Love Fades, Blogs are Forever. That, or my priorities are out of order.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

This year was amazing for RunEatRepeat and my running.  I PRd in the marathon and half marathon. RER doubled in readership and I got a ton of sponsors and opportunities to travel. It was the best of times, if you will.

But, there is a whole aspect of my life I left off RER for most of the year, my relationship with Ben, aka that guy I live with.

love fades

I haven’t written about this because:

A.) I am well-adjusted enough to realize I don’t owe it to you to share parts of my life I want to keep to myself.

B.) If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

C.) It’s complicated.

D.) I needed time to collect funny gifs about love and hate and weirdos.

half wolf

But today I’m going to share a tiny bit of info because I feel like it’s a good reminder that just like small talk at your holiday party and reality TV – you see ONE edited version of someone’s life. Unless you eat, sleep, work, play and spend every waking minute with someone you can’t assume you know where they’re coming from.

Just a little PSA to speak kindly to others as you don’t know their battles.

And because on a daily basis people (or one particularly interested person?) searches “RunEatRepeat divorce” or ‘Ben’ or something similar and it’s odd but entertaining to me.


Long story short… it’s been a rollercoaster. Ben and I wanted different things this year. We were on a different page last December and slowly it seemed like we weren’t even reading from the same book.  It was sad. And confusing. And frustrating.

bad at decisions[3]

June was one of my most fun months this year – I ran a marathon and went to CO, SF and NYC. But, there was also a time in June my relationship was really bad. You would have never known on RER, because I was legitimately caught up in work and travel. It wasn’t a conscious decision to leave out, it just wasn’t a big priority to me. (And that’s probably part of the problem. But I’ll save that tangent for my therapist.)

If you break this down to place blame the reality is that I have done a lot of things wrong. Again, it’s complicated and I’m not here to draw you a picture of me being an a-hole – this is my story! I should get to be the heroine!

<insert montage of me as Katniss>


Right now we are alive and well and together. Sometimes we get in epic fights and break things and I scream and grab the cat and stay in my car for a few days until I can’t take it anymore. That, or we’re working on it like adults. One of those.

new york city marathon after the race (256x456)

Sooooo. That’s it. I don’t need advice or hugs (no hugs please!) or other. I am just sharing a peek into this part of my life to let interested parties know it’s going to be okay.

thats it

And now I can get back to runnin’ and eatin’ and repeating.

See you in a bit!


  1. Shannon in Tustin says

    I’m praying for you both! Been married for nearly 20 years. It is not always easy, but always worth the effort.

  2. says

    Live is full of ups and downs; anyone who sits around wondering what is wrong in someone else’s life should take a look at their own. I’d rather be the person dealing with my shit than pointing out someone else’s :)

  3. Lauren R. says

    3 years in for me I know marriage is f****** hard!!! I applaud you for your realness and honesty, it isn’t anyone’s business but as a dedicated reader I appreciate you being real, something so many blogs lack. I wish you and Ben all the best and hope your hearts heal and continue to grow together and find a path that works for you both <3

  4. says

    Whenever I googled the blog, I would see “runeatrepeat divorce” and I always thought that it was so sad that that was a common search term and so much so that it autopopulated. I am married myself and have a blog and work and go to school, so it can be a ton to juggle. You should not have to really explain anything to us readers. Your blog is your blog and it’s about running and not about your marriage. Anyway, best wishes that everything works out and if it does not, then that’s okay too and you’ll get through it. Sending hugs anyway from NYC.

  5. says

    People should really stick to the basics we all SHOULD have learned in kindergarten.
    Share; don’t lie, don’t steal; don’t hit; be nice to others; and if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all.
    It’s your blog and you can post and share like you want to. With that said, I wish you nothing but the best in your life all aspects, shared or not :)

  6. says

    Love this! So much honesty in one post! I give you credit for putting it out there it is hard! Relationships always go through ups and downs – no relationship is perfect and we all have our hard times/years. I know I’ve been through some rough rough times as well! Feel free to share as little or as much as you want, as a blogger I know sometimes we just need to keep things to ourselves and sometimes it’s better to share them! Good luck to you and Ben! Hope you all can work what you need to out and that you will come out better from it!

