Fight the Fat Talk Friday

Happy Friday!

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My internet is being weird today so I am coming at ya from Starbucks. It’s a hard life, but someone’s gotta do it Winking smile

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This morning I did 30 minutes on the treadmill while watching Courtney Loves Dallas and the new Tone It Up reality show. Love.

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Breakfast was the same as the rest of the week – eggs, oatmeal, iced coffee.

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Fight the Fat Talk

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I am very anti-negative self talk. I am not a girl that says mean things in the mirror to herself, and I don’t hang out with girls that do those things. I’m not perfect, but this is something I’ve always tried to consciously avoid.

But, I am guilty of other similar behaviors…  I do glance at my reflection as I’m walking into a store and get bummed about what I see. Or when I look at a picture of myself I focus on the negatives instead of the positives. :(

I don’t care what Mean Girls suggested, putting yourself down is NOT a humble habit. It is okay to own your awesomeness. No one will judge you for that, and if they do – drop them. You don’t need negatively like that in your life.

dont be mean to yourself

I know that just like any other habit – if you tend to ‘fat talk’ yourself it’s a very hard thing to stop.  Sometimes stopping a habit cold turkey is impossible, but you can redirect or replace that habit with something else.

So, I LOVE that a rep from Special K sent me this measuring tape with words instead of numbers on it. And I suggest replacing your usual negative thoughts with a positive word as a good way to stop the fat talk (either out loud or in your head).

fight fat talk

Same goes for looking at a certain less-than-favorite part of your body in the mirror or pictures. Pick your favorite feature and look at that first the next time you’re looking at photos. (I really need to work on this. It’s automatic for me to look at certain body parts I don’t like first.)

Supposedly, 93% of women fat talk – that is sad. (I think that estimate is high, but I don’t know what goes on in your head.) So, if we’re using that number the odds are you may be someone that says mean things to yourself – are you?

Note: You can still want to get healthier, lose weight, tone up, eat less sugar…. without Fat Talk. It doesn’t mean you are going to slack off or give up on yourself, it just means you deserve to be treated nicely no matter what your size or weight.

Talk to yourself with positive words. Focus on your good traits. Measure yourself without a scale or specific number if that makes you feel bad.

fight fat talk steps

You can follow and join in on this positive movement on twitter using #FightFatTalk

What’s your positive word to describe yourself today?

My word is optimistic. I like that one today Smile


  1. says

    WARM…..because it is freezing here in MN and our Govenor just announced all MN schools will be closed on Monday due to the pending changes and even more dips to the thermometer!!!!

    I am content to be home (safe) and warm this weekend. (Although, secretly wishing I lived in Florida!) 😉

  2. says

    Great topic! I have this problem of comparing myself to others when I shouldn’t. It’s funny because a pretty, skinny girl at the doctor’s office this morning was saying she could never run a marathon, meanwhile, I’m training for one. So that just means looks are deceiving. I’d rather be fit and a little bit on the chunkier side, than skinny as a rail and not be able to run a mile.

  3. tara says

    Just a month or so ago you had a post about not being as fit or pretty as all the bloggers you were with at runners world?!? I do hope you can turn those negative comparisons into positive encouragement and see all the hard work you put into your running.

  4. Sarah says

    I know the RER focus is on the positive message, and not on the marketing ploy… But seriously. The actions of Special K speak louder than their words. Special K is still trying to get women to buy cheap, genetically modified, nutritionally void “food” as a means of losing weight. This is exact opposite of everything Healthy Living and very disappointing to see so many bloggers jump on this fake campaign. The no-fat-talk can be said without the malicious tag-along from Kellogg. You’ve done it many times before and done it much better too!

    • zoe says

      Open your mind to consider that for many people, Special K is an accessible cereal. Yes it’s a marketing ploy but so is a “heart healthy fats” tag on almonds or fish even if you perceive some of them as more valid. Just because Special K is encouraging people to eat cereal which you or I may think is nutrionally void, it is better than a sugary fatty doughnut and overall, what is the point? Eating a balanced breakfast (whatever that means to a consumer) and healthy body talk. That is appropriate and EXACTLY what I think healthy living can mean.

      • Sarah says

        Interesting discussion. I can agree with you to an extent; if someone is standing in front of me saying that this cereal really helped them avoid a doughnut, then of course I can empathize. On a broader scale though, I’d argue that the consumer you describe is actually created by companies like Kellogg. They ultimately have nothing to gain from consumer health.

    • Andrea says

      Chill Sarah, this is capitalism. Monica is providing a great service by delivering encouraging and uplifting fitness-oriented information, and in return is compensated by making the occasional plug for products she believes in.

      Your blog is awesome Monica, and so are you. There are downers all over this world, don’t let them get to you!

