture of the weekend has to be David Tratner trying to do my running pose!


We also had a fun little “Skirt Olympics” where we had to run across the patio, put on a skirt, run back put on compression socks and run back! It was fun and super funny! (Note to self  – don’t pack your hole-y socks on trips because you may have to play games where you take your shoes off and embarrass yourself.)

post running skirt olympics (800x450)skirt olympics (800x450)skirt olympics with running skirts (287x510)

After our run we had breakfast in the Arts Quest building.

breakfast day one of runners world weekend (800x450)

Then, Golden Harper co-founder of Altra gave us a lesson on running form. It was all information that I know from learning about Chi Running (from Coach Steve) but he also had a few new exercises and drills to help with form. And I loved them! **I’m going to share the running form info in a separate post about form soon.

running clinic (800x450)

Reach for the moon!

running form clinic at steel stacks (800x450)

The next session was presented by ProForm featuring their new yoga equipment. They gave us a foldable yoga mat, block, workout band and foam roller in a super cute bag. (SEE BELOW – I already have a lot of this stuff so I’m going to give it away to you!)

proform gift bag (800x450)

Stuft Mama working her new foam roller.

stuft mama rolling (800x450)

The company goal with this gear was to make it cute, but affordable so the price point is reasonable for everyone.

yoga class with proform (800x450)

After the run clinic we had a lunch featuring recipes from the new Runner’s World Cook Book.

runners world cook book (287x510)

This was the impressive menu –

runners world cookbook (287x510)

I’d say my favorite was the mushroom tacos. The mushrooms were seasoned so well I went back for more. They get this Mexican’s stamp of approval! runners world cookbook lunch (800x450)

Plus dessert!

banana oat bars (800x450)

I met the editor of the book  Joanna Sayago Golub is also the food editor for the magazine. I asked her what is the most popular recipe RW has published. She said Deena Kastor’s pizza recipe from a few years back (that is in the book) is probably in the top ten. Um, I’m totally trying that soon!

runners world lunch (800x450)

As we wrapped up lunch Olympic Gold Medalist Summer Sanders, who was running the half marathon, came to talk with us. She just walked right in and started talking to people without a fancy introduction. Sanders was very down-to-earth and friendly (I saw her after the half too).

She told us the story about going to the Olympic trials when she was 15. (She just missed it and really believes it was for the best.) And talked about how she was addicted to that nervous feeling before a swim meet – now running gives her that feeling.

summer sanders cover of runners world (287x510)

After all that fun we headed to the race expo for our bibs and bags.

welcome runners (800x450)

The expo was one of the ways you can see that this race was put on by runners for runners! There weren’t a ton of vendors, but all the ones that were there are reputable, relevant organizations.

eat hard run hard

The group also stopped at the iFit booth to check out their amazing Boston Marathon treadmill. The company organized a contest for us bloggers and I actually won one of the treadmills they were giving away!

ifit group shot (800x450)

My phone died at this point though so I don’t have a lot of pics of the expo. It actually died every day at some point, which was really frustrating (and the reason I don’t have video of the end of the 10k or half marathon). But, I already ordered a new one that is on it’s way – hopefully it will get here before I leave town again this weekend!

pre race (800x450)

After the expo reader Katie spotted me waiting on the street corner for my van. Since my phone was dead Tina took this pic for us. Katie did the hat trick too! How’d it go?

runeatrepeat reader at expo

From the expo we headed back to the hotel for dinner and a movie.  I heard Spirit of the Marathon II was going to be shown on Friday night and I signed up before hand. Then, I convinced SR, Janae and Linda to come with me. We ended packed up food and jammed on it to get there just in time.

I am so so glad we went! The movie was great.

spirit of the marathon (311x553)

Here is my full super not in depth review of Spirit of the Marathon II = I loved it. However…. I didn’t think it was as good as the first one, but I really loved the first one.

This movie told the story of a handful of runners doing the Rome Marathon (part I focused on runners at the Chicago Marathon). I liked that it told some very heart wrenching stories from the runners (like Cliff Scott’s story who I met at the 10K).