  7. zoe says

    you go girl! that’s right. not quite on the same scale but i am in a 2.5 year relationship. there was a rough patch, i hope it was behind us, sometimes i think there’s another one just around the corner. but right now we’re being adults and it’s going ok.

    i think it’s really really brave of you to share and describe what’s happening. i think we need realistic role models of this kinda stuff in life so yeah. while i don’t think it’s ok to always fight with someone you love (see my recap of my life- oy) it IS good to remind people that relationships are hard.

    so, no hugs!! but a solid fist bump and slap on the hiney to get out there and go for a run.
    (i hope this isn’t too oddly personal since i don’t know you!)

  8. says

    I am sorry that people actually google search that kinda stuff…While this post was not necessary for those of your loyal readers I do appreciate you sharing.
    2013 was a wild ride for you (just speaking about from what your blog has shared of course) as far as races and sponsorships go.
    I look forward to lots more posts about running eating and repeating in 2014…

  9. says

    How brave of you to share such a private part of your life, but I am glad you are happy, and of course can get back to running! You do that well, and I am excited to see what is in store for you next! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. says

    Most people mean well or are just curious since Ben has been on the blog a lot in the past. It’s just one of those things you’ll get as a blogger. But you are right, you don’t really owe anyone an explanation or have to blog about it. Good job working on things and keeping stuff to yourself. I think in some ways that’s the healthiest option and I wish you guys the best. :)

  11. Kelli says

    Thanks for sharing though you didn’t have to . We all go through ups and downs in a marriage and glad you guys are still together ! :-)

  12. says

    Aww, so glad to hear Ben is still around! I’ve never been one of those people to google “RER divorce” or “RER Ben” but I have wondered where he was. Mostly I come here for the food porn though, and Vegas, so I think I’ll survive the lack of man. No hugs from me. How about a high five??

  13. Debbie says

    I just got divorced last week so I can only imagine how hard this post was to write. Your dreams and goals are important. Don’t give them up for love.

  14. betty says

    I think for a long time readers, people got use to you sharing every bit and piece of your life to then going to recipes and running recaps, which is completely FINE, its your blog, do whatever the hell you want to do, but you know people assume the worst as soon as you skip mentioning ben in a post.

    I personally miss quotes from ben, but that’s just me :) glad to hear you’re working things out!

  15. Shannon says

    I like your blog because it’s not overly filled with extraneous life info. It’s got the right amount of info to keep me interested. Some others load up on personal life stuff as well as running, and that’s great, too, but I like yours because it’s not personal. Just my two cents fwiw. Keep up the running, eating and repeating!

    Oh, and I like that you’re not so speedy fast as some of those others that I can actually dream of catching you one day! That is all.

  16. says

    One reason why I’ve come to love your blog is how real you are. Every marriage faces crazy tough times and we all just hope to be able to work them out in the end. That being said you don’t need strangers prying at every little piece of your life. Way to address this head on and basically call people out that its YOUR life and you have every right to decide what is shared and not shared. Virtual high five.

  17. says

    It’s totally normal to hide in your car with a cat. Completely.
    It’s also completely normal to have a lot of downs during a time in a relationship – it’s part of being in a relationship! We’re not the same people so we have to work together. Compromise. Hard stuff. Stay lifted.

    And although you don’t want them (like them from strange people such as myself…) – HUGS :)

  18. Allison says

    Thanks for sharing. I think that was a good way to do it. I obviously enjoy reading your blog for the running, eating and repeating and not necessarily for your love life, but I know I’m not the only one that was curious if something was up. Glad to hear things are looking up.

  19. says

    Great honest post! I did think it was weird when I googled you the other day, divorce came up immediately. I’m glad to hear you are working things out, it’s only natural to fight and disagree when you are living with someone else… the tough part (and what makes it a marriage) is getting through that and moving forward. Keeping on truckin’!

