Motivation Monday–25 Days of Fitness Day 16

Happy Monday!

There are only 9 days left until Christmas – are you ready?

I’m not ready at all! I have no shopping done and when people ask me what I want the only idea I have is my favorite eyeliner. Bah.

favorite part of christmas

I’m on Mission: Christmas Shopping today, but first we gotta work on our fitness challenge.

25 Days of Fitness Challenge

Day 15 was to do your plank for 20 seconds longer than day one.

I am a huge failure at life and forgot to do it yesterday!

Luckily the world didn’t end last night and I did my plank first thing this morning.


(RunEatRepeat on Instagram )

Day 16 – short exercise series.

It will only take 5 minutes and if you don’t want to do it that means you really should!

25 days of fitness day 16

I started my lil day with that plank, exercise set and a gorgeous walk.

morning walk (668x501)

Breakfast was back to basics. I will always and forever consider eggs and oatmeal a bodybuilder breakfast, but runners walkers can enjoy it too. Those fitness peeps are on to something with their ‘eat clean’ ways.

eggs and oatmeal (668x501)

Motivation Monday.

Your weekly PSA to do you.

be better


So. What is YOUR healthy living goal this week?

Mine: Eat clean snacks this week.


  1. says

    Way to make up your plank! Better late than never : )
    My healthy living goal this week… Get to yoga 3x! It is an easier running week and I want to mix in some solid core and stretching!

  2. says

    My goal this week is to get a lot of miles in, and eat clean/detox since I’ll be in the dirty south for two and a half weeks starting next week and I have to make up for lost time while I’m there and get some delicious southern food in!

  3. says

    I love that quote! So true. My goal is to get exercising more. I haven’t been to the yoga studio in over a month and I still have classes to use (meaning no excuse not to go).

  4. says

    I just started my Christmas shopping on Sunday. I’ll probably finish this weekend.
    My healthy living goal this week is to practice eating intuitively and get to my gym on 3 days.

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