But, I wasn’t as inspired as I was after part I. I think I liked part I better because the stories spoke to me – a runner training and getting sidelined due to injury, a slower but super likeable older male runner and of course… Deena Kastor. Love love love. But you know I do want to do the Rome Marathon now.

                 After the movie we called it a night because we had the 5k / 10k in the morning. My 5k / 10k post is here.


Runner’s World and ProForm really hooked me up with great stuff on this trip! I LOVE it! But I already have a foam roller, yoga block and gym bag – so I want to pass it on to you! (I unwrapped the yoga block to use in the session, but that’s it – it’s still new.) I will send you this stuff plus a few extras!!

proform ifit giveaway (800x450)

Leave a comment on this post answering the question below to enter!

Question: What color is your current gym bag?

Contest open to anywhere I can ship it from the USA (so residents of Mars are out). Closes 10/22 at 8pm PST.

Disclaimer: I was invited to these race weekend events by Runner’s World. All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    I guess the color of my gym bag would be green. I seem unsure because I don’t really own a gym bag, but rather pack all my crap into my backpack to run into the gym whenever I get a chance!

  2. says

    My gym bag is purple – my fav color! Thanks for the giveaway, love reading all the recaps from the RW weekend. The hat trick is definitely on my race bucket list now!

  3. Michele Williams says

    What a fun weekend you had!! My sad gym bag WAS navy blue, it fell apart, but that’s good because it was boring!! Ha! :)

    • Jessica says

      Gym bag is blue and white and is a hand me down from a friend who works on a cruise ship… It is uuuugly..could use a new one :)

  4. Stephanie says

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Jealous of meeting Summer Sanders and Bart Yasso! My gym bag is navy and too small for all my gym stuff! :)

  5. Denise says

    My gym bag is an old Tommy Hilfiger give away bag that I got with some perfume purchase over 10 years ago—- can’t say I’m not thrifty — but it really is time for a new one!!!
    Your trip sounds like it was awesome! Good for you

  6. says

    My gym bag at one point was probably an off-white but currently it’s more of a dirty brown with some flowers on it. It’s a one strap bag so I can just sling it over my shoulder when I’m running late but I sure would like a new cut bag that isn’t 5 years old and crusty for trotting to the gym. This post has made me realize I really should wash that bag so thanks for that! :)

  7. Sandy says

    Wow- lots of green gym bags so far. Mine’s green too. Kind of an army green. Definitely not as pretty as that one.

  8. Lindsey says

    My “gym bag” isnt really a gym bag at all… It’s a free Vera Bradley market tote I got with a purchase, but it’s mostly purple! I’d love all this gear!!!

  9. Rachael says

    Is it bad that I don’t even have a gym bag because I refuse to join a gym and will staunchly run outside all winter long. Hello Chicago weather! I’m probably not going to make it. A gym bag would be nice.

  10. Christine says

    My “gym bag” if you want to call it that (it’s a giant old purse) is lime green. I’m so totally jealous you won a Boston treadmill! Those things are legit!

  11. Stacy says

    Hi Monica! I have to say that you really have inspired me to keep running when I want to give up and just go back home. I love your blog for all of your opinions, your TJ food reviews and for your red-headed spunk!

    BTW the color of my gym bag is purple. :)

  12. Hayley says

    My gym bag is supposed to be navy blue with accents of pink, and a pink liner, but there’s so many holes in the blue that it’s more of a pink colour now…

  13. Heatmarie says

    My gym bag is currently a reusable bag from Cracker Barrel which makes me hungry everytime I look at it…counter intuitive?

  14. Karen says

    I go between a navy blue one and a canvas tote depending on if it’s a running/gym day or yoga day.

    Both are always in my car fully equipped incase I change my mind halfway thru the day

  15. says

    My bag is a Fuchsia and Purple combo that is BOOM bright. But its starting to rip, because I’ve had it for 4 years. It has gone through undergrad and Graduate school with me :)

  16. Anna says

    I use a pink vera Bradley bag for my gym bag. I hate that I have to use it, I’d prefer a bag that I can put in wet stuff too.

  17. Kristen says

    I don’t really have a gym bag — my husband donates a lot of blood and they give him bags all the time, and my work gave me one, but they don’t really speak to me…

  18. Adina says

    I’ve been putting off getting a gym bag so this would be great! Looks like you had an amazing time on your trip!