  20. Kathy R. says

    No hugs or advice,as you requested. As a long time reader of RER I thought something was off, so not surprised people have actually searched on a divorce.
    From personal experience, I know that one of the hardest thing a couple can go thru is when one person wants to start a family and the other person isn’t ready yet. Then throw all the travel you’ve done this year for races and sponsor obligations,etc, it was obvious that it would also put even more of a strain on your relationship.
    What a whirlwind you’ve been on this year! Sure it’s exciting to have people pay for you to travel to all those fabulous cities, and get all the free stuff from sponsors. Things change, new blogs start everyday for sponsors to court, and the free stuff won’t go on forever, hopefully you will still have someone to care that you are home again when that time comes for you.

    Even though you didn’t come out and say so, it’s been obvious to your regular readers that something was going on. And I know that everyone just wishes the best outcome for the two of you, because you both seem like very good people and such a darn cute couple too! Best wishes for your family in 2014.

  21. says

    Hey Monica! I don’t usually comment but just wanted to shoot some encouragement your way. No “virtual hugs” (ha), just someone who can relate. Going public about relationship stuff is always a tough one because it involves someone else who probably didn’t sign up to have their life posted on the internet. But at the same time, there is that sense of responsibility to keep readers in the know. So props for putting it out there.

  22. says

    I had wondered about Ben, but it is none of any ones business but you and Ben. And I saw the pics from NYC. As someone who has been married for 24 years, sometimes I hate my husband. Marriage is hard work. I’m sure you will figure out what is best for you.

  23. says

    How brave of you to share this part of you life with us. Thanks for keeping it real. Not everything is roses and sunshine all the time! Nor should it be. It’s the hard times help you appreciate the good ones.

  24. anonymous says

    No advice, no hugs. Just sincere thanks for keeping it real. I have been there and I might understand (or might not; lord knows every situation is different) and all I can say is you both seem like lovely people and I truly hope everything works out.

  25. Samantha B says

    I think it’s awesome that you blog everyday and spend so much time motivating others (like me!) to be active and healthy. Anything that you choose to leave off the blog should be totally 100% respected by us readers! I’m sure it was hard for you to write that post, but it just shows how strong you are and that you’re willing to share some tough things if it means inspiring others. I LOVE reading your blog and I really really respect you for posting this. Keep being awesome!

  26. says

    Hi! I’ve been reading for a while but rarely comment because I’m just a lurker. I lurk lots of blogs for recipes and workouts. Your blog is called, “Run, Eat, Repeat,” not “Run, Eat, Ben, Repeat.” Readers don’t have the right to know everything about your personal life. But I guess it sort of makes you a celebrity… People are googling about your life like you’re a reality TV star or something. I’m not sure if that’s creepy or flattering. Anyway, I just want to say that I’m offended for you if any assholes have said anything to or about you in regards to your relationship. Maybe they should spend more time running, eating and repeating and less time gossiping about the marriage of a blogger they don’t really know personally.

  27. says

    No advice, no hugs, but can I send you a virtual high five? You’re an inspiration to a lot of people lady, and let me tell ya. If you were on the Hunger Games we’d all be voting for you…for sure.

  28. says

    My husband and I hit a rough (real rough) patch this year but we pulled through. It’s been 7 years and not every moment has been bliss. I didn’t mention it on my blog because it’s totally irrelevant in the world of baked goods.

  29. says

    I’m glad that you had a good year professionally! Congrats. Relationships are hard and sometimes it’s hard to be on the same page all the time. I’m glad you both are well and working on stuff. I wish you a great 2014 together!

  30. Paula says

    “Do you know what it’s like to fall in the mud and get kicked… in the head… with an iron boot? Of course you don’t, no one does. It never happens. Sorry, Ted, that’s a dumb question… skip that.”

    No hugs, no advice, just quotes from the movie Airplane!

  31. says

    I’ve got nothin’ to add, as I filed for divorce a year into my marriage. But best of luck, and you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. Well, maybe you’re therapist and him, but yeah, you’re blog readers? Who cares.

