Skinny Cocktail Ideas for the 4th of July

Hello! Happy 4th of July!!

america rocks america

I’m running and then heading to a BBQ. I’m pretty excited to hang out by the pool (drink in hand) and just relax with my peeps. That’s what summer is all about right?

chilling with my feet up (600x800)

Now it’s time to dance.

dancing flag

So, before I head over to the festivities here are two of my favorite skinny cocktail recipes –

Skinny Watermelon Margarita

watermelon margarita

Skinny Paloma

skinny paloma cocktail margarita with soda

If you need me I’ll be sipping a Paloma, and you’re welcome to join me Smile

come drink

Have a great day!

sipping a paloma

Question: What are you sipping on today?

Got any great cocktail recipes to share??


  1. Cindy says

    Corona w a generous splash of Don Julio Anejo and fresh lime (see above for recipe). Happy FoFo Mofo!

  2. Jesse says

    I’m making my famous Skinny Sangria, which has been marinating since last night! The best part is all the boozy fruit! :)

  3. Claudia says

    There might be a Caipirinha (official cocktail of Brazil) in my future as we watch the Brazil v. Columbia soccer, er futbol match. :o)

  4. says

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  5. says

    I’m sticking to water with fun stuff thrown in like berries and lemon slices. Maybe throw in a Nuun if I’m feeling feisty later (i.e. hot and dehydrated). Hooray for being in the “family way”! And as soon as I can, I’m doing that watermelon margarita. It would be a crime not to!

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