  19. Amy says

    Thanks for the fun updates of all of the fun that you had out there. I loved reading everyone’s blog posts…next best thing to being there. My gym bag is red with a big Cabo San Lucas across it and is in need of a major cleaning. I think I have petrified Cliff shot bloks in the bottom from my marathon training days. Enjoy your day and rest up for your upcoming race.

  20. Lindsay says

    My current gym bag… is whatever color my massive purse is for the day (I should really stop throwing sweaty clothes into my work bags…)

  21. GraceG says

    I actually do not have a gym bag! I just throw my stuff into a cloth grocery bag (cheap and effective but can get smelly)

  22. Alicia Wynn says

    I have a large purple one I use when I have to take all my running gear, and a smaller black one that I use for boot camp!

  23. Ivy says

    I just use my travel carry on bag which I
    found at Target on clearance hours before
    I needed to catch a flight. It’s khaki with
    orange trim.
    Looks like you had fun on your trip, thanks
    for sharing! :)

  24. Natalie P. says

    My bag is basic boring black….and I got it for free from a college career counseling session…..6 years ago…..
    yeah, I need new stuff….
    thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  25. Teresa d says

    My current gym bag is boring black and my yoga mat is getting gross! I’m in the market for some new stuff anD some color!

  26. Summer says

    I suppose green… my current gym bag is my school backpack with my running shoes and a set of tights jammed underneath my laptop. CLAAASSY

  27. Katie says

    I do not currently have one…but I’d love to win one so I can stop stuffing things in my purse on the way into the gym :)

  28. Sarah C. says

    This looks like so much fun! My current gym bag is a million-year-old black backpack I got free for joining the Sierra Club. Do I need a new one? Uh yep!

  29. Leigh-Ann says

    This would be so awesome! I don’t currently have a gym bag because I usually throw my clothes in my car. This is super cute though!!

  30. Melissa says

    I spilled a milky coffee drink all over my old gym bag, so now I use my backpack :(

    Can’t wait to see the movie!

  31. Julie R. says

    My gym bag is pink and black! My husband bought it for me when my old one fell apart. I’m just impressed he walked through a store with a pink and black gym bag!

  32. Jen says

    My gym bag is black and red and has my company logo on it… I’m planning to be in a new (better – ahem) job within the next 6 months, so a new bag would be amazing! 😉

  33. Sarah B says

    My current gym bag is a red Trader Joe’s bag :( It’s too small to pack all the stuff I want, but I guess it keeps me traveling light. Looks like you had fun this weekend!!

  34. Amy says

    I would LOVE to win this bag full of awesome stuff!!

    My gym bag is currently really, really old…ha ha! The color of it is pretty boring. It’s all black. :-(

    I love this one that you got from ProForm during the session at your time at the Marathon trip. I love the grey and pinkness of it! It has spunk! I hope I win it!

    Question: What color is your current gym bag?

  35. says

    Hi! New reader here! I found while looking for running inspiration for after this currently gestating baby is born LOL

    I don’t have a gym bag. I stuff an old multi-colored tote with whatever gear I might need! I can’t wait to start hitting the gym and yoga again.

  36. Clarice says

    I don’t really have a gym bag, I just carry a wristlet to my gym and it’s a green/blue vera bradley pattern!

  37. Allyssa says

    I don’t have a consistent gym bag. I use whatever race bag is within reach, the right size for that day, and isn’t falling apart from too much use!

  38. Michele says

    My gym bag is a sad navy blue, old school Adidas bag left from my high school track and field days (16 years ago!). You were a cool kid if you had one of those back then, and I really wanted to be cool. Now, not so much.

  39. Stephanie says

    My current gym bag is 10 years old and navy blue. I’m in dire need of a new one! Also I could really use that foam roller as well.

  40. Heidi S says

    My gym bag is pink. And I just realized I have had it for about ten years… so I think its time for a new one!

  41. Aimee says

    My gym bag is navy blue and pink!! I really like how the foam roler is a 3 in 1!! Congrats on the races this weekend! I enjoy following your blog- especially this weekend… I felt like I was there with you the whole time. Thanks for sharing your experience with me! It makes me want to sign up for these races next year!