  32. Kate Lewis says

    Probably option number 2 is better than keeping Vegas in the car for days with you. Just sayin’ cat pee stinks! Also, Thank you for sharing, but unnecessary. Your marriage is your business and all that jazz but it was nice that you thought to share with all of your BFFs. I will keep you and Ben (even though we both know men are the ones that are ALWAYS wrong!) in my prayers. I won’t send a hug since you asked for no hugs, but if you need a good shovel suggestion let me know. Holes to bury a body could be a good workout too!

  33. says

    Really enjoyed reading this side of you. Life is not all about happy running stories and what not, and I’m glad you put this little part of your life in your blog. You don’t need to tell us the details, but it’s nice to know that you are human :)

    I’ve been married for three years (tomorrow is my anniversary!) and I can tell you that everyone goes through little things. My motto is to never go to bed mad, even if we have to stay up all night to find a solution to things.

    Good luck sweetie!

  34. says

    No one’s life is perfect, even if a blog can make it seem that way. I know this is a tough time for you, but I know y’all will get through it! I am amazed that you were able to keep your blog so positive through everything! Stay strong!

  35. G says

    I know you are probably just joking but your post title made me sad. I think some people are overly interested in your relationship because it was out there before and now it is not. But I think some people are interested because you paint a very disdainful portrait of yourself as a wife. This is not the first time Ben has been the butt of a joke on the webs for anyone to see. I think you are just a funny sarcastic person that diffuses discomfort with jokes, but man, that title would hurt my feelings if my husband wrote it. So, that may be why some people are searching your site for info on Ben or divorce, not that you owe anyone an explanation. Anyhow, I hope things work out for the best.

  36. says

    Wow, I’m shocked that someone would “creep” like that, or I guess I’m not that shocked because people be crazy.
    Good luck to you girl. Your running inspires me and what you do in your private life is that….your private life:)

  37. Cara Bednar says

    I meet you during the Marine Coprs Marathon and you are just such a nice, kind and positive person. I hope whatever you both are going through works out and you both are happy. Merry Christmas!

  38. says

    Well……and welcome to the reality world of marriage.

    Not the soap opera, looking all perfect, money up the butt, bodies to die for, never have to work a normal day in my life where every thing is coming up roses or my dad will make you wish you were dead kind of life.

    Yep…as my girl friend told me in our wedding card 18 years ago….Congratulations! and remember…”Marriage is work”. 😉

  39. Rebecca says

    You don’t owe us anything about your personal life…because it is YOUR private life. Thank you for sharing, and you know we will support you however we can, but please don’t ever feel like you have to share anything. It ain’t nobody’s business but yours!

  40. Bethanyc says

    Marriage and life is hard. Thanks for your honesty, because that is difficult too. Everyone’s situration is different and I love reading your blog about running, eating and repeating. Nowhere in the title does it say “and all of the personal sh** you never need to know about.” I hope it works out for the best. Thanks for being the blogger that you are.

  41. says

    You’ve just touched on what is likely the biggest difficulty of having a blog where you and your life are part of your blog’s brand. While it’s nobody’s business but yours and Ben’s, I commend you for sharing what’s going on in your personal life with your readers. You shared what I’m sure was difficult to put into words in a very elegant manner. Kudos to you, Monica.

    I hope that while your readers are interested and care for you that they also can allow you and your husband some privacy (should you want it). This was a brave and generous post. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and fabulous 2014.

  42. says

    Perfectly honest and amazing post. Do your own thang and don’t worry what anyone else says or thinks. But of course, best wishes to you in your relationship! :)

  43. Bobbie says

    Love the opening line of this post Monica…One of my favs of all time and oh so true! Anyway, much love (no hugs) and support!! One day at a time, right?!?! Just keep on, running, eating and repeating!!

  44. says

    Thanks for the peak into your other side of life! It was very brave of you to write such stuff on the internet! As others have already said, marriage is hard. I think everyone goes through a really rough patch! If you don’t, you must not be hard-headed and stubborn like me!

