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packing for china

Happy Monday! Did you get back to school or work today? Darn real world, cramping our vacation. Okay. That’s not true for me -  I am going on vacation tonight! I bought a Groupon to go to China months and months ago and it’s finally time! It was so long ago I kinda forgot about the trip so it’s weird that it’s suddenly happening. I think I mentioned it when I bought the … [Read more...]

Run Disney Jessie Running Costume


Happy Monday! Since I ran a little over 26 miles yesterday I am taking it easy with some yoga today. It feels so good to s-t-r-e-t-c-h!!! Pumpkin Oats… someone asked how I make my oatmeal last week and it’s been a while since I mentioned it so even though it’s not an impressive recipe, it works. Right now because I’m lazy I have been using two packets of Maple Brown … [Read more...]