  42. Lauren C. says

    Sadly, I do not have a current gym bag. I’m a stay-at-home mom and most of my workouts are either done in the house or running outside. I would love to win this and I reallllly need a foam roller! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  43. says

    Imagine my surprise as I was scrolling through and saw my picture! Glad I was all cute at the expo and not sweaty and in pain after the races. My races were super-slow, even for this slow runner. I even had a little bit of a panic attack the morning of the half (sat in a corner and tried to pretend I wasn’t crying). I was all better by the time I got to the start, though. Training hasn’t been going well since I did an 18-mile race at the beginning of September. Newbie overtrained and burned out a little? Big surprise. I had tons of fun, though, and fully intend to come back next year with a bunch of friends and knock at least an hour off my total time.

  44. Caroline says

    What does it say about me that I don’t have a gym bag? Explain to me why I choose to carry my phone, water bottle, iPod, pullover, and yoga mat and struggle to open doors and swipe my gym card? Clearly I need some help. Haha.

  45. Michelle says

    I don’t have a real gym bag. I just use a bag I got as a bridesmaid gift. It’s blue but I would really love to win!!

  46. Kristy H. says

    I don’t have a gym bag. I just carry my purse, which is black. Kind of boring. Would love to own a ‘real’ gym bag though.

  47. Jordan says

    My gym bag is an Alice and Wonderland tote that I purchased from Hot Topic approximately 10 years ago. So as you can see I’m in dire need of an upgrade!

  48. Emily M says

    I don’t have a gym bag! Hook me up, please! I agree that Spirit I is way better than II, but I secretly want to run Roma in 2014 too, just so I can say that I have run both Spirit courses, lol (I just did Chicago this past weekend)!

  49. Robyn F. says

    I don’t have a gym bag, foam roller or yoga block, would love to win these. Running first marathon on Dec. 1. Thanks for sharing your great swag!

  50. Rachel says

    I am so excited that this is open to non-USA residents!

    My gym bag is currently non-existant, so this would be amazing. Keep up the good work Monica!

  51. Kate says

    My bag is black with my name and “drum major” embroidered on the side – it’s left over from my high school marching band days! It was perfect for band in high school, but it’s looking pretty worn now. Time for a new one!

  52. JenniferS says

    My current bag is a yucko brown color AND it’s falling apart! Glad you at a great time in my home state although I am on the other end in Pittsburgh! You need to come here next spring and do the Pittsburgh Marathon. There is a local bakery that, in my opinion, has the BEST chocolate chip cookies!

  53. Chelsey jones says

    Wow that looks like it was such an awesome time! Unfortunately I am without a gym bag and am using plastic grocery bags it’s not working out so well ha ha ha.

  54. says

    I don’t even have a gym bag—feel sorry for me yet? If I need to carry my workout wear with me, I usually stuff it into the nearest bag/backpack/Walmart sack. It would be really nice to have a pretty gym bag though!

  55. says

    So jealous of the Boston treadmill that you and HRG are proud owners of. I can definitely tell a difference between my “cheap” $1k treadmill and the gym treadmills.

    My gym bag is plain o’ black but I’m eyeing a pink one!

  56. Kristen says

    My gym bag is black with some colored stripes on the straps! It a little small though, so I really need to get a bigger one.

  57. Jenn says

    My gym bag’s strap wiped off over the summer and I haven’t been able to find an affordable replacement option :( my black purse is doubling as a gym bag and school/everything else bag.

  58. tara says

    Mine is hot pink! It’s an old GAP bag – I really need a true gym bag with pockets because I lose everything down in the mess of stuff!

  59. says

    My gym bag is black, which is basic, but I also work second shift and am at the gym when most of the world is asleep. I would love to update and have something more colorful, especially since most of my running/workout clothes are also black.