  45. says

    No hugs – just a nod of acknowledgement. We’re at 2.5 years and sometimes we fight about the dumbest things, but we’re just now getting to the point where we’ve been together long enough for the same stuff to come up over and over, which hurts a lot more. I think that’s the hardest part. But every time we sit down to work through it, it’s worth it. Not easy, but worth it. Thanks for sharing – you’re right, you don’t owe it to anyone.

    Praying for you (if that’s okay). But no hugs. I promised.

  46. Cortney says

    I admire those who blog. I have zero tolerance for people getting up in my business. I’m not sure how you put up with it some days :-)

    And all relationships are complicated and only the people in, it know what’s up. Keep on doing your thing.

    P.S. People who google weird stuff must be so bored! Who has the time!?!

  47. Catie says

    Mean people suck and I am so glad I’m not the only person in this world that doesn’t like hugs. No hugs, but happy thoughts sent your way instead. Keep on keepin’ on!

  48. Karinna says

    You GO Lady!! You share what you want to share and keep to yourself what you want to keep. I live by it. No one needs to know your ‘ish if you don’t want them to!!

  49. says

    The blog world is so bizarre in that readers feel like we know you and then feel entitled to know every single aspect of our favorite bloggers’ lives. Thanks for sharing — and just know that the prying and meddling is likely because people care about you!

  50. Karleen says

    I’ve only read your blog the last couple months so I thought nothing of it. Some bloggers leave their personal lives out as it’s not the main subject of their blog. You definitely should not feel like you have to address anything about your marriage but that is very kind of you to do so to let those curious (creeper) readers know what’s going on in someone’s life other than their own haha! But this is very big of you. Every relationship, every marriage has their ups and downs. Do what makes you both happy. Happy holidays and good luck with every thing!

  51. Ida says

    I wish you nothing but happiness and PRs. I’m sure it’s hard to balance what you share and what you dont. Kim K said something funny about fans feeling entitled to know every detail since she shares her life so publicly. I think people are just curious, but you do have to draw a line somewhere. I admire your honesty and really enjoy your blog.

  52. says

    Hugs from strangers/anyone that is not my husband is no bueno. Marriage is not easy, like not even a little bit. I’ve got two years down in the books, and my husband and I have had some pretty epic fights. We’ve all been there at one point or the other! Thanks for being awesome and honest! You got this! :)

  53. says

    I don’t like hugs either. Unless they are in real life. Virtual hugs are just…too…much.

    Marriage is hard. HARD. 27 years here. Does that make me an expert? Worth it, but usually if it’s a lot of work, it’s worth it. Like marathons and such.

    I agree on the brave. I’m not sure I could ever be that personal on my blog.

  54. Delia says

    Sending ‘white light’ from Boston. Keeping your sense of
    Humor in tact helps to weather the storms that may pass. Good luck!

  55. JenniferS says

    I will say I noticed less Ben and hoped all was well and I still do. As other posters said, marriage is HARD and there are good and bad times plus nobody is perfect. But you have no ‘splainin to do, just take care if you.

  56. Kim says

    My heart does go out to you, a ton. Thank you sincerely for your honesty. That’s to be absolutely lauded. However, I’m going to go “out-on-a-limb” here…and please understand where my heart is at. It does seem that you have been extraordinarily busy, and although I’ve been reading your blog for a short period, I actually thought you were single. What I mean by that is, that I was thinking “Wow! What a perfect life for a single: She basically gets to travel everywhere, all the time, and seems to sign up and do absolutely ever possible race there is for her locally, plus she makes her earnings from being a blogger. What an ideal job!” But then I saw your post about Ben a few days or week ago. I was thinking to myself…”Wow. I wonder if her relationship suffers from her being gone all the time,” but that was my own personal question.

