All the Tea in China

Hello from Hangzhou!

Last night I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Resort. But we got here so late and left so early I didn’t get to partake in any of the resort amenities. Plus, the gym opened at 8am so I couldn’t even go there! Boo. I went up and down the lobby stairs for a half hour to get my sweat on since I was already dressed to do something.

crowne plaze in china travel blog update

crowne plaze in china travel blog update

The breakfast buffet was amazing as usual. Plus this hotel had fresh watermelon juice! This is liquid love.


We started the day with a boat ride on the West Lake.

exploring west lake in china travel blog

boat ride on the west lake china travel blog update

Lunch was some delicious KFC.


Kidding. But I think it’s fun to check out what fast food places the locals like.

From the West Lake we visited the Green Tea Village. They gave us a whole sales schpill about the tea. Even though I realized it was a sales pitch I learned a few things about tea. I didn’t know black tea and oolong tea are fermented green tea leaves.

And the tea leaves they sell can be ‘re-used’ five times – as in, you add more water in through out the day to keep drinking it.

drinking tea in china food blog

This is a tea bush!green tea bush in china travel blog post


chinese tea ceremony food blog

We were able to eat one of the dried leaves too. They are crunchy and actually kinda good. I passed buying some there, but I plan on going to the market later and picking some up. I’m a big tea drinker in the winter and the health benefits are a bonus!

Lunch in the Green Tea Village

lunch  in the green tea village in china

Every meal starts with tea and includes rice (so I haven’t been taking pictures of those every time, just know it’s there).

Most of the dishes have been very similar at every restaurant. One of my favorites has been a dish of tomatoes and eggs. There were eggs at this meal, but no tomatoes.

eating eggs in china

Chicken and carrots. I’ve found that chicken has been rare in our meals. There has been a lot of pork and beef and even duck, but a few meals have not had any chicken option. I was happy about this one!

chicken and carros in china eating in china

I’ve also loved the vegetable dishes. There is almost always a cabbage dish and some kind of other green or broccoli option. This is cauliflower.

eating vegetables in china

This looked like a similar version of a smaller dish we had on the first day. What’s inside?!

eating in china food blog lunch

Chicken! Actually, this was probably duck.

eating in china food blog lunch

This is a clam with rice noodles.

food blog what to eat in china

Now I’m on a bus headed to Shanghai enjoying a milk pie…

milk pie in china food blog

It was a gift from my new friend Chris (the guy photo-bombing me!).

blogging on a bus to shanghai

See ya there.


  1. Emily says

    I want to stuff my face with noodles after reading your China posts, except after this one. This vegetarian is NOT down with bugs, testicles, or snakes on sticks. But you get a gold star for your desire to try new foods.

  2. SkinnyRunner says

    I’m gonna make you a Welcome Home milk pie.
    Wait, that sounds sorta gross. Maybe just some Welcome Home Yogurtland.

  3. Denise says

    I’ve always wondered how the Groupon/Living Social Escapes were… and even though China has never been on my bucket list, I think it might be now.

  4. says

    This trip looks like so much fun but I have to say…I’m not loving the food pics. Maybe I am just not a fan of Chinese food but I’d be counting down the days for my usual eats.

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