  60. Angie says

    Recently started reading your blog and love it. :) I have really enjoyed reading about your Runner’s World weekend. Sounds amazing! Currently I don’t have a gym bag. My previous one was black. :)

  61. DiDi says

    I currently use a walt disney world tote bag as a lame excuse for a real sports bag. The loot you’re giving out looks amazing. I want it !!! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  62. Denise says

    Black with girly pink polka dots and a bow. I guess my running partner didn’t like the boring old Golf Digest one ( I kinda stole it from Great Grandpa 😉 I was using so she had her mom buy me a new one and bring it all the way from Texas.

  63. Annie-Kim says

    I dont have a gym bag because I run outside and do Pilates in a center where I dont need to bring anything…BUT I would love this kit…I ´m trainiing for my first half marathon and a foam roller would be just perfect!

  64. christine says

    I don’t really have a gym bag… I have been using a bag I got at a race..its orange and ugly :( the one you have is so cute!

  65. says

    That’s awesome that you won a treadmill!!

    And sadly, I don’t have a designated gym bag. How is that possible!? My stuff just gets thrown in whatever bag is handy- drawstring bags from past races, reusable grocery bags, my purse if there’s room, etc.

  66. britt says

    Sounds like an awesome trip!
    My current bag is grey with black, yellow and white designs. Nice and funky and unique!

  67. Ladawn says

    I really do not have a gym bag but the bag I use is baby blue. Works for me but not really big enough for all my running stuff. First half marathon 11/9 in Savannah, can not wait!!

  68. Meghan says

    My current gym bag is blue & stained. Probably time for me to get a new one! Glad you had a great trip to PA- looks like a fun weekend!

  69. Katie says

    Oh man, I could really use a new gym bag! Mine is a very dirty blue, and is leftover from my days as a competitive gymnast!

  70. Catie says

    Um, my gym bag is whatever color of the millions of reusable grocery bags I grab the night before. I think I’ve been using a free one I got from a rep at work for about a week, it’s grey and yellow!

  71. tiffany says

    i don’t have one! which is why i look like a slob wearing my gym clothes to class every day…i did it all through undergrad and now i’m continuing the unfashionable tradition in grad school. :/

  72. says

    I currently throw all my gym stuff into a backpack or reusable grocery bag, ha! I’d love to win this one and THEN I could tell you what color it is. 😉

  73. Dianna says

    Well this is embarrassing, but every gym bag of mine is black.
    I love black. What can I say? I have rule if I want to buy a new purse it must be a color that I don’t currently own… maybe I need to start applying this rule to the other bags in my life!

  74. Danielle A says

    I’m going to do the hat trick next year! You’ve inspired me. :) my gym bag is green…but way too small! Who knew you need so much stuff? Haha

  75. Nico says

    My gym bag is grey, but I’ve been forced to use it to haul books back and forth to school these days (I’m a teacher)!

  76. Rachel says

    Current gym bag is not really a gym bag, but a Vera Bradley tote. I don’t really have a gym bag :( I had an adidas one in high school if that counts?

  77. Dana says

    My bag is blue. I discovered a hole in it two days ago. A new bag would be lovely, but a foam roller and yoga gear would be completely awesome. I don’t own any yet.

  78. Tiffany says

    Plaid! Black, grey, and red to be precise. It’s not an actual gym bag though…just a backpack.

    PA looks beautiful, glad you had an awesome time!

  79. says

    My current gym bag is one of my brother’s kabillion Google rucksacks (he was a Google intern). Its black and green and heavily advertises Google EMEA… so I guess what I’m saying here is I really need a proper gym bag 😉

  80. Annie says

    My gym bag’s a freebie from swim I did this summer: blue with a logo. Not too exciting but better than nothing!

  81. says

    I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m really enjoying it. I started running again in February, did a 3,5 K race in September and loved it. Now I’m looking for a new running challenge. Besides running I take zumba, pilates & bodypump classes. When I have a day off from work I enjoy yoga too. My gym bag is beige with orange flowers, but it’s sadly falling apart.

  82. Allison says

    What is this “gym bag” you speak of? I’m in because Mama needs a new foam roller! Awesome pics; it looks like a great time.

  83. says

    I don’t own a gym bag!!! I use what ever old backpack is lying around after the kids have had their way with it….so sad yes, I know.

    Your weekend looked amazing…loved all the recaps…can’t wait to hear more details on the running form…always can use hints there. Thanks!