    Now, I have no right to judge, and I’m not. But “friends tell friends things that may be a bit ‘hard’ to swallow.” That’s what I’m hoping to do here. All I am saying is that sometimes we have to take a good long look in the mirror and see whether we are making something “external” take precidence over the most important things in our lives, which should be our relationships…the people closest to us. Sometimes, too, we can swap 1 obsession/addiction for another that may seem to the larger culture as “totally socially acceptable” and even enabled and encouraged. Now, I’m not saying that your marathoning/running is an addiction. By no means. But only you can ask yourself those hard questions. Nobody else can. All, I am saying is that sometimes, we don’t “see” how we may be part of the “problem” as well. Only when we know if we are doing something “wrong” or at least 1% part of the problem, can we make a shift or at least lesson our focus on something that may actually not be so good for us.

    Again, I respect you, and love your blog…but above all…I desire most for you to be happy and healthy in life, even if you don’t even know me.

  57. says

    Good for you for working through it! My parents recently started marriage counseling after 30+ years of marriage because they realized that they had grown so far apart that they barely had a marriage anymore! I’ve seen first hand how hard it is to work through things like that, but they are both SO much happier now. It makes me realize my husband and I have some work of our own to do…

  58. Melissa Shirey says

    Marriage is NOT easy, as we all seem to be saying. Mine is a work in progress. We have been married for just over 3 years and have already seen a marriage counselor. I think a lot of people go through some issue(s) at some point.

    I hide in the car with the cat too. 😉

  59. says

    Good luck with everything Monica and things will work out exactly as they are supposed to.
    P.S. You have got to do some amazing things this year and you should be proud of every single thing!

  60. Tonya says

    I guess I’m the only selfish b!tch that didn’t notice Ben was missing. I just like the running, eating, repeating and your awesome sense of humor.

  61. Maria says

    Going thru some difficult times here too. Life is messy, isn’t it? Know that you’re not alone. All my best to you and Ben.

  62. says

    Bravo for your honesty, but also for knowing that you don’t owe your readers anything you aren’t comfortable sharing. Your privacy is yours. I completely respect sharing only what you want. Happy Holidays.

  63. Tracy says

    It is rarely easy. It is always work. Sometimes we don’t really even like them. That’s normal. In my book at least. So stay strong and happy. You may never be reading from the same book. I adore my husband, but we are rarely see eye to eye. Our lives are very separate. But I’ve accepted that and now I can embrace our humanly imperfect love. I’m rambling. The vodka… but I hear what you’re saying here. I get it. You’re good. You two can still be great. Every moment is a new moment for you!!

  64. says

    As I read your post, my heart hurt a bit cause I’ve been in the same place…. But I know that things will happen as they should for you.

    Just keep running and inspiring me to keep running! *high five*

  65. says

    I admire the way you put this post & your honesty. Its tough but just know you’re not alone. Keep running. I’ve learned its a constant in your life that can help you get through more than you know. You got this, girl!

  66. says

    Why would anyone google to see if you’re divorced? 1) So not anyone’s business and 2) You guys are adorable.

    This stuff can be hard but keep on trying I hope it gets easier soon xx

  67. Jane says

    Been there. Done that. And my hubby and I are still together after 21 years. It can work…it just takes a LOT of work. Prayers to you and Ben.

  68. says

    I’ve been reading your blog since the early days (circa 2009)? When you moved to Maryland. I know I’ve been wondering about Ben the past few months, I’m glad to hear you guys are working on things and wish you both the best of luck in figuring out what makes you happy!

  69. Becky says

    Blogs can incite difficult feelings in people, making them act like ‘creepers.’ I think that some people want to measure their lives against a blogger’s for validation, comparing weight struggles, exercise achievements….. and relationships. Also, perhaps in a weird way readers feel they know you (despite not knowing you in the real world) and expect to be treated with the confidences of a friend, which is not fair.These are the only reasons I can think that people would want to delve into your private life. Your blog rocks. Hope everything works out for you cos you seem like a great human being x

  70. Katie D. says

    I always am amazed at how many people (co-workers, FB friends, IRL friends, family) wish you a happy birthday. Birthdays are great, but really, you just didn’t have to die that year to get another one (not to sound crass).

    Anniversaries on the other hand. That deserves all the congratulations and well wishes in the world. All the navigating yourself and another person, the emotions, the ups and downs, the tears, the love, the fights. It really takes work to make to another year (or even day sometimes).

