The New Lesson I Learned from TV

Hola! This week is going to be super busy for me so I’m trying to get ahead of emails and stuff before I go out of town tomorrow. I’ll be gone from Tuesday to Sunday so if anyone wants to adopt a cat, let me know.

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My flight is pretty early tomorrow so I won’t be able to run. Rest day. #Boom

But, I did a solid 10 miles today to get nice and tired. My Garmin is acting a little weird, so this time was off a bit.

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Also, this water fountain made my life. I was SO DEHYRDRATED!!!!! That’s because yesterday I didn’t have any water on the hike and then we were out and I couldn’t refill my water bottle.

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Phil and Erin stayed the night so I put out a nice spread for breakfast – bagels w/ cream cheese, fruit, yogurt, granola and eggs. They snacked as the eggs cooked.

my house guests are pervs (600x800)

I just had my usual though…

eggs for breakfast (600x800)

They are new to the west coast so I wanted to do something really beach-y. I really did have fun paddle-boarding for the Propel challenge last month so I suggested that. Added bonus is I’m working with Groupon on a project next month and we got a great deal on it!! Stay tuned for more on that – it’s going to be fun.

paddle board time (800x600) beach in newport (800x600)

Now I have to get some work done and pack! I’m actually a little overwhelmed by all of it right now. But, I recently was watching Ladies of London – a new reality show on Bravo about these super fancy women in London. One of them was semi-complaining about getting her make-up done and making it to a party on time when she joked, “My diamond shoes are too tight…”

Ha! That made me laugh and think – these are very BS problems, so I am NOT complaining. I just have to be better about time management and stress relief (oddly I love traveling, but it gives me anxiety a lil bit). The moral of the story is suck it up buttercup and finish this post so everyone can get on with their lives.

 dont take life too seriously

FitBit Giveaway Winner – Jessica at PugRunAholic – please email me at runeatrepeat at gmail. com image

I’ll be on the Wellness Panel at Fitbloggin and we want your questions. Do you have any questions on how to make wearable activity devices work for you better?

Question: Do you worry about ‘first world problems’? If not – how do you keep it in perspective?


  1. says

    Good luck on your talk at Fitbloggin.

    I keep things in perspective by remembering how lucky I am. My family is relatively healthy, I have a house to go home to every night, and I have food to eat.

  2. Kelly M says

    I definitely worry about first world problems. I try to put it in perspective by thinking about those who have real problems…but honestly that just stresses me out even more!!!

  3. says

    Hi Monica! Random question – I love my fitbit but I wish there were a way to program it to vibrate if I’m not half-way through my goals at noon or something to bug me to get up and walk around a little bit or something. I’d love to know if people have any tips or tricks to use Fitbit in any sort of way other than just vibrating when they hit 10-12,000 steps. Thanks!

  4. says

    I was really proud of myself last Thursday when I dropped my iPhone and it shattered. I calmly went to the genius at the apple store and got a replacement. And I was even prouder of myself when they replacement went haywire within 4 hours of having it and the next day I calmly went back for a replacement phone yet again. It’s amazing how first world problems can really make us lose sight of how lucky we truly are. :)

  5. says

    Here’s a question for the wellness panel: I strength train 4 to 5 days a week and log my calorie intake and output but none of the wearables I’ve been able to find recognize activity like strength training. I end up using estimating calculations instead and having to add them to the fitbit totals. It drags me back to the old own and paper everytime. Any advancements coming here? Any tricks I should be using?

  6. says

    Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I have too much to do, but then I remind myself it’s just because my life occasionally contains too much awesome and that puts it all into perspective. Have fun on your travels!

  7. says

    OMG LOVE Ladies of London! Haha I totally worry about “first world problems,” but I always remember what’s really important in life! The true hard times in life are there to make you appreciate the good ones and realize that you shouldn’t sweat the little things :)

  8. says

    Oooh that paddle boarding sure looks like fun. I miss the good old days when we used to go surfing/boarding with my mom’s family.
    First world problems? I haz them. Right now my main one is my weight loss thing I guess. Getting to my goal weight, especially now that I’m getting so close, seems like such an irrelevant thing. But I secretly want to get there anyway :-p

  9. says

    my tips for making wearable fitness trackers work is a bit counter-intuitive… i say, read them with a grain of salt. my garmin doesn’t know how much sleep i got last night, what i had for breakfast, or what stress i’m facing. it doesn’t know if i’m running with a friend, running with music, or running with my dog. so basically, there are a bunch of things that only YOU know about yourself and your mental/physical state. don’t let a garmin (or other tracker) tell you if you’re good enough, because it doesn’t know you like you know you.
    this comment is getting long. i’ll end it with a quote my running coach told me: “Don’t wear your Garmin. It will only tell you that you’re slow.”

  10. says

    OMG! I can’t believe I won! Thank you so much Monica!! You’re a life saver! Now I will have something to look forward to now. Lately my running and other exercise has been slacking. I haven’t had any motivation. I’m so excited! Thank you <3

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