Breakfast Pizza with my Dog

Hello! How’s it going?

Yesterday I hung out at my mom’s so me and the Rox spent some QT.

me and the roxican (600x800)

Then, I ate all the avocados on a bed of salad to justify it…

eating avocado all the time (800x600)

And finally, I got a nice cable fix in the form of The Little Couple. I was there to watch my little brother since my other brother and I got my mom tickets to see a show in LA for her birthday. By the time I got home and in bed it was past midnight.

watching cable at my moms (600x800)

This morning it was rough to wake up so I tossed around for a bit before jumping out of bed – I never do that. Once I’m awake I usually get right up and dance around. Seriously. Cat dancing like this…

woke up happy[3]

Also, I’ve been having the weirdest dreams the last few nights. Like one where I was supposed to get on a flight but I got in this car with a Mexican family and they didn’t want to take me back to the airport because abuelita needed to go home and get to sleep. WTF?!

What if RunEatRepeat is just a dream?

What if you’re sleeping right now and you just made up this whole crazy random red-headed blogger??

Wouldn’t that be sad.

wake yourself up


Let’s just keep dreaming, okay?

I sported my LA Marathon race tee for my run this morning. Quads still sore, need to foam roll. Boo.

la marathon shirt (450x800)

Breakfast Pizza! I love breakfast and I love pizza, so I really loved this amazing eggy cheesy breakfast pizza I made this morning.

breakfast pizza with eggs and cheese (600x800)

Breakfast Pizza

To make: Cook up 2 eggs and 1 egg white. Toast a Toufayan flat bread, spread with Laughing Cow cheese. Top with egg and sprinkle with shredded cheddar. Place until the broiler until cheese is melted and enjoy!

breakfast pizza with laughing cow cheese on a wrap (800x600)

love pizza

In other news, my trunk was open when I got back to my car after a super quick shopping trip this morning. I can’t decide if I popped it or something weird happened… luckily I was in Irvine so nothing happened.

trunk open fail (600x800)

Question: Did you have any cool dreams this week?


  1. says

    A few months ago I dreamt that I got a nice check in the mail and it happened 3 days later. I keep trying to have that dream again, but it hasn’t worked.

    Do you wear lighter shoes when you race?

  2. Liz says

    Bahahaha…oh, Irvine….I always joke that you should never speed in Irvine because the cops there have nothing more exciting to do than pull you over!

  3. says

    I’ve always had bizarre, vivid dreams, and pregnancy is taking it up a notch. The other night I dreamt that one of the guidance counselors at work was my OB and couldn’t stop talking about how I should gain more weight and that I need more shots (of medicine, unfortunately, if tequila he’d be the best doc EVER). Luckily I woke up before it got too awkward.

  4. zoe says

    Girl. you KNOW i’m into pizza!! my boyfriend would LOVE this but he may spread salsa below the eggs. i love making pizza wraps- i take a tortilla or flat bread or whatever you got, some tomato paste (i do this because it travels really well at work. In fact for a while I ate one these a week and kept a lil can in the office fridge!), spring on sliced turkey, shredded mozz, and spinach, and italian seasoning, microwave and VOILA!! office lunch pizza with room for lots of dessert :)

  5. says

    BREAKFAST PIZZA! what kinda of wizardry is that! That might just be my new favorite….give me a minute to collect myself…..okay I’m good. Keep up the great recipes!!

  6. says

    Interesting idea for breakfast, think I may have to give it a try sometime soon! Good runner food huh? I need to tweak my nutrition with my races coming up soon.

    I am ALWAYS having weird dreams, but usually not good weird! I did have a dream a few weeks ago where one of my athletes lung fell out after he finished a race! He was holding it in his hand, haha crazy!

  7. Tara says

    I would have been creeped about the trunk! Last week I pulled into the gym parking lot and there was a car parked sideways in the spot, and the drivers door was open. I had thought maybe they were still in the car-nope. Someone was in a quick hurry to hit the weights!

    I didnt have any crazy dreams, but last week I woke up in the middle of the night to my husand laughing. At first I thought he was laughing at me since I was restless, but then I realized he was dreaming.
    I told him in the morning and he remembered his dream, and remembered what he was laughing at. Crazy!

  8. Nicole says

    I’ve had two dreams about me getting married this week. (I’m not even engaged, yo!) The one this past night had me trying to make breakfast for massive family who flew in from Minnesota while trying to get my hair done the day of the wedding. I kept complaining that no one was helping me as I was trying to make everyone eggs and toast for breakfast. I sent my brother to the store to get bacon and he came back with a single pack of turkey bacon for 32 people. I got so mad, I woke up from my crazyass dream. And, I woke up sweating….ew….

  9. Denise G. says

    Haven’t really gotten a chance to dream the last month since my newborn keeps me up until 2am.

    But your trunk story reminds me of a dream I had last year that I was at the Rose Bowl for an event and when I came back to the parking lot my car at the time was stripped bare. All doors were open and the tires and everything were gone. It was creepy. Then I was afraid to go their for a running event after that.

  10. says

    I would LOOOVEEEEEE if you could do a post about how you/your family make your beans!! I love beans when I am out eating mexican food, but I struggle with making them just as tastey at home!

  11. says

    Last week I was SUPER stressed about school so I had a couple of dreams about nursing school…awesome. Definitely not the most restful nights

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