  71. says

    Wow. I’m a new blogger, and I’m 50% horrified and 50% in awe that your readers are invested (or stalkerish) enough to Google about your personal life. It’s been hard figuring out the right balance between sharing my authentic self and maintaining my family’s privacy. I’m an over-sharer by nature, but my husband despises having anything about our personal life on the internet. (Too bad his wife became a blogger, huh? Marriage is fun.) Anyway, great post. Love your blog. You’re an inspiration! :)

  72. Andrea says

    Monica! I love your blog…been reading for probably a year now. You are such an inspiration and being from CA…I love seeing your pics (I live in ATL now) Anyway…I think we all appreciate your honesty…especially those of us married peeps. I always tell people that marriage is W-O-R-K and people who aren’t married look at me like I am cray cray…’happily ever after’ is a bunch of BS in my opinion. Glad you are doing what is best for you. Keep on running eating and repeating!! :)

  73. says

    I’m going to be the pain in the ass that says marriage shouldn’t feel like a second job (or like constant work! Come on!!!) I was married to the wrong person, he expected me to drastically change who I was once we got married, we tried to work it out, it was wrong for both of us- we wanted completely different things out of life. I am who I am and had no idea that he expected me to change into Suzie Homemaker… Our marriage was work- hard, bad, work. Eventually I quit. It sucked!!!! But you can’t change who you are for someone.
    I’m now with someone who respects me for who I am, loves all the crazy things I do and does them with me! I don’t feel like this relationship is a job, I feel like I’m cohabitating with my best friend.
    Bottom line is that things are going to work out for you the way they are meant to and you just need to stay strong (you will!) And know that you don’t owe the internet anything :-)

  74. Michele Williams says

    That was such a brave post to share with everyone. Monica, I’m a long time reader and I just want you to know that you have a lot of cyber friends out here that are supporting you and wishing you all the best. I have been married for 21 years and it’s not always easy, and we all go through those rough patches. Your blog is wonderful and a positive place I visit daily, so thanks for putting it all out there.

  75. Kristin says

    I personally love when bloggers really put themselves out there. I realize that there can be a lot of haters, but I think the majority of your readers can really relate to your struggles. Blogs that paint a perfect picture of their lives are not the kind that people feel connected to. So props to you for really putting yourself out there!

  76. Krystina says

    Marriage and relationships are tough and anyone that acts like their relationship is all rainbows and butterflies is either lying or oblivious to what is going on. So thank you for your honesty and I wish you and Ben the very best!

  77. Tia says

    I’m kind of late to the comment party here but I so know where your coming from, least I think I can kind of relate? Me and my husband are reading/living in completely different books, I think they might even be different languages at this point. I’ve gotten to the point where it seems like everything is a challenge, it’s not like I hate him or he’s horribly mean or something, we just seem to have gone in different directions and we’ve kind of lost eachother, it’s proving very hard to back track and create a new path together. Sucks being an adult sometimes.

  78. BreannaS says

    Working it out was the hardest thing we have ever done but also the most worthwhile thing I have ever done. We are closer than ever now. Good Luck

  79. says

    I’m sorry that people are Googling your personal life, and that you felt the need to explain it here… Know that many of us are just here for the running, and while we certainly hope the best for you, you don’t owe anyone info or explanation about your private life!

  80. says

    Good for you! In my opinion, your personal life is not anyone’s business. I hope everything works out in your best interest because I LOVE your blog and reading it every day makes me smile!

  81. Sarah NW says

    Well, now I feel like an a-hole for clicking the autopopulated Run Eat Repeat Divorce suggestion! Tons of respect comin’ atcha from over for you being you, and for that Mad Men gif.

  82. AmyD says

    Sorry, I just totally did that search that set this post into action. I used to read you all the time and then stopped reading all blogs for a while and then started reading blogs again a couple months ago. I was sad to see no more blogging from your friend Skinny Runner and was curious about the lack of mention of Ben on your blog. Sorry for being nosy. I hope all is going well with you. Your IG cracks me up. Thanks!

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