  5. says

    I just posted about this in my blog as well. I am the WORST offender of fat talking. I rarely have a nice thing to say about myself and my friends, family, and boyfriend get very frustrated with me. I honestly don’t know how to stop myself sometimes. The only thing that helps is when I stay on top of diet and exercise, but then there are those stressful, insane work hour weeks where I can’t fit in the same amount of time to take care of me, and that’s when the thoughts start to creep in again….

  6. says

    Love this. I spent a long time focusing on every negative thing and missing all the positives. Every time I look in the mirror now I counter every bad thought with at least one positive. It’s done wonders and honesty have not thought negative thoughts in a long time (except with my hair bc there’s no hope for that lol)

  7. says

    Awesome, I needed this today. I had a few small injuries one after another after another this fall and am finally feeling 100% almost four months later. Consequently, my weight has gone up and my fitness and endurance have taken a huge slam. It’s difficult not to be hard on myself. I do find though that during the spring and summer when I’m in race mode I’m more inclined to oogle my muscles and be impressed by my own strength rather than fat talk. But right now, fat talk is winning. I will take your suggestions to heart and work on this as I work my way back into training mode. Thank you.

  8. Karleen says

    Good post!!! I do believe that high statistic! We all talk badly about ourselves. My one positive trait would be my dimples when I smile:)

  9. says

    My positive word of the day is “excited” because I’m excited about all the miles I’ve completed to date and all the miles I have yet to run. :)

    Great post!

  10. Charlotte says

    Great post and reminder. When you’ve had a poor body image all your life it’s a battle to compliment yourself, but necessary for a healing path.

  11. Teresa says

    I’m all in favoring for fighting “fat talk.” But Kelloggs isn’t practicing what it’s promoting. For several years now, Kelloggs has promoted the Special K diet, encouraging women to replace two meals a day with cereal (or a Special K snack bar) to lose weight quickly. You can’t tell women to accept who they are, after telling them that they need to lose weight with an extreme diet.

  12. says

    Going into a new year, I am definitely going to make a conscious effort to not put myself down based on my body. I should instead appreciate the fact that I can move and run and do things that would be impossible without my body just the way it is. It’s so empowering! Thanks for bringing more attention to this issue!

  13. Chelsey jones says

    Sexy! I am so glad you posted this I have so been working on this as to not pass this horrible habit onto my kids when I have them!!! Even though I don’t always feel sexy I am and it’s good to own it and say it!

  14. says

    My word of the day: Accomplished!
    I crossed off many things on my to do list for today.
    Funny, over the holidays I had a look into old family photo album and I saw pretty 12 year old girl. I remember that back then I was convinced that my head is huge (no joke, I even measured it). I wish I could have timemachine and slap young me for a fat talk :)

  15. says

    I think this is a very important post and I think, generally, most of us are much too critical of ourselves. Now that being said, I kid you not, I was just about to let you know you are looking extra gorgeous lately…then I read this post. That is confirmation that we see ourselves in different light than the rest of the world sees us.

  16. says

    Love this! The medial & advertising really reinforce the need for girls & women to be perfect & I think it affects how they feel about themselves long term. I grew about with this negative self image & with all the media & mags, it was reinforced. I really want to try to change this so we don’t have a another generation of this & it is happening – very sad but glad to see people re trying to fight that – now for the ones that provide lip service but then use skinny models or photoshop…

  17. Rachel says

    You’ve probably already answered this but I don’t see it…how do you make your oatmeal? Us that siracha covering your eggs? Holy hot!

  18. says

    I’m Asher to admit that I’ve been a fat talker in the past. But now I seriously don’t have the time to do it. I barely have the time to look in the mirror. I only very rarely fat talk, and when it happens, it’s usually while I’m PMSing.
    My positive word is “busy” because things that keep me busy prevent me from hating on myself!

  19. says

    i’m guilty as guilty can be when it comes to fat talk….I go through phases….the hardest for me is to see race photos. It’s a tug of war as I am so proud of the strong woman who just endured running 26 or 13 miles but then I notice all the “excess” that my running capris or shirt expose….Phooey!

    My word for today is “dedicated”…I’m headed out for a run and the temperature is in the single digits and there is snow all over.

  20. says

    I agree with being anti-negative on the self talk. I think it all motivation and goals start with your outlook on what you’re going to do and if you believe you can do it. By talking negative, I feel like I kind of have less interest in it and then eventually blow whatever it is off. Instead, I am a big believer on making a plan of action and going after it. That has always helped me out!
    Oh and my word today is: PRODUCTIVE!

  21. says

    Oh I would say just make it fun.. try to make weight loss a fun journey first and foremost. Zumba sure is fun, I think, but it’s also a good idea if a person chooses forms of exercise that kind of match their personality if possibly. That way exercise is more likely to become a passion and a way of life.. easier said than done though!

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