  84. Sara says

    My gym bag is black (bo-ring!) and on its last legs. AMAZING score with the treadmill! Lucky girl! What an awesome weekend.

  85. Paula says

    My bag is my black Rock n Roll Marathon series shoe bag! I have so many of those race bags that I can’t justify buying a real gym bag.

  86. Gila says

    I don’t have one!! I guess I bring my backpack if I work out right after class and that’s black. Not very exciting.

  87. Jackie says

    Sounds like a fun weekend! My gym bag is red so it stands out and I can’t forget it-but silver would be a nice change of pace.

  88. Jennifer says

    I don’t currently own one so I just carry my yoga mat in my hand. That’s why this giveaway would be so great for me!

  89. Jen H says

    I don’t have an ‘official’ gym bag but use a crazy pink, green and orange bag to throw my stuff in if I’m planning to run after carpool in the morning. It’s a bit obnoxious but no one sees it! :)

  90. Sara says

    I don’t currently own a gym bag! I’ve been going to yoga a lot, so I just stuff my towel in my purse & carry my mat… But it would be lovely to have a legit bag! :)

  91. Celeste says

    My gym bag is from the Guinness factory — white with “Everyone needs a little black drink” on it. Suffice it to say, I don’t think it was meant to be a gym bag :-)

    Thanks for all the recaps — definitely contemplating adding the Hat Trick to my race schedule next year!

  92. says

    My gym bad is my vera bradley bag, it s primarily brown but has other colors as well. Sounds like everyone had such a great time at this event!

  93. Rebecca says

    My current gym bag is an UnderArmour drawstring shopping bag-I would LOVE to have an actual BAG to take my stuff to the gym in!!

  94. Emily says

    My gym back is blue, but it’s from Victoria’s Secret so it says “Love Pink” on the outside. So basically, my bag is a liar.

  95. Kelly says

    My gym bag is one of my reusable Chico bags that I also use for grocery shopping. I’d love to have one that serves a single purpose!

  96. Kathryn says

    I don’t have a gym bag :/ I alternate between a few random bags and therefore end up being totally unorganized. Having a dedicated bag would be great!

  97. JulieA says

    My current gym bag is a red freebie string backpack thing that advertises doggy doo-doo pick up. Yep, I’m cool!

  98. says

    I alternate between my awesome Ogio cycling bag and a random bag. The Ogio bag is ridiculously large but holds EVERYTHING, and the other bag is something I got from a previous race that I use as something of a briefcase as I carry things to and from work. I could use an upgrade to my bag and to my foam roller :-)

  99. says

    My current gym bag is grey and lime green – not quite as ugly as it sounds, but it’s definitely seen better days and is totally ready for retirement!

  100. allie says

    Mine is pink! And starting to stink from storing my sweaty gym clothes and shoes. It needs a big febreze bath or needs to be replaced very soon…

  101. Aimee says

    My current gym bag is black. It was a gift after one of my last seasons swim coaching. I love it! But I would also love a new foam roller, too :).

  102. Kate H says

    No gym bag. I always attempt and fail to carry everything in my arms and throw it in the closest locker before I drop it all :)

  103. Anna says

    I use my Vera weekender bag (light blue and brown) when I go to spin class and it has totally gotten nastified from carrying my sweaty spin clothes and towel around.

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! Love your blog.

  104. Michelle says

    That sounds like sooooo much fun! I want to run the hat trick next year after reading all about it from you and Tina.

    I don’t have a gym bag so this would be AMAZING to win!

  105. Ashlee says

    Sadly I don’t go to the gym anymore to save money, but I still have my gym bag(s). Hot pink and white. I also have an orangy/pink VS bag that I ‘d use too..

  106. Amanda says

    I don’t have a gym bag anymore! My last one busted, and my gym membership has been frozen all summer while I’ve been running/training. Now that I’m back in the gym, my basic black work backpack is (poorly) doing the job and I definitely need a replacement.

  107. Krystina says

    I don’t even have a gym bag, so this will definitely be helpful. I just keep everything in my car and shower back at home.

