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    At work on Friday I was craving a sundae just like that!!!! My boss did the best he could and got me a klondike bar. A for effort. But ice cream without whipped cream is like having a chocolate chip cookie without chips.

    Back to back long runs….training for anything in particular or just feel like running long?

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    I have been thinking about trying an energy gel- but at what distant would you say you need them for? I am training for a half and ran 10 miles on Saturday- I had some starbursts along my run but I don’t think it helped too much! Any brands/flavors you recommend? Do you drink water as well on a long run? Thanks!!

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      haha Hi Andrea!! I swear I’m not stalking you. I just saw this and thought I could help since I ran 3 half’s this year. Now that I’m used to longer runs, I don’t need any fuel for 9 miles as long as I eat a small banana with about 1/2 tbsp PB & honey beforehand. However, during my halfs I eat some swedish fish (~3 or 4) starting at mile 6 so that I can keep up my energy since it’s a race. I also NEED water like at all times. I drink water before hand and either bring a handheld with me or during the warmer months, Central Park’s water fountains are on. I would definitely experiment during your long runs with fueling because never try something new on race day. I personally get sick from the gels, but i used chomp blocks before and they were okay. Swedish fish are just as good plus taste good ;-) I also think every run is different not to mention every person. I usually try to eat more carbs the day before a long run so I don’t have to rely on fuel during the race in case my stomach reacts.

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        Thank you so much Jen!! It was funny this past Saturday was like first time I really felt like I needed something a little more, I will try Swedish Fish- they are so yummy anyway haha! I was thinking of maybe getting one of those water belt things because this past weekend was also the first time I really felt like I reallllly needed water and that had never happened to me before- I did not love that feeling. I will experiment and try a few different things. It also makes sense to kinda “carbo-load” the day before a long run, you do it for a race why not do it for a long run too! Thank you!!

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      Hi Andrea – just saw this, but i’m glad Jen helped too :)
      I usually start eating something on a run longer than 8 miles or 90 minutes. I do feel a difference when I fuel versus ‘running on fumes’. I don’t do swedish fish or gummy bears, but they are a lot cheaper than running chews and gels and totally work! I use chomps or mocha gu (love that one). Good luck!

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