Suja Rock N Roll Marathon Results and Fun in SD

Hello! I just just got back home from San Diego and am trying to process all the fun I had this weekend at the Rock N Roll Marathon/Half Marathon. I was already planning on running it and luckily Suja invited me to be part of their blogger team! Awesome!!


WP_20140531_13_36_54_Pro (450x800)

The first order of events was a lunch True Food Kitchen. I’ve never been there, but heard so many great things. I was really excited for this meal. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go the one in Newport some time very soon, so I’ll share details about it then.

WP_20140531_13_02_42_Pro WP_20140531_12_40_16_Pro WP_20140531_11_38_50_Pro WP_20140531_12_04_17_Pro WP_20140531_12_41_36_Pro WP_20140531_12_41_55_Pro (800x450) The group was Breanna, Suja co-founder Annie , RER, Gina, Leta and Meghann.

true food lunch with suja

Then, it was time to hit up the expo. I am not very big on expos anymore, I feel like if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. But, I did want to see Suja’s booth because I heard it was super cool. And they were sampling the Lemon Love flavor that I hadn’t tried yet – it has cayenne and you know I love some SPICE! Loved it.

suja booth (800x450) go after the fruit (800x450)find your passion (800x450) And I also rode the mechanical bull shoe. Ha!

WP_20140531_15_24_11_Pro (800x450) (2) WP_20140531_15_39_35_Pro (800x450)

Finally it was time to head back to the hotel for a bit before dinner. And since it was Mission: Carb-load I ordered a pizza. Imagine my surprise when SkinnyRunner delivered it! No wonder she retired from blogging! This is her new gig.

WP_20140531_17_51_55_Pro (800x450) WP_20140531_17_51_31_Pro (450x800)

And the other dinner… WP_20140531_20_06_34_Pro (800x450) WP_20140531_20_31_47_Pro (800x450) WP_20140531_20_39_33_Pro (450x800)

I laid out my stuff the night before to double check… WP_20140601_04_42_57_Pro (450x800)

Time to go meemies! WP_20140601_04_42_48_Pro (800x450)

I had a 4:30am wake-up call and made coffee in the room while getting ready. I used the Suja Vanilla Cloud to sweeten/cream it just like I did in that iced coffee shake I made last week. The co-owner of Suja Annie does that too!

WP_20140601_05_10_03_Pro (800x450)

Pre-race pics with Fitnessista and Meals and Miles pre race with suja (600x800)

I was in the RnR VIP area and actually saw a bunch of my friends from other races. I love how friendly everyone is, it really makes the race so much more fun. rer with suja run (800x600) This is Kevin… rer and kevin (600x800) and this is Michelle – they are both loyal RnR Runners.

rer and michelle (600x800)

And Marcey the owner of Sporthooks! Do you have one yet? rer and marcey (600x800)

Before I knew it we had to head to the starting line! rnr marathon half and full marathon (800x600) (800x600) I also met some readers on the course, including Daniel. rer and blessedrunner (800x600)

I ran the first 7 miles with SR and she was pacing me to a DNF so I realized I had to slow down or I’d hate myself later in the race. Nhershoes caught this picture of us before we split up.

running rock n roll san diego results with skinnyrunner (600x800) The race – I love San Diego and I definitely enjoy RnR Races so I give it a thumbs up!! This was the first Rock N Roll race ever and the company is based in SD so it’s got a big, fun hometown feel. The one tiny negative is everyone who has run Rock N Roll San Diego (recently) knows about the ‘part on the freeway’ – around mile 21 you run uphill for a mile on.the.freeway. It’s unpleasant. I wish they’d change that part. rock n roll san diego (800x600)

I walked that part last year and again this year. It just comes to a point where I’m running so slow it makes more sense to walk. So I did, except first lemme take a selfie.

freeway part of rock n roll san diego marathon (450x800)

Finish Line!!

rock n roll marathon finish line san diego (800x600)

I did okay and am good with my time. I feel like it was hot and I just ran a marathon 7 days ago so I wasn’t expecting a super fast time. My Rock N Roll San Diego Marathon results: 3:53:01

sub 4 hour marathon san diego (600x800)

After the race I found my partner-in-crime at the Run Westin Tent and got this very cool ‘fashion blogger’ type post-race picture…. I think they call it ‘stare off into the distance like you don’t realize someone is taking your picture because looking at the camera is for suckas’.

run westin booth (600x800) Post race we headed to the meet up area at Petco Park. I choose stairs over the escalator 90% of the time unless it’s post-race. san diego marathon (800x600) rock n roll marathon results vip area (600x800)

Food me.