  108. Megan D says

    Ah. Way to share :) I want to win cause my gym bag is some freebie drawstring book bag I got at Arie like 4 years ago. Yep. Keeping it high class here. Not to mention, when I do yoga at my gym I use their disgusting, who knows who else has sweat on it and not cleaned it off, mats.

    Seriously. That race/convention was like a running and blogger mecca. I want to go so badly. It looked like so much fun!

  109. Karin says

    My gym bag WAS just a cinch type bag that I got a at a Jeep event, but I misplaced it while volunteering at the Hershey Half marathon this weekend. So winning a new one would be perfect!

  110. says

    Mine is red, I won it from my gym a few years ago for doing the most laps in the pool that year haha. I’d love a new one, it’s getting old.

  111. Cassie says

    I don’t have a gym bag…I don’t go to the gym…but when I need to pack my stuff to go run I just throw it in a bag that I’ve gotten from an RNR race.

  112. Lauren Dunn says

    my gym bag is pink! i take it everywhere!
    also inspired by your hat trick…i now have something to add to my bucket list, thank you!

  113. Paige Callahan says

    Right now I use my small Vera Bradley duffel as a gym bag at home and at school I just take my backpack to practice with me… No official gym bag backpack is black a Nike, and my Vera is black with elephants on it

  114. Noelle says

    Right now, I don’t really have a gym bag – I use a souvenir tote bag from Alabama to carry my workout gear to work if I plan on getting in a run while I’m there. It’s orange!

  115. Lindsey A. says

    I’m loving your posts about your busy weekend in PA! Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the giveaway, my gym bag is either an old purple backpack from college (15 yrs ago!!) or old silver gym bag. I keep thinking I should get a new one.

  116. Eunice says

    I usually just use my reusable whole foods bag as my “purse” and lug everything in there for the day. Right now, it says “Okey Dokey Artichokey” :)

  117. Felicia says

    My current gym bag is black with neon color, sounds cool, but the strap makes this AWFULLY loud squeaking noice when i walk a mile to/from the gym. save me from the embarrassment! lol

  118. Shannon in Tustin says

    I have no gym bag…saddest thing ever! :(

    The bag I use is the re-usable handle bag from the Surf City Marathon I ran in 2013. Bragging rites! :)

    This one looks like a gem–thanks for the fun give-away.

  119. Lora says

    I have a “race” bag that I lug around with me to races, it is black. I don’t have anything really important in it and it just sits in the car while I run but I feel naked if I don’t bring it. I think it weighs about a hundred pounds because every time I get samples of free drinks after the race I throw them in the bag and then forget to take them out.

  120. Alycia says

    Awesome giveaway, and awesome weekend for you!!!

    I don’t have a “gym bag” at the time. I’ve been using my old backpack, which is orange. At least it is a cheery color!

  121. Samantha says

    To be honest, my current gym bag is somewhere in the back of my closet because I’m on hiatus at 38 weeks pregnant. My legs are antsy as can be for a race and not running at least one half marathon this fall is just driving me crazy! My last 5k was at 34 weeks and I just can’t do much more at this point in time. So… my current “gym” bag is actually my grey and white chevron diaper bag which is packed and waiting to go to the hospital. Hopefully I get a real gym bag back soon! :)

  122. Christine says

    My gym bag is bright, shiny pink from 10 years ago…got it free at Victorias Secret, I need an upgrade please :-)

  123. Lisa says

    What an awesome give away, thanks! Maybe you can give away your Brooks jacket next? 😉 My gym bag is purple, dark and light!

  124. Tracy says

    My gym bag is the color of my freckled white arm! I just grab my stuff and head out the door, usually dropping something as I do! HELP!

  125. Jackie K says

    My current gym bag is a purple backpack that I have had for 16 years! I love that it has lasted this long, but it doesn’t always fit everything I need.

  126. Megan Chism says

    Right now I use a race bag that was given out at the Bass Pro Outdoor Fitness fetival. Great race through my hometown.

  127. Melissa says

    My current gym bag is just a funky bag that’s too small :( but its super cute lime green, bright pink with some teal.

  128. Anna says

    I don’t have a proper gym bag, I’m using a free Victoria’s Secret black tote bag I got a few years ago with a purchase. It gets the job done until I can afford a proper one! Haha