rnr san diego results food (800x600)

From there I headed back to the room to relax for a bit. Finally SR came to get me and take me home. And we stopped on the walk to her car for some travel delights…you know, just a girl with all her belongings in 7-11 don’t mind me. Super classy.

shopping after marathon (372x496)

Marathon done and done Smile WP_20140601_13_53_25_Pro (800x450)

Huge thanks to Suja for supporting my running and juice habit over the last six weeks! I sipped on the Purify before the race because I love beets and studies have shown that the nitrates in beet juice help with endurance! #boom Beets are in my Best Recovery Drink for Runners – next time  I’m going to change it up and use this instead. WP_20140531_17_20_15_Pro (450x800)

Question: What is the BEST thing you ate this weekend?


    • Susie says

      And awesome race!! Have my first half in July, can’t even imagine a marathon yet. I can wrap my head around 13.1, that’s not bad. But 26.2…..ehhh. I just don’t know!

  1. says

    Wow – sounds like a fun weekend! I can’t even fathom running 2 marathons a week apart…

    Best thing I ate this weekend was the vegan oatmeal raisin cookies I made! Just a few ingredients, super healthy and delicious!

  2. Cindy says

    Again, you should model. Where is that pizza from? We will be in San Diego at the end of June and I must get some. Best thing I’ve eaten this weekend: Miami Vice.

  3. says

    RnR San Diego was my first half marathon I did two yrs ago. I loved the race but hated the course. It’s mostly highway. San Dieigo is so gorgeous it’s a bummer they still have not improved the course.

  4. says

    Filet steak at a friend’s wedding this weekend – amazing. Followed by 5 different kinds of cake – although I only managed to eat three types #FAIL.

  5. says

    Great photos. I love that R’n’R brands it’s oranges.

    Best thing I ate was definitely the ridiculous lunch salad I had today. Although, “salad” kinda stretches the definition of what this beautiful creation was…”Giant open-faced egg sandwich in a bowl with lots of extra baby kale and carrots and sriracha and nutritional yeast and olives” is probably more of an accurate description.

  6. says

    Can SR deliver pizza to me too???? :) What’s her number?
    It’s the Chinese dumpling festival and the Dragon Boat festival – grandma made some super deli dumplings for me.
    Congrats on your finishing Monica!

  7. says

    I would love to run this race in San Diego but yeah, I could do without that hill. Maybe I will do the RnR Phili one coming up in the fall. Hmm. Best ate all weekend was Linda’s Fudge Cake a la mode at The Cheesecake Factory. I love fudge cake, can’t get enough!

  8. says

    so much fun! you’re killing it with these back-to-back races. so funny about SR being a pizza delivery person — i have to admit, i miss her blog. best thing i ate this wknd was a seared yellowfin salad…and PS i wish i was in San Diego!

  9. Alex Fishburn says

    Post-race Michelob Ultra was the best beer ever! And 4 pieces of Mountain Mike’s last night was a very close second! Great job! My friend finished about 15 minutes behind you and said the 163 was a killer. I conquered the half with a PR of 2:38 but am not yet feeling crazy enough to sign up for another one! Maybe once the soreness subsides. :)

  10. says

    Now that I’m back in Cali, RNR SD is on my MUST for next year – I think I’ll register as soon as it opens this year. :)

    My best food indulgence this weekend was a cheddar, hash brown, sausage, and bacon egg scramble. Om nom nom.

  11. says

    I was at True Food Kitchen on Saturday for dinner, looking at your expo photos on Instagram and thinking, “Monica should totally eat here while she’s in town.” Looks like you were one step ahead of me! Glad you had a good race; it WAS a bit hot here this weekend.
    Oh, and I think the best thing I ate this weekend was pizza at TFK! Although I did make some strawberry coconut milk ice cream last night that is pretty delicious, if I do say so myself. :)

  12. says

    Looks like you had a fantastic time! I was browsing the Rock n Roll website the other day. They have a race coming to Vancouver in October and I would love to do it! I live on Vancouver Island so it is the closest to me, but the RNR series is a great opportunity to travel and run the world!

    Best thing I ate this weekend was authentic, home cooked East Indian food and white wine. Mmm mmm so good!

  13. says

    I ate way too healthy this weekend, no indulgences, nothing worth blog commenting about.
    Nice recap, it sounds like it was a nice race. Oh I like running on the freeway.. no distractions, just straight. The uphill I wouldn’t have liked though.

  14. says

    Your ability to just run 26.2 miles like it isn’t a big deal is impressive’!! Congrats on the finish and really great time on a tough course (I purposely did not run the full due to that freeway